Large Wall Baskets – A Must For Your Stunning Home

large wall baskets

In the world of baskets, decorating with wall baskets is not a strange style. This style mainly uses wall baskets to decorate, maybe put it on the table or simply stick it to the wall. For wider wall patches we can use large wall baskets to hang up.

1. Some types of large wall baskets

There are many types of them in the decoration, whether they are large size or an integrated small ones to large stuff, there are many styles such as Africa, tobacco, boho, farmhouse,… Each style has its own unique features, they are especially beautiful when combined with the farmhouse style.

Particularly in farmhouse style, we find a warm and cozy feeling that is very suitable with the materials commonly found in large wall basket products such as rattan, seagrass. These of this style have many characteristics associated with the traditional culture of Vietnam like rattan wall baskets and seagrass wall baskets.

However, if you want to break the way. Or follow some other style, our design team is always ready to bring you a wide range of products. A little bit of Africa in your home or a little bit of extravagance or simply a tobacco wall basket.

hanging wall baskets


A set of Large Wall Baskets

2. Buy and contribute to the community

Decorating with large wall baskets has the advantage of originality, your home can look strange and have little duplication. In particular, the decision to use these products is that you are supporting the development of a vulnerable community in Vietnam who are directly making these products.

The value you bring will be loving and spreading love to the very disadvantaged in society, making them have a better quality of life by an extra job in their spare time after the harvest.

Some working craftsmen


Some working craftsmen

3. Trends

The trend towards green living has been expanding. Environmentally friendly products including large wall baskets are also very popular. The above handicraft products are not too picky in the way of allocation. Using them anywhere like the living room, bedroom, or kitchen makes your magical single space brilliant.

They help people earn more income after the harvest. And it makes us have a moment of nostalgia about how we use natural materials as toolbars.

An old rustic house


An old rustic house

4. Stunning your home with their Décor Options

Chicnchill now has plenty of options designed for you. These different large wall baskets are sold individually or as a set for you to choose from. Some combinations have been proposed by us, like some of our already posts, but depending on your creativity, there may be some newer and better combinations. 

If you are a tasteful person, you shouldn’t skip those. Let’s browse through some pin ideas on Pinterest and get inspired!


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