The Most Incredible Basket Room Decor You’ll Ever Read

basket room decor

A beautiful and comfortable home can be decorated in different styles. However, today's decoration trends are not limited to decorative patterns, paintings, or hanging paintings. 

If you're on a tight budget and want to save money on home renovations, consider using baskets, which you may already have on hand. This guide will cover some best options to use basket room decor.

1. Hallway decor

The hallway serves as an approach to your home. It establishes the first impression when guests walk in. As a result, it is critical to make it more appealing and attractive. 

The hallway wall is an amazing spot to decorate. Use wall-mounted baskets to break up the monotony of the wall. These baskets can be used to store a few excellent modest keepsakes from a particular trip or as a shelf for flower vases, for example.

Entryway baskets

With a combination of different hues on the entrance wall, you can create a magnificent vibrant environment full of welcoming charm. Some African or boho baskets will help you create contrasting tones that work with the walls and ceiling.

2. Living room 

You won't be able to resist the brilliant concept of storing items in wicker baskets in the living room. 

Small rattan baskets can be used to embellish the shelves of a bookcase in your living room. For larger baskets, you can use them to hold paper or books. Since the basket has an open design, you can easily see the items inside. They function like open drawers; you will be able to easily pull out the basket to get the contents inside when needed.

Moreover, placing some baskets under the coffee table is another way to use the "excess" space storing things. The rustic style of the rattan baskets, in particular, will look great with the wooden tables. They undoubtedly make the living area look tidy, welcoming, elegant, and well-organized. 

Living room wall basket

Depending on the style of the interior, you can choose baskets with modern, vintage, or farmhouse designs. You can mix and match different types of baskets, such as hanging square and round baskets, to add texture to the space. In addition, adding a few baskets with fun designs will make your home space more special.

If your living room is narrow in width and length, you can add plants to make the space more pleasant. Green plants not only help cool the space but also clean the air and protect your health. Of course, if you want to have beautiful and aesthetic planters, woven baskets will be the right choice. You can choose indoor plants with little maintenance if you do not have experience taking care of plants.

3. Bedroom

Baskets would be ideal for storing extra pillows, blankets, and wraps in your bedroom. It's a smart storage solution as well as the ideal decorative accent solution. We recommend using square baskets under the bed to take advantage of the space. They can also be used to store cosmetics and jewels on the vanity.

Besides, hanging baskets on the wall over the bed is a perfect idea as well. They will be able to morph into works of art. However, it would be best if you chose baskets with gentle neutral colors like earth tones to match the relaxing space and create a multi-dimensional effect for your bedroom. 

Decorative basket for bedroom

Neutral colors have the ability to catch the light well, making the room more bright, and creating a more airy, fresh, and clean feeling.

You may also decorate a small bedroom with green plant baskets in the corner, or a few potted plants hung near the window. Plants not only have a natural and fresh appearance, but they also have a powerful cleansing and health-protective impact. 

Planting some houseplants will boost your mood, making it easier for you to get a decent night's sleep, especially if you work under stress and are prone to tension leading to insomnia.

4. Kitchen 

Baskets made of bamboo and rattan will be beneficial in your kitchen. You can use them to preserve fruit or food because they are safe for your health.

Kitchen storage baskets
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If you don't have a lot of storage space, you'll have a place to store kitchen utensils you don't need with these baskets on top of the cabinet. Because greasy stains are common in the kitchen, we recommend using a wire basket or a cloth basket so that you can quickly clean it.

Besides the wire baskets, you can use a wide, low basket to hold all the spices and cooking oils without blocking the view. They both assist in the decoration and tidiness of your counter.

5. Dining room

Hanging baskets on the wall can also be a nice way to add a personal touch to the dining room. Wall baskets in a variety of shapes provide a lot of texture to the space. 

Dining room basket wall

There is no need for many details; just one or a few tobacco baskets on the wall are enough to create style and attract the eye. They may also enhance the aesthetic of any dining space, whether it is traditional or modern.

6. Bathroom

The bathroom is seen as a location where you may unwind after a long day. As a result, you can use the spaces in the wall to hang a few plant pots. The soothing green tint of the tree will help you relax. 

A minor point to consider is that you should select vines that are easy to grow, prefer shade, and thrive in high humidity.

Bathroom storage baskets

In addition to hanging plant baskets, you can also hang decorative baskets on the wall. This is one of the simplest ways to refresh a space that anyone can do.

Finally, you can't overlook the storage potential of these baskets. You may use floor baskets or wicker baskets to hold towels, shampoo, or toilet paper, among other things.

If your bathroom has limited space, you can store these baskets under the sink. Alternatively, install a wooden shelf with baskets on the wall for more storage. Remember that wicker baskets can be used in the bathroom as long as the area is kept dry. Occasionally, it would help if you dried the baskets in the sun for long-term use.

7. Laundry room

Balconies and laundry rooms, in addition to the primary areas of the house, must be considered. A lot of storage space is always needed in the laundry room. As a result, baskets can be regarded as useful products in this area.

The basket can be used to store laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and a few other supplies. Still, it can also be utilized to add additional decorative items to the washing corner, making it more appealing.

Laundry basket

One thing worth noting is that you can choose square baskets as they can be stacked together or baskets with wheels conveniently moved.

Again, green planter baskets can still be used in the laundry area. This allows the space to become fresh and clean instantly.

8. Nursery room

If you are interested in decorating your nursery room to be neat and lovely, then use these baskets right away. You can use woven baskets to store children's clothes, toys, and coloring books. They're the ideal option for keeping your child's room neat and tidy while also making it simple to sort through.

Using bamboo and rattan baskets of the same size set in a framed cabinet with lively colors has also become a central part of the baby's room. 

Baby's room basket

These baskets are frequently adorned with gorgeous bows or short messages indicating the basket's function. Some brightly colored baskets can also instill affection and entice children to this space.

There are numerous baskets on the market that have been transformed into amusing elephants, turtles, and other animals for mothers to pick from. These baskets are beautiful to look at and useful to have around the house.


You can use any type of basket. However, we suggest you should choose cotton baskets with stunning color patterns or weaved baskets with humorous stickers to attract the baby’s attention. The vibrant colors also pique the baby’s interest in personal cleanliness.

You can hang them in the wall space near the dining table. It’s important to note that baskets should be the same size as the table and seats.

Decorative baskets

Buying Guide

You can easily find decorative baskets of all types and sizes at Chicnchill, Amazon, Etsy, or Kirklands. These are all respectable stores with comprehensive warranty terms and, most importantly, excellent quality. All you have to do is select the model you want to purchase, and it will be delivered to your home.


There's no need to be fussy or spend too much time or money; simply adding these baskets decor can turn your rooms into dreams with great appeal.

We hope that with the decorating ideas mentioned above, you will soon have the most stylish and remarkable room design.

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