4 Other Applications Of Basket Wall Art That You Can Actually Do Yourself

Basket wall art

Basket wall Art is perfect for so many reasons. It’s trendy, adds instant texture, provides character and not to mention it is a budget-friendly way to fill up an empty wall. Also, they do a good job of organizing your home orderly and making it more beautiful. Baskets are cheap, lightweight, and look great when proudly displayed in a room, let’s see how it works in your home!

1. Basket wall art can organize your bathroom

wall basket
This spa-like bathroom uses simple baskets to keep everything orderly

Put a wicker basket collection to use in a bathroom to create a visually appealing, cohesive, and functional space. In addition to looking good, baskets create the storage space that’s often lacking in a bathroom. We love this bathroom seen on Pinterest that uses modern wire baskets to keep everything in order. Roll guest towels, organize face products or store those fuzzy slippers you love hopping into after a bath. Storing this miscellany of items in baskets gives the room a tidy feel while providing easy access when they’re needed. 

2. Basket wall art keep your counter clean

Hanging fruit baskets for kitchen counters
Hanging fruit baskets for kitchen counters

Organizing your kitchen counter is a task no one wants to do, but we all feel much better once it’s taken care of. This enviable kitchen uses wicker hyacinth seagrass baskets to uplift and displays indoor plants around your home to brighten up the environment with pops of greenery. The basket-neutral color tones will complement all interior settings. The open woven design lets proper airflow in for produce to naturally ripen and stay fresh longer.

3. Basket wall art can clean up your entryway

A great idea for your entryway
A great idea for your entryway

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they walk into your home, so make it count. A well-organized entryway can be a challenging thing to achieve, but this basket idea from Room and Board page (Pinterest) is a great way to keep umbrellas, gloves, tote bags, and other necessities out of sight but at your disposal.

4. Basket wall art can utilize your home office

Using baskets to make your home office charming
Using baskets to make your home office charming

If your home office is little more than a desk in a corner, a small basket is ideal for storing your pens, paperclips, sticky tape, stapler, calculator, post-it notes, envelopes, stamps, and scissors. A basket with a wide, flat base and straight sides is the best option for stationery as you can easily see what’s inside and the paper won’t become creased. Small jars or gift boxes are great for storing paper clips, staples, and rubber bands.

As you can see, the basket wall art brings a vintage look to any space in your house. They are also perfect for indoor decorating. Have you ever used basket wall decor to beautify your home? They’re fantastic family wall decor for a traditional look. And, what do you think about giving this woven wall basket as a present for your relatives? Please leave your comment below!


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