5 Favorite Floor Baskets Ideas You Should Know

floor basket

If you are looking for a versatile, easy solution for storage, laundry, and organizing, the floor basket is the answer. 

These floor baskets, which come in a range of sizes, materials, and patterns, can contain pillows, comforters, sheets, blankets, and other items to keep rooms neatly. 

Their neutral colors complement almost any design style and make your home more charming.

1. Tall round floor wicker baskets

This tall round floor basket adds country charm and convenient storage to any decor. It's available in a range of sizes and is ideal for storing extra pillows and blankets in the living room, as well as those toys you find in the playroom. 

The basket is wicker and crafted by artisans with extreme attention to detail. The basket's edges are entirely wrapped, as are the handles, to make it easy to move around the house.

2. Square wicker baskets

If tall round baskets aren't your style, square baskets are a good alternative. This portable basket will add versatile elegance to your home, whether you want to reduce clutter in your living room or create a lively bohemian style in your room.

Its weave offers a soft touch to your decor, and its simple silhouette goes with any casual look. Its storage space is ideal for storing everything from extra pillows and blankets to remote controls and other media equipment. You may also use them to stack towels in the bathroom or tablecloths in the kitchen.

3. Rattan basket with liner

This basket is handwoven from natural rattan and provides enough storage space while maintaining a streamlined, cohesive appearance. 

It can add beautiful embellishments to shelves or organize letters, books, and magazines in the living room, resulting in a well-organized and tidy effect. 

The off-white cotton lining softens the look and protects delicate belongings, while the sturdy handle makes it easy to carry.

4. Seagrass baskets

These baskets can be used for a variety of storage purposes in the home. They're made to hold your things while providing your outfit a distinct look. 

They include handles, like wicker baskets, that make it easy to move the basket in many areas of your house. On top of that, it is collapsible, allowing you to stow it while you don't want to store things.

5. Fabric baskets

These baskets will help you keep your spirits up to have a well-ventilated and orderly home. It is quite soft and pleasant to the touch.

You can properly keep children's clothes while protecting the environment with a fabric basket made from natural elastic cotton rope. The basket can transform into home décor and storage for your bedroom, bathroom, and laundry, thanks to a selection of eye-catching hues.


You can use a damp cloth to clean, or for rattan and wicker baskets, you can use a mild detergent.

Yes, it is. Growing plants with fabric or woven baskets such as wicker or rattan will bring unique charm to your red leaf fig, large cactus, and monstera.

Buying Guide

Amazon, Etsy, and Chicnchill have high-quality products that customers highly appreciate. These websites offer numerous designs and countless models at a good price.


These floor baskets will serve as excellent storage options while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. They also go with any style, whether boho, farmhouse, modern or rustic. Hope you will find the right basket from the suggestions above.

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