Here Are The Secret Tips for Success in Decor Large Wall

large wall decor
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Have you ever sat in front of a large blank wall and found it boring? It's not easy to adorn that wall, and the expense can be quite high. Don't worry; we'll show you how to easily and creatively design large walls in this article.

1. Make A Financial Plan

The first step in guiding the decor of your large wall is to establish a budget. Adding large pieces of art to vast blank walls is the quickest way to fill the space.

However, artwork that is either original or limited edition can be quite costly. Prints and artwork that are more traditional are usually less expensive. Of course, there are still plenty of options to pick from at reasonable pricing for your room.

wall decor large

2. Discover your style

Finding your art style might be difficult, but it can also be fun. Take the time to learn about the various artists and genres of art available. You can conduct media research or go to local museums and art galleries. It would be best if you tried to obtain a sense of which style or color of large wall art best represents your preferences.

large wall decor living room

If you prefer simplicity, look for pieces that incorporate color, shape, or line to provide an overall impression of simplicity. On the other hand, pop wall art can be excellent for you if you have favorite idols or celebrities.

Additionally, renowned cityscapes and prominent views from cities all over the world are frequently reproduced in urban wall art. As a result, incorporating these pieces into the room will give it a unique feel.

Surreal digital art, a new visual genre that blurs the barriers between reality and fantasy, will inspire you to imagine real works of art.

Finally, if you enjoy peace, nature murals depicting settings such as wilderness, mountains, lakes, and oceans are great. These works of art are sure to add a new touch of serenity to your personal space.

3. Determine The Size

It's very easy to get wall art that is too tiny for any room when shopping for wall art. Your wall art should occupy "two-thirds" to "three-quarters" of the wall area. If you're hanging artwork near furniture such as a bed or couch, it should be "three-quarters" the width of the furniture.

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4. Decide Where To Hang

Certainly, if you're looking for fantastic wall art, you already know which wall your chosen piece will be displayed on. However, this does not rule out the possibility of reconsidering the piece's placement. Even huge wall art is available in a range of sizes, so consider where you want the piece to hang on the wall and how you want to display it before making your final decision.

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If you're looking for the ideal spot to exhibit a beloved piece, hanging above the sofa in the living room or near the window is a terrific option because you and your visitors will be spending a lot of time there. Alternatively, if your entryway or staircase is wide, they are also the ideal area to display all of your favorite artwork. You may even hang it in your baby's playroom or nursery room to encourage creativity by using frames in different styles.

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5. Material

The material on which your work is printed has a significant impact on how your home feels. Framed prints and paintings might have a more refined appearance, whereas canvas can look more natural. Here are some material suggestions for you to think about:

  • Fabric printing on a large scale: Canvas prints are a newer form of huge wall art that are sturdy and come in various sizes. The prints may be readily removed from the frame when not in use, making them easy to travel and store. This allows you to have multiple prints and switch them out whenever you want, which is a feature not seen in other styles.
  • Decorative tapestries: Tapestries have recently become popular for wall decoration. They're usually very easy to come by in huge sizes, and they're a great way to spice up your room.
  • Framed photo prints: Hanging framed art on the wall enhances the image's visual appeal. However, an extra frame might be difficult and inconvenient to move, especially at greater sizes. Frames and panes also add to the time it takes to change prints.

Posters: Posters are by far the cheapest option. Any image or theme can be found on the poster. They're also available at many stores, websites, events, and concerts. They are of poorer quality since they are printed on less expensive paper than photo prints.

large wall decor for living room

6. Synchronize your color scheme

Remember that your area may already have a specific palette, so consider deciding what will fill those gaps. The more spectacular the work's aesthetics are, the larger and bolder it is. Aside from brightly colored artwork, you can enhance the area with a few colors of green on the walls or a boldly colored plant.

large living room wall decor

If the room is spacious and painted in bright hues, use dark paint colors on the walls to make the space feel more intimate. Furthermore, the wall can be divided into main and sub-arrays due to the wide area. The primary section is painted in bright colors or has patterns, while the second part has a flawless neutral background. This combination adds to the room's uniqueness and luxury.


Yes, you can. Mirrors serve as a reflection and a decorative element, making the area more soulful and appealing. Nothing is more fitting than transforming a mirror into a focal point in your living area.

The cost of a large-scale photograph is high, while the cost of a collage of photographs is relatively low. However, it is not because they do not show beauty and luxury because of the cheap price. If the seamless pictures often give us a seamless feeling, the puzzle will help the room become more lively, gentle, flexible, and modern.

Buying Guide

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What do you think about the shares above? Hopefully, decorating large walls will no longer be difficult and time-consuming with this detailed instruction. If you have any ideas or want to share, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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