Best Housewarming Gifts Ideas

housewarming gifts

One of your loved ones invites you to his/ her housewarming party? Great! Now you need to find something special for new owners. The question is - what gifts do people actually like? To inspire you, here are a few of our favourite gifts that would be PERFECT for any homeowner!

An important thing to remember is that you aren’t shopping for yourself. Always think about the new homeowner's style and whether they prefer something more classic. Don't be scared to go vintage if you select something with a more classic style.  You might be able to locate something that perfectly suits their tastes.

1. Coffee or coffee accessories

Your friends are coffee lovers and they start every morning with this drink? The first thing they do when traveling abroad is finding a local coffee shop and buy some beans as their best souvenir? For you, this is very good news. Look for an unusual type of coffee - one they haven't tried yet. You will thus offer them a new experience, which could stay with them for a long time.

Worried that the taste won't match their preferences? Something else, also related to coffee, is a good alternative. Decorative spoons, special coffee cups, or an induction coffee maker - for the real lover.

You can shop at Amazon!

housewarming gifts

2. Scented Candle

Not sure what style your friends have decorated their homes in? In this case, vases, cups and other decorations will not do. They may not match the interior decoration. There is a good solution: scented candles.

You can choose a large candle in a glass jar. You can also choose a set of small candles, which will brighten up your friends' evenings. These products are available for sale on Amazon and Etsy.

housewarming gifts

A housewarming gift for a wine lover

Housewarming hosts love wine. You can offer them a bottle of their favorite drink. Consider it as an addition to the main gift - for example, accessories for serving wine or snacks.

3. Custom engraved glasses

Beautifully etched wine glasses not only make very practical housewarming gifts but also make a great keepsake from the event. You can order an engraving of the date of the party or the name of the host. If you don't want the text to be too visible, ask the engraver to place it on the bottom of the glass. It is a subtle and elegant decoration. You can order these products here!

housewarming gifts

4. Cheeseboard

You know that hosts already have wine glasses, or someone else is buying them as a housewarming gift? Choose other accessories, for example, a cheeseboard. Cheese is a classic wine-based appetizer, which is why your hosts should greatly appreciate such a gift. For an elegant look, have the top engraved. You can shop here!

housewarming gifts

Practical housewarming gift

Practical housewarming presents are a perfect solution for those who don't like to collect things. Depending on their preferences, you can buy them a bottle of good liquor or other favorites to use in the kitchen.

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5. Unusual alcohol

Alcohol that you can't normally buy in a typical store makes an interesting and not-too-obvious housewarming idea. Limited-edition bottled wine or booze from another country may satisfy your host. Just order it online or look for it in a specialty store. You can shop for it here!

housewarming gifts

6. A gift basket with favorite products

Maybe your friends don't like alcohol. What to do in such a case? You can also give them a basket with cooking ingredients or kitchen tools – it all depends on their favorite cuisine. Such a housewarming gift will definitely make them happy. You can find it at Etsy now!

housewarming gifts

Housewarming gifts for plant lovers

A bouquet of flowers is a great gift for a hostess, whatever the occasion. Looking for a housewarming suggestion and decided you needed a better idea? Replace the traditional flowers with another gift - also vegetable.

7. Potted plants or bonsai

If your friends love plants, a new plant for their house or apartment could be your housewarming gift. Don't forget to find a potted plant they don't already own so they can grow their collection.

A bonsai is an interesting idea - it is believed to bring good luck to its owner. You can easily find such plants in a large flower shop. They come in different sizes - cheaper small trees or larger, more expensive specimens. You can shop here!

housewarming gifts

8. Potted herbs

Potted herbs are a perfect alternative to standard potted plants. They will not only be used to decorate the kitchen but they can also be used for cooking. This is a great option if your hosts spend a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoy culinary experiments. In this case, your housewarming gift will be extremely useful. You can shop here!

housewarming gifts

Housewarming gifts ideas for design lovers

Whilst buying housewarming gifts for design lovers might seem tricky, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, there are many housewarming gift ideas that any design fan will appreciate.

9. Baskets

Just think of a decorative basket. It will add a touch of boho style to their home.

housewarming gifts

This hanging basket is natural, simple, and beautiful, and it will add a touch of simplicity and refinement to your friend's interior decor. This woven rattan basket will brighten up their walls and go with a variety of styles that they might like, such as boho, farmhouse, or vintage. A set of baskets are great additions to the patio, garden, balcony, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, galleries, and other areas, and they will give color to dull walls, making them more charming, decorative, and fashionable. Moreover, this wall basket is lightweight and easy to hang. Even when your loved ones are newbie home decorators, they can master every piece of it.

These baskets are thrifted at many second-hand stores, but to make it more special for your homeowners, you might think about a brand new one because it’s still budget-friendly either way. You can shop at Amazon, Etsy, etc

Bonus Ideas!

But wait, there’s more! Feel like you need to add in one extra little touch to their gift? Add a personalized key chain (to go with their new house keys) or a personalized rubber stamp with their new address on it for their outgoing mail. Those are two thoughtful small options that can be combined with anything else on this list to make it extra special! Oh if you are on a tight budget, DIY your own gift with the above choices.


Plants of all sizes require proper drainage and water on a regular basis. This means that the pot you place in the basket must have adequate drainage.

You can refer to a variety of plants such as snake plants, kentia palm tree, dragon tree, monstera, and so on. All of these options will look wonderful in beautiful baskets and will definitely improve the look of your area.


Did we just make gifting a little easier for you? What types of gifts would you want to receive most? Let us know which idea you love the best in the comments below. Be sure to sign up for our emails below for even more tips.

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