The Simple Formula for Success in Bathroom Wall Decor

bathroom wall decor

Like eating and sleeping, bathing is a basic human need. Therefore, the bathroom and restroom are just as important in a house as the dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. As a result, you should not solely focus on equipping the bathroom with products for yourself and family members to have a true sense of relaxation and refreshment. You should focus on its decor as well. 

Decorating or remodeling this space to fit your design goals, on the other hand, does not always necessitate costly adjustments or time-consuming repairs. Sometimes, it takes a little ingenuity and attention to detail when decorating the bathroom wall to breathe fresh life into this great relaxing room.

To assist you in creating attractive bathroom rooms, we've listed some great bathroom wall decor design tips below. Let’s dive in!

1. Select The Appropriate Wall Decor

The fun colors always "activate" joyful and dynamic emotions for people living in the house. As a result, choose the appropriate color tone based on your tastes and the bathroom's location.

There are numerous vibrant and young hues to choose from to renew your family's relaxing place, such as cheerful yellow, orange-red, pink, green, etc. When picking the perfect shade, each hue is appropriate for various styles.

Gray is an excellent choice for a color tone that works well in modern and traditional settings. Thanks to its trendiness and aesthetic attractiveness, this is considered an ideal color for the bathroom.

bathroom wall decor

2. Add Lights To Make It More Appealing

Wall lights can help you reach your decorative goals depending on the texture and design of the room. If the bathroom has a classic, nostalgic theme, you should select a wall lamp with a classic design, warm old bronze colors, and classical patterns.

Meanwhile, with a modern and fresh bathroom, you should use simple and stylish high-end wall lights in brilliant colors to emphasize the space's youthfulness and dynamism. We recommend choosing a compact, modern wall lamp with attractive white colors to help the space feel airier, especially if the bathroom is small.

Besides, bell-shaped lights can inspire farmhouse decor, and a sleek and polished lamp gives for a minimalist option.

bathroom wall decor

3. Use Wallpaper

For the wall decor bathroom, all you might need is some wallpaper and a lovely mirror. Alternatively, adhere to single wall color and use the remaining wall space to create wall art with various frame arrangements for added interest. A few pictures not only add a fresh look to the wall but to your bathtub as well.

If you have a small bathroom, pick bright-colored wallpaper to make the space feel more spacious. The most popular bathroom colors are white, brown, cream, beige, and yellow.

When it comes to wallpaper textures, avoid choosing patterns and textures too large; otherwise, this will overwhelm the bathroom space and make it feel confined. The pattern of imitation marble wallpaper is a great option for you because it turns a boring bathroom into something more interesting and unique.

bathroom wall decor

4. Incorporate Wall With Stone

Instead of the flat tiles that have become so popular, think about how a stone wall would be the ideal backdrop for your home. Not only does it help to add makeup to the house's decor, but it also keeps mold at bay and is simple to clean.

Furthermore, it has many different designs, allowing consumers to select the style that best suits their preferences and overall home. When a bathroom is tiled with stone, it gives the space a cleaner look and a sparkle. The decorations on the wall stone are usually basic and monochromatic, giving the area a rich appearance and elevating the space.

However, don't forget to include a few aesthetic pieces, such as a rug, to avoid overcrowding the room. The decorations on the wall stone are usually basic and monochromatic, giving the area a rich appearance and elevating the space.

bathroom wall decor

5. Plant Trees On The Wall

Plants are considered decor elements that you can add to any corner of your home, from hallways, living rooms, staircases, and even bathrooms. Planting trees in the bathroom is a way to bring a space close to nature. In addition to placing potted plants in the appropriate locations, you should plant green plants on a bathroom wall to create a green and fresh wall.

Still, you should note that to save time on pruning and watering, prioritize plants resistant to moisture and require less maintenance.

bathroom wall decor

6. Make Use Of The Wall For Storage

Bathrooms are usually one of the smaller rooms in the house; therefore, they tend to accumulate a lot of clutter. Hence, building storage into the wall behind the mirror, on the other hand, is a terrific method to save space in a small bathroom if space allows.

You can enhance the beauty by covering the storage with a tastefully framed mirror. Plus, a mirror in the bathroom will reflect light around the room and make it appear larger.

bathroom wall decor

You could also add a couple of shelves or wall baskets. They serve as a decorative element as well as a way to add more objects.

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7. Consider Paneling For Bathroom

The usage of panels in the bathroom can make a significant difference. They are regarded as the ideal substitute for ceramic tiles since they are cost-effective, visually appealing, easy to install, and low-maintenance.

It can provide a bathroom with a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.

On top of that, paneling can also conceal any imperfections on your bathroom walls. What if you're concerned that you won't be able to discover panels that match the current aesthetic of your bathroom? Don't worry; there are so many control panels out there that you won't be stuck with walls that no longer match the look of your bathroom.

bathroom wall decor


You can easily mount the panels directly onto existing surfaces, including plasterboard and tiles, which means you don’t have to worry about prepping the wall underneath.

Decals, posters, and art prints, in addition to wallpaper or murals, can be employed in the bathroom.

They can all work well for your bathroom walls, as long as you choose materials that can survive the humidity of your home’s wettest area.

Buying Guide

There are many decor products available on Amazon, Etsy, or Kirklands. The products on these sites are constantly updated to reflect current trends. Furthermore, our website, Chicnchill, offers comprehensive solutions for every space, delicate decor idea, and a wide range of products that will undoubtedly satisfy you.


Whether you want a classic or modern look, the tips and ideas we've just shown will satisfy your needs. Hopefully, these suggestions will inspire you to be able to make your bathroom walls more stylish and appealing.

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