A Guide to Living Room Storage Baskets At Any Styles

Living room storage basket

Using storage baskets is the best way to organize your area. These baskets are not only fashionable but also give warmth and texture to any room while cutting clutter.

Are you looking for simple ways to incorporate storage baskets into your living room? Continue reading to discover even more fantastic ideas.

Wicker storage floor basket

2. Place decorative baskets beneath tables and chairs

You can put wicker baskets in open space underneath your tables and chairs. Hiding magazines and DVDs behind this sofa table is practical and leaves a place to display mementos.

Wicker baskets on coffee table in living room

3. Put baskets on the shelves

The addition of baskets adds visual appeal to the bookcase. The baskets are both artistic and functional, as they may carry lovely souvenirs.  These baskets also will give a chic touch to your living space with their simple design and great practicality.

Shelf basket

4. Place plants and flower baskets

Nothing will be more wonderful than being able to relax and converse intimately in a large room filled with the scent of nature.

The living room differs from the bedroom and kitchen in that it contains more light, a greater area, and serves as the main center of the home.

As a result, the selection of green plants is a little different; we can choose trees with huge sizes and vibrant colors to draw attention. Besides, we can select plants that are easy to grow and care for and rarely require watering.

Cotton rope plant basket

5. Keep your coffee table clutter-free

The basket can also be used to store items on your coffee table. Use one with a low edge, similar to a tray, for remotes, candles, and other coffee table furniture. This immediately makes your coffee table appear more orderly.

Macrame Storage Baskets Decor

6. Store toys for your child

Consider using baskets to store your child's toys if you have little children. You can put them in the corner to make cleanup quick and easy. Baskets with lids are ideal for keeping toys. With these baskets, you don't have to look at the mounds of toys after being tucked away.

Toy basket


You can choose plants for the living room based on your preferences or those grown indoors. Consider three criteria: practical, useful, and beautiful.

Yes, you can. But it will reduce interior space, and you will probably need to get one of the giant bike hooks to be able to hang it. It is much better on the floor for pillows and blankets or toys.

Living room storage basket

Buying Guide

Storage baskets may be found almost anywhere without taking too much time or effort.

Our recommendation is to go to trustworthy basket-selling websites such as Chicnchill, Amazon or Etsy. They come in a variety of styles and are of great quality.

Final Thoughts

To organize your living room tidier and flair, try these storage basket ideas. If you have any more suggestions, share them in the comments below.

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