Floor Basket: The Key To Achieve The Bohemian Look In Your Home

floor baskets

1.1 It Nails The Bohemian Look

It is very common to spot floor baskets among various decorative baskets for home when you flip over a random page in a Bohemian decor style magazine, even present in almost every interior style, from vintage to modern look. Floor baskets give the overall impression of a well-kept home and their presence adds a sense of coziness because, above all, it is used on a daily basis in a typical household. And there is nothing as important as creating a welcoming atmosphere in Boho decor. In other words, floor baskets can do a lot of work to your house to be qualified as a Bohemian element.

1.2 A Versatile Piece Of Accessory

A floor basket is not there in your house just for the pleasing sight but it also functions like any other regular basket. 

A typical floor basket can hold tremendous space for clothes, dirty rugs, sheets, etc. If you are too busy to put these messy attires into the laundry while wanting your home to look spotless and stylish, then a decorative laundry basket is the life-saver. 

Floor baskets can also be styled as living room storage baskets, where you can put away children’s toys, plushies, cushions, and much more. Keep your house clean and plush with these 2-in-1 baskets, why not?

A lot of wise users find a way to turn floor baskets into baskets for blankets. It is such a wonderful thing that even when it’s time to organize your bed, you can get your creative juices flowing, right?

2. Beautiful Floor Baskets That Fits Every Personal Style

Floor baskets are robust in their variety, some can feature defined straight lines, while some others are created with curvy, odd-looking, vintage patterns and embellished with tassels or come with a lid. In fact, a floor basket has its own uniqueness and embodies certain characteristics, so you’ll find one (or even more!) that fits your personal style.

2.1 Tall Floor Basket

Tall floor baskets are great choices if you are in search of a decorative laundry basket. Tall means it holds a larger amount of stuff while preventing your curious guests from taking a peek on the inside. The tall and lean look also brags elegance and style.

2.2 Round Rectangular Basket

Round rectangular baskets are more suitable for containing small household essentials, so they are frequently used as living room storage baskets, or kitchen baskets to hold vegetables and fruits. These types of baskets are usually equipped with handles, which creates a lot of flexibility and mobility around the house.

2.3 Floor Basket With Legs

Floor baskets with legs, can you imagine? Its odd and eccentric look will definitely catch your attention (and your guests’) at first glance. And surprisingly, there is more behind the bizarre look: these tall little guys can act greatly as pot holders, so they are a must-have if you are a botanical enthusiast and dreaming of a house full of greens.

2.4 Wicker Floor Basket

It is such a remiss not to mention wicker floor baskets, these multifunctional containers bring in a rustic vibe that is reminiscent of a farmhouse or a cottage space. Plus, wicker materials are durable, resilient, and stain-resistant, so it is always a better choice for laundry baskets.

Final Thought

We always strive for a cozy, lovely, livable living space, and it is not challenging at all if you grasp the know-how in your hand. With these floor baskets in use, you’ll be one step nearer to the dream home. Here at ChicnChill, we are doing our best to help people turn their homes into welcoming and beautiful places. When you need more brilliant ideas to upgrade your home, feel free to pay us a visit any time! You can also find a myriad of decor ideas with wall baskets on our Pinterest.

I hope that after reading this post, you’ll get ready to go on a hunt for some amazing floor baskets for your home. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And don't forget to share it with your family and friends!

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