The Essential Guide to Bedroom Wall Decor

bedroom wall decor

Decorating your walls is a crucial part of the interior design process, but it feels more significant in the bedroom. A lack of wall decor may cause your bedroom to feel unfinished. The wall is like a blank canvas just waiting to come to life with color and design. 

No matter how big or small your bedroom, this article has what you need in any style. Let's find out some ideas on bedroom wall decor to make this private space more cozy and relaxing.

1. Make a statement with wallpaper

Coming first on the list is wallpaper. It will help keep your room clean, dust-free, and fresh-smelling while you sleep. Therefore, you will be more comfortable and enjoy yourself when you are in your space. A room with wallpaper will showcase the interior, revealing the owner's tastes and individuality.

Instead of using expensive wooden boards to adorn four white walls in a lime hue or painting with a terrible odor that damages your health, you may use wallpaper to cover your entire bedroom or accent a wall or an area with a special value to you.

Wallpaper with attractive, eye-catching, and amazing hues is frequently chosen by those who want to decorate their nursery rooms and playroom. This is a crucial component in designing children's room furniture since it allows youngsters to feel more at ease and enjoy their surroundings.

bedroom wall decor

2. Arrange a work of art on the wall

Without the presence of wall art, a modern bedroom is incomplete. Your bedroom will be gorgeous, wealthy, and sophisticated due to these changes. Combine framed pieces with pasted old pieces or your artwork for low-cost wall decoration.

Combine timeless artwork with colorful, youthful wall decor in your child's room. For boys' bedrooms, you can use pictures of animals with positive associations, such as horses, to promote enjoyment and encourage youngsters to be brave.

bedroom wall decor

3. Hang pictures

If a painted mural or wallpaper is beyond your capacity to execute yourself, don't make it tough for yourself. With a holiday photo you framed yourself, you may still make the area over your bed look special.

You can also use this space to display your favorite personal or family images. This will make the room feel cozier and personalized.

bedroom wall decor

4. Use paneling

Keep in mind that you don't always have to use art to decorate your bedroom walls. Wood paneling is one technique to create visual flair. There are many various ways to integrate ideas into your personal space, from planks to slate walls.

Using wooden headboard wall panels is a fairly familiar choice in traditional and modern styles.  With the variety of bedroom wall materials on the market, you will easily choose the right style following the bedroom's general style.

bedroom wall decor

5. Hang a mirror

The patterned wallpaper is a nice way to start, but the romantic, ornate mirror above the bed, which serves to soften the room, is also a fantastic choice.

A simple, classic mirror might sometimes be all required to complete a space, whether it’s in the bathroom or staircase. A circle mirror perched on a long visual ledge that spans the length of the wall mixed with some houseplants will increase the room depth.

bedroom wall decor

6. Paint the wall

Paint color also determines the feel and impression of each room, from the kitchen and dining room to the living rooms. They will have an impact on how you feel when you go into the room, just as they do in the bedroom.

So, choosing a stunning paint color for your bedroom will stimulate your eyes, make you feel stimulated, and provide you with a wonderful resting environment.

bedroom wall decor
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7. Use wall baskets

Handmade decorative baskets with natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, or wicker are preferred for those who like farmhouse and boho styles. Decorating them on the wall is a great way to give your bedroom walls a natural touch.

Using a few oversized baskets is perfect for use above the bed; the sense of scale adds an appealing sense of balance to any space.

To make this decor even more unique, collect classic versions in different patterns and arrange them in any way. Mixed baskets act as an effective focal point in a nook of the all-white room.

Basket wall decor

8. Consider macrame

Do you want to make your bedroom feel more spacious? This woven bedroom wall decor might be exactly what you're looking for. This textile medium has a hand-crafted textured feel that always looks excellent, whether it's on show in a bohemian bedroom or a minimalist home.

You can use macrame with a string of fairy lights to add soothing lighting to your home for quiet evenings.

bedroom wall decor

9. Decor with plants

Green plants in a small bedroom will add a sense of freshness and natural beauty. Besides, they have a powerful purifying and health-protective impact. Planting some houseplants will boost your mood, making it simpler for you to get a decent night's sleep, especially if you work under stress and are prone to tension leading to insomnia.

You can create your planter wall with a few pegs and some hanging pots. Even in a tiny space, they will provide a pleasing impression. 

We recommend putting them near the window wall so that the plants get some sunlight and the window looks less monotonous.

bedroom wall decor

10. Install wall shelves

Don't hang your framed wall art right on the wall for a bit of extravagance. Instead, install floating shelves to display artwork or a few books. They are intriguing concepts appropriate for bedrooms with a "limited" area for those who enjoy reading.

This is an instant solution that gives you extra storage space as well as breaks up the vast, tedious state of the bedroom wall. With hanging frames, you can use them for wind chimes, photos, mirrors, etc. Meanwhile, with these shelves, you can put your small potted plants, and countless lovely things on it to set up interior design.

bedroom wall decor


Landscapes, garden sceneries, botanical imagery, and seaside views are all traditional art selections for a peaceful bedroom. Simple graphic art pieces, on the other hand, work wonderfully. These photographs offer a sense of peace and calm that is frequently wanted in an area dedicated to sleeping and relaxing.

Fortunately, no. All removable decals, wall stickers, and wallpaper may be removed gently without causing damage to the underlying paintwork.

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So we've come up with a few ideas to help you break up the monotony of the bedroom wall. With these suggestions, you should be able to create an ideal relaxing environment in your own house.

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