5 Simple Decorative Baskets To Inspire Your Home Decor

Decorative baskets


In this article, we will talk about using decorative baskets for your home. You can see a lot of colorful baskets in the market. Some of them are used for storage, some for decoration, a lot for both. They are also fine for your main purpose using.

We have had a series of articles about wall baskets before. Now, we will start with some pretty floor baskets.

It is usually used as a kind of decorative laundry basket. You can put all kinds of stuff after washing and dry by machine in there. With two handles, you can move huge clothes in one take.

Natural woven grass floor basket
Natural woven grass floor basket

2. Large blanket basket

This floor basket for blankets uses for the living room, kids’ room, and bathroom. You can use it for storage some things like blankets, pillows, toys,…

The large floor basket is designed in a modern way and is very affordable for youngers and minimalists.

Large blanket basket
Large blanket basket
rattan basket wall decor
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Set of 5 Handwoven Basket Wall Decor

round basket wall decor
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Set 3 of Seagrass Woven Wall Decor

boho kitchen decor
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Set 3 of Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

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Set 3 of Woven Baskets Wall Decor


3. Pineapple Floor Basket

This pineapple-shaped floor basket with lid breathes tropical beauty while also providing ample storage space for toys and other items. 

It has a little bit complicated in design but the final product is so beautiful. 

Pineapple floor basket
Pineapple floor basket

4. Rectangular Handwoven Basket

The contours of this handwoven basket are rounded out by an open cross-weave. Closed storage for bathroom sundries or living room needs is provided by the lidded design. 

To allow the basket to be stacked, handles are deliberately placed low on the sides.

Rectangular Handwoven Basket with Lid
Rectangular Handwoven Basket with Lid

5. Woven Floor Basket

One simple woven floor basket, at last, you can addict it like some Picture before. This Picture is really familiar with gen Y and generation before in Vietnam.

Woven floor basket
Woven floor basket


Their materials are durable ones like bamboo, grass, rattan, fabric, or metal,… So, you can believe they will work well in a long time.

Because of 100 % Handmade woven floor baskets don’t make their price low as some other simple industry products but inexpensive compared in decoration market. You can make a consulting price in Chicnchill.

Yes, of course. You can store things and make your home organized with decorative baskets. They are the second function of these baskets. Put one in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom if you need them.

Buying Guide

These baskets are available on Amazon, Etsy, and Chicnchill. These websites provide a wide selection of options while also ensuring the quality and appearance of the basket.

If you are wondering, before you select some baskets, you can drop by our Pinterest and Instagram to explore and try a thousand ideas that we made all ready for you.

Final thought

Decorative baskets are an excellent addition to any home's wall. After reading this article, we hope you have more design ideas to make your home more organized and welcome.

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