Bike Wall Decor With Basket Guide You’ll Need For Your Home Revolution

bike wall decor with basket

Vintage, farmhouse or boho styles are trending back in the market today. Therefore, decorative products with these styles also appear on the market. 

Perhaps you are already familiar with woven baskets, bamboo baskets, or African baskets. But in this article, we will introduce a unique decor product, which is bike wall baskets.

This special product is a model with front-mounted handlebars, half-wheels, and a basket that appears to be protruding from the wall. The product is made out of bent metal rods that provide a high level of durability.

2. Why should you own these decorative items?

2.1. Unique decor for the wall

These colorful wall bikes with baskets are a lovely addition to any space. The product is appropriate for indoor and outdoor wall decoration. 

Its rich textures go well with rustic decor and period accessories, and its open elements give any room a cool vibe. 

The addition of this piece to the wall complements a cozy little home space. Its basket feature is ideal for showcasing a classic tulip ceramic pot or a modern vase filled with sunflowers. Thanks to its unique design, this eye-catching wall art is the ideal addition to your well-appointed home.


Hanging these vintage baskets in your kitchen or dining space will create a different look. Moreover, you can use them as decor items for your study or work corner to make them more unique and lively.

They are also suitable for romantic spaces such as coffee shops, flower gardens, etc. You can mix and match them with most house types to create a one-of-a-kind artistic space for you.

2.2. Easy to install

Most items have a hook under the top handlebar that makes installation simple. This item can be readily mounted on the wall with just two normal nails.

You'll need a wide blank wall, and regular cleaning and dusting will keep it looking brand new.

2.3. Useful storage item

This lovely item is extremely versatile. You can use it to hold a book or towels in addition to displaying your favorite plants or flowers. Alternatively, use any of your favorite items to decorate with this unique decor.

2.4. Nice gifts

With handcrafted designs that focus on quality and detail, you can use them as holiday gifts for relatives, friends, or your Mom and Dad. These bike wall baskets are also a great housewarming present and a good choice for delicate and unique works of art that deserve to be included in your collection.

2.5. Durable

It is made by hand from high-quality metal. Professional artisans welded and colored it with amazing craftsmanship. All pieces are primed and then coated with a matte finish for protection. You can also protect them by applying a satin or glossy finish.

3. FAQs

Yes, it is. However, to avoid rust, we recommend having a covered space to hang it, or you can paint them with anti-rust paint.

The basket’s back has brackets. You can measure the distance between the two and hang the basket on the wall with drywall screws that have been tightened.

4. Buying guide

These unique baskets are available on Etsy, Amazon, and Chicnchill. They come in a variety of styles and colors. We suggest you consider the color of the walls and the room's design to determine the most appropriate size.


These basket bikes are the ideal way to give any forward wall motion. If you want to add a little fun to any room, give this adorable bike wall decor a try.

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