Metal Wall Decor Ideas You Might Love To Know

metal wall art

In each room of your home, metal wall décor makes a distinctive statement. The use of earth tones, raw and stained wood finishes, and metals are among the most popular home design ideas this year. Metal may be used in a variety of ways throughout the house, including hardware, exposed plumbing, and accessories.

Metal accent items can really bring out those organic and earthy characteristics in your living space, whether you have a more boho or minimal décor style or a vintage, farmhouse one. Metal artworks are functional as well as decorative in your home.

You may use a range of metals, including bronze, gold, silver, tin, copper, brass, and iron, or mix-and-match metals with other wall accessories, such as mirror, pictures, or even wall baskets for a fashionable, more individualized statement piece in your home.

Are you ready to see some of the most popular décor items on the market, some of which you can even DIY at home? Check out these personalized metal wall art pieces for a stylish way to decorate your house this year.

1. Metal decor ideas for your house

1. 1.  Wall bouquet

This vintage metal cheese grater is the ideal storage solution for any home wall. Decorate it with flowers, use it to hold cooking utensils, pin little notes to the outside with magnets, or even use it to keep toothbrushes in the bathroom.

With this one-of-a-kind, personalized metal design, the possibilities are unlimited.

metal wall decor
Metal Wall Bouquet

1.2.  Wire basket wall storage

This incredibly charming metal wire basket storage system is perfect for organizing important papers, bills, and other items.

 In the kitchen, bedroom or in the home office, this would be ideal as a wall organizer. Made from recycled furniture and wire baskets, it’s a one-of-a-kind vintage chic decorative element for your home.

wire wall basket
Wire Wall Basket Storage

1.3. DIY sign

You might want to put this sign in your dining room right when you see it. With this lovely rustic metal wall décor sign, everyone can gather around the table. This “gather” sign is 24 inches broad by a little more than 12 inches tall. It’s light enough to hang on the wall and weighs less than a pound. It’s constructed of raw steel that’s been hand-cut and sanded for safety.

Or you can shop on Etsy!

metal wall decor
Metal Wall Decor

1.4. Geometric metal wall art

This magnificent handcrafted geometric deer head is constructed of wrought iron. It would be the great conversation piece for any wall in your house. For a nature-inspired motif, it would be an excellent focal point in your living room, dining room, or even nursery. If gold doesn’t go with your existing décor, you may pick from a range of hues because this piece is manufactured to order.

geometric metal wall art
Geometric Wall Art

1.5. Glamorous metal wall mirror

This stunning metal sunburst wall mirror will give your home a sophisticated look. 

The total dimension of the mirror is roughly 30 inches in diameter, with an 8-inch-diameter central mirror. Wooden rods are used to create the sunburst design, which is embellished with micro mirrors and diamond stones.

Place it anywhere in your house, you’ll see it brighten the whole space.

metal mirror for wall
Metal Mirror On Wall

1.6. Metal tree wall art

The tree of life pattern is composed of 2mm steel and black-dyed to complement any home décor style in this easy-to-hang minimal metal wall art

It’s simple to hang with one nail and display in any room of your home to add a natural flavor to your decor.

metal tree
Metal Tree Wall Art

2. Summary

Metal may be used in a variety of unexpected and unusual ways around the house. Metals may be used in a variety of ways to compliment any design style, whether you like a more luxurious look, a rustic farmhouse vibe, or something in between. When it comes to showcasing intricate sculptures, floral arrangements, or basic artwork, the possibilities are endless.

However, you can’t just leave your metal items alone on the whole large blank wall. Let’s go to Etsy, and Amazon, or you can visit our website ChicnChill, to look for other unique wall decor items that can go along well with the metal one, in order to create a gallery wall art on your own.

Still not know how to spruce up your blank wall? You can get inspired from such social medias like: Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. There are some other websites like The Spruce, or House Beautiful, which will provide you with hundreds of home design ideas, and useful how-tos to make your best home. 

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