6 Ways Basket Decor Makes Your Living Room Cozier

basket decor for living room
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Whether you prefer a classic or modern style, boho or farmhouse, your living room should make you feel at ease. Baskets are a popular and beautiful object in this area, and they may be used in a variety of ways. The following post will provide you with some suggestions on how you might use basket decor for the living room.

1. Hanging baskets on the wall

If you want to add a more warm decor to your living room, choose traditional African baskets for the wall above the sofa or in the doorway.

You can either design each basket separately or hang a set of baskets on the wall. They'll be an excellent substitute for a traditional work of art.

Hanging basket in the living room

Besides, you can incorporate baskets with different styles to express your creativity and personal touch. Consider wicker baskets or a more minimalist collection in a variety of sizes and colors.

2. Use as a storage unit

The greatest benefit of this decorative piece is that it is quite flexible. They fit into any living room interior design as well as utilized for a variety of applications. You can use them not only as decorative baskets but also as storage units. 

Living room storage basket

Your living room will never be cluttered again with these storage baskets. You can place a few cushions or blankets in floor baskets to make the space more inviting and intimate for your guests.

3. Use as a coffee table

Rattan coffee table

Try utilizing an upside-down basket to create a unique look in your room. Instead of spending a lot of money on pricey wooden furniture, you can modify the style of your living area using inexpensive table baskets.

4. Place baskets near the fireplace

Fireplace with basket

Adding a few tobacco baskets in front of the fireplace or some wicker baskets for firewood nearby can add texture and warmth to the area.

These rustic baskets also make the fireplace the main focal point of quiet, relaxing room decor.

5. Put baskets on the table

Table basket

Placing baskets on the coffee table in your living room is another method to make it the perfect center point. The basket can be used as a tray to contain a few decorative items like books, candles, and flowers.

6. Place a planter basket

The green plant baskets create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in the living space that seems to be close to nature.

Baskets for plants

You can enhance the attractiveness of your living area by hanging plants near the windows. Alternatively, putting a pot of plants in the corner of the room or a few baskets next to the sofa can be extremely attractive.

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You can use modern wire baskets or woven baskets to hang plants. However, we suggest you should choose to display indoor plants.

If your living room has a bookcase or cabinet, try putting a couple of baskets on it. This is not only attractive, but it is also a terrific technique to increase storage space.

Storage basket

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Having a great living room to spend time with friends, family, or yourself with just baskets, why not? With the above ideas, we hope you can find a way to incorporate basket decor best suits your living room.

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