Simple And Budget-Friendly Diy Wall Decor Ideas

diy wall decor ideas

While bare walls might help to create a sense of balance in a room, they're often disregarded as décor potential. They're the ideal canvas for expressing your life's experiences and giving guests a glimpse into your personality. 

Blank walls, on the other hand, might be intimidating for the same reasons. If you've been putting off filing your blank wall space because you don't know what to do with it, now's your time to get some ideas and cross them off your decorating to-do list.

Some people believe that wall décor ideas are confined to framed posters, photos, and artwork, however, these days, wall décor ideas extend well beyond the conventional gallery wall and aren't limited to store-bought items. You may use textured fabric wall hangings or even paint your own accent wall painting instead of hanging anything. 

When it comes to covering up walls, there's no shortage of possibilities. The simple DIY wall decor ideas listed below will help you easily transform uninteresting, barren walls into appealing galleries, pretty collections, and eye-catching decorations in your living room, above your bed, and anywhere else.

A rug is more texturized than a picture by definition. It's a fantastic technique to add relief and dimension to a wall. 

It's also ideal for a bohemian or vintage home since a rug on a wall may create a cozy feeling. Since rugs are made out of materials such as wool, cotton, silk, jute etc… They are a good way to warm things up.

Decorating your wall with rugs is exactly  as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is choose the color that matches with the whole room tone, then hang it by nails or wall hooks.  So why don’t we use this way to liven up your living room, bedroom, or any place in your lovely house?

2. Create a basket gallery wall that span the whole space

A basket gallery wall, or so-called basket wall art, means that you might have to collect elements that you find at thrift stores, or on Etsy, and Amazon to create a huge unique wall art.

It includes mostly baskets, on the other hand, you can mix and match them with plants, hats, trays, or anything that can be hung in your house. 

This decor idea will not only bring an accent to your house, but it also makes the whole atmosphere lively, and warm, whether your interior style is boho, vintage, minimal, or farmhouse, it can slay them all.

3. DIY photo collage wall

This memory wall is inexpensive to make and allows you to display photos of all of your loved ones. Simply print your images and use thumbtacks to hang them in a perfect rectangle.

Display this piece of art in the bedroom, reading room, or family room, it will remind you of all family members, and your happy moments with them. You can always feel close to them even when they live miles away from you. 

This is such a nice gift to your mother, father, grandpa, and grandma on holidays, such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, or New Year’s Eve.

4. Embrace macrame

Macramé has made a comeback and isn't going anywhere. So don’t worry that it’ll be out of trend soon, just stick with your style without hesitation.

Whether you use a plant hanger or a wall hanging, like the one over the bed in this minimalistic home, this artistic handicraft style adds plenty of texture and homemade character to your bedroom.

5. Mix and match

Framed pictures and prints aren't the only thing that may be displayed on a gallery wall. 

As shown in this Virginia house, decorating your walls with pieces that match the rest of your room's decor is a foolproof method to embrace maximalism. 

In the beautiful, little composition on their pink living room wall, the homeowners employed a decorative mirror, pennant, fabric hangings, throw cushions, and rug. They even created a quirky, entertaining background with a lot of colorful frames, which complement the colors and patterns of wall art.

6. Hang potted plants

For the plant enthusiast with limited room, wall-mounted planters are a fantastic greenery option. With just a few succulents, you can develop a stylish and space-saving succulent garden over your bed like this.

Hang them with nails and metal wires, or simply attach some wooden shelves to the wall, you can bring the whole freshen air from your garden in your own chilling area.

7. Hang your hats

Storage hooks aren’t just for hanging umbrellas, or guitars. A handful of wall hooks — self-adhesive ones that work great for renters—can turn an empty wall into a sophisticated way to store your hats, just like this wall of hats in the small hallway.

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