5 Ingenious Christmas Decor Tips You Might Not Know

christmas decoration

Christmas is right around the corner so get ready to liven up your home for the upcoming holiday. Make use of this one time of the year to spend time with your family and friends and work together to make the setup. To inspire your holiday decorating plan, here are some simple Christmas decor tips and tricks to brighten your home with stunning decor to adore and adorn in the year to come.

1. Select a color scheme for your Christmas decor tips

Christmas tree by the fireplace

christmas decorating
There are myriad themes and color schemes available for you to choose from, from modern and basic to nostalgic and fun. You can never go wrong with white and gold. How about a “classic” look with the signature red and green? Or maybe, go for a dramatic look with purple and silver. The choices are endless but make sure that you choose one and stick with it as it would help your decor pull together and make a cohesive look.

2. Pick the perfect Christmas tree and dress it with lots of toppers

Christmas trees are not any tree, they are the soul of Christmas and the hero of your Christmas decorating. So, spend lots of your time getting the tree just right.  Make sure that you did all the measurements before shopping, the height of your ceiling and the space for the tree’s base are all matters. Whether you want an artificial tree or a real one, paying attention to the size and shape is necessary to make sure it’s the ideal tree for your house.

Christmas decor tips for a creative tree
If getting a tree is not your option, it can always be replaced by other tree-shaped decorations. Instead of traditional pine trees, why not make your wooden tree made of strings and dowels? They are easy to make and you can still decorate them with lights and baubles as usual.

3. Wreath and garlands

Chrismas Wreath
Another must-have piece for any Christmas house is a wreath with embellished baubles, ribbons, and flowers. Believe it or not, They always add great accents to the entrance and mantels.
Christmas Candle

Got more than one front-door garland? Cool! Now, use your creativity to hang them as ornaments on other furniture or even use them for your table as a centerpiece. Have fun and let your imagination create an interesting space with more depth and texture.

4. Add lights everywhere

Chrismas Light

Perfect lighting should make your house warmer cozy and gorgeous at the same time. Besides the normal light bulbs, add more fairy light on the tree and around the room for a soft and dreamy atmosphere.

Candles and a fireplace are also favored lighting on Christmas. What is better than a hot chocolate drink beside the flickering flame in the radiator or a nice bath with a wooden scent candle? These would make you feel like Christmas immediately.

5. Other decorations

Christmas Town
Stocking, throw blankets, Santa figures, snow globes, candies and so much more. Try not to be overwhelmed by all these adorable decors and try not to buy them all. Get the kids involved and create a unique winter wonderland. Figures and other embellishments always go well together and they are never too much on this special holiday.

Christmas At White
Don’t forget to upgrade your shelves and walls with festive apparel as well. Wood, fern, velvet,… the decor is perfect for a simple yet impressive change for your walls while figures will create holiday scenes throughout your room as mentioned above.

christmas decorating

If you haven’t got any idea for your Christmas decorating wall yet, check out Chicnchill handmade woven wall baskets for a lovely accent suitable for any room. You can always custom them with cedar pines and snowberries or just mix them up for a nice minimalist look. Or try something more distinctive by hanging the baskets onto your storm door in place of garlands. Try them all until you find something that suits your taste.

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