Level up your space with decorative baskets for shelves: Little things make a big difference!

decorative basket for shelves

Shelves are quite familiar in house design and decoration all over the world. What is interesting here is the change in young people’s lifestyle toward simple living makes shelves appear empty and boring; however, the old lifestyle of baby boomers ends up with a  lot of little messy things on their shelves. Hence, decorative baskets for shelves are here, solving both problems and giving you a hand with levering up and adding unique features to your space with many incredible ideas. 

Read on to see how we can make it!

1. Extra-large wicker basket

Wicker basket

Extra-large wicker baskets would be your best choice if you have various items of different types and forms.

To display all these things on your shelves may not be a good idea because it makes your spaces look disorderly and in a jumble. You need wicker baskets on your shelf for perfectly organizing and completing the overall look. Also, these baskets can work like decorative items, bringing to your house the taste of 80s nostalgia with relaxing and cozy vibes. 

Some other baskets of different materials and shapes such as bamboo baskets, rattan baskets, kitchen wire baskets, etc can also be considered to match different design styles and purposes. 

2. Plant baskets

“What if I don’t have that much stuff for extra large storage baskets?” We have another choice for you right here with plant baskets.

Plant in basket

Decorating with plants never gets old, it can bring the true feeling of a tropical rainforest to your space using just a small herb or flower. The size and shape of the plant basket can vary. Depending on your shelves, you can choose:  

  • A jute plant pot for small, short shelves:
Woven Plant Pots
  • Round rattan flower basket makes your house more elegant and graceful:
Round rattan flower basket
Living room storage basket
baskets for wall decor
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Set 4 of Natural Wall Baskets Decor

rattan basket wall decor
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Set of 5 Handwoven Basket Wall Decor

basket on wall decor
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Set of 5 Modern Farmhouse Decor For The Home

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Set 6 of Woven Basket for Wall


3. Wooden basket

Far different from what we always think about wooden items which appear to be hard and crude, wooden baskets are designed with soft lines and skillfully woven that can add unique features to your home decor.

The use of wood creates a balanced visual symmetry – thanks to its consistent lines that work perfectly with most decor. It is a prevalent choice for spaces inspired with heterogeneous themes: coastal, vintage, boho, and farmhouse, among many others. 

Decorative wooden basket

4. Wire basket

A wire basket can be a practical styling item to add both natural and artificial elements together to create an attractive piece. The clean lines of metal baskets design make it a decorative style statement in any home.

Wire basket tabletop decor

A carefully chosen wire basket will easily attract the eye due to the repeated pattern that makes up its construction. Hence, they can add interest and personality to your interior without sacrificing function and budget. 

Moreover, wire baskets can make gorgeous personalized seasonal decor and easily be repurposed for every occasion throughout the year. Put some flowers on it and you will now have a beautiful flower basket for your lover on Valentine’s Day.

Wire basket with roses


Yes, all aforementioned baskets are made of treated natural material that can easily be cleaned by rinsing under running water or with a soft cleaning cloth tower.

Depending on the way the raw material was treated, these baskets can last for different durations. However, all of them can be seen as durable items for family use and display purposes.

Buying Guide

You can refer to buying these baskets on Amazon, Etsy, or Chicnchill. These websites offer a wide range of options and guarantee the basket's quality and design. 


Decorative baskets for shelves will create accents to any design theme if you know how to choose the basket matching your space the most. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will have additional design ideas to make your home more attractive and inviting.

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