Decorative Laundry Baskets: The Essential Guide

decorative laundry baskets

Don't you know where to keep your garments or blankets after being washed? A decorative laundry basket is a great choice. It keeps the space tidy and serves as a lovely accent for your home. 

Read on as we will provide you with the essential information you need to know about decorative laundry baskets. 

1. What is a decorative laundry basket?

Similar to laundry baskets, these decorative baskets are used to keep personal belongings such as clothes, umbrellas, household tools, or toys for children to preserve as much space as possible in the home. 

They will relieve housewives of the task of collecting soiled clothes in each room.

Storage basket

They have the effect of easily keeping clothes, socks, and towels, which family members may actively sort and place in the basket. You will save time and work by not having to clean up and sort again.

Additionally, these baskets are not only useful for keeping clothes, but they are also artistically beautiful, perfectly complementing your house. Wicker baskets in natural brown tones will give your area an airy and boho look.

2. Highlights of the decorative laundry basket

 2.1. Ample storage

This is designed to suit practically any type of clutter in your home.

It can store a week's worth of clothes, making life easier and freeing up more time to enjoy life.

Ample storage

2.2. Flexible

This is a multifunctional basket that may be used for various purposes. You can use different bags for different things, such as office clothes, living room clutter, everyday essentials, etc. 

Laundry baskets also assist you in obtaining items and will also save you time when reordering.

2.3. Easy to move

Most of them include durable and comfy handles that make it easy to move around. If you wish to move the garments, just drag them from one location to another.

2.4. Add accent to the home

Woven Storage Basket

Every detail of the product has been meticulously crafted. It looks great as a home decorating basket and is an excellent alternative to traditional clothing baskets.

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Set 6 of Colorful Wall Basket Decor

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Set 9 of Woven Rattan Wall Basket

hanging woven wall basket decor set
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3. Some considerations while purchasing decorative laundry baskets

3.1. Select the appropriate material

Plastic and stainless steel baskets are often durable, will not rust, and be damaged by dampness or water. They are also simple to clean. Meanwhile, baskets made of rattan, bamboo, wood, linen, etc., are lightweight and have different and unique designs.  

Rattan storage basket

However, these natural items are easily absorbed by water, resulting in mold if kept in the humid climate of the bathroom.

3.2. Choose the right colors

You can choose the proper color of the basket based on your preferences and the overall color scheme of the bathroom, assuring the beauty and harmony of the space.

3.3. Consider the size

Depending on the size of the bathroom or laundry room, you can choose the right sized basket.

Round baskets are typically appropriate for larger bathrooms, but square and rectangular baskets are appropriate for smaller spaces.


If done correctly and carefully, fabric baskets can be machine washed. A towel and warm water can be used to wash wicker baskets gently.

Yes, it is. You can get one with wheels to easily move the basket to any position.

Farmhouse-style storage basket

Buying Guide

You may get these baskets on Amazon or Etsy. At Chicnchill, we also have a large selection of high-quality baskets.

Final thoughts

Decorative laundry baskets not only serve to keep things organized but also provide an elegant touch to room decor. They are a good option if you have dirty items or clothes that you wish to hide.

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