11 Unique Gift Ideas For The Upcoming Mother’s Day

mother's day gift ideas

It’s difficult to express how wonderful mothers are. They’re always there for you, whether it’s at happy occasions or difficult times, juggling a million tasks to keep the house running, or simply loving you unconditionally in their own unique ways.

Therefore, after a long stressful year, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express your thanks by giving her a gift that expresses how much she means to you.

We’ve rounded up the best considerate mother’s day gift ideas , at every price point, and compiled a list of our favorites to help you make your choice.

1. Mother’s Day gift ideas, raging from cheap to luxe

1.1 DIY gift

DIY is not only budget-friendly but also a very heartfelt way to make Mom feel special on her day, which is why it’s widely-used by both kids and grownups whenever they want to express their deep love towards others. Here are several crafts you might want to do, whether it’s a small creation or bigger projects. There’s something for everyone in this collection, from stunning floral bouquets to personalized home decor.

  • Spice Shelf from Cutting Board

If house organization is Mom’s middle name, make all her dreams come true with a DIY spice rack. Simply screw small wooden cheese boxes onto an old cutting board, then hang the one-of-a-kind kitchen craft with a leather rope.

unique gift for mom
Spice Shell for mom
  • Mini Bouquets

If the above DIY seems impossible for kids, here’s a very easy one for all ages. Place tiny bouquets all across the house so Mom can feel the love no matter where she goes. Try putting garden flowers in kraft paper cones and store them in cupboards, table tops, or in the car. Alternatively, start her day off properly with a lovely cone sitting next to her morning coffee!

Whatever way you choose to honor mom and the other special women in your life this year, one of these heartfelt DIY Mother’s Day presents will warm their hearts forever.

gift ideas for mom
Bouquets for mom

1.2. Potted plant

For a mother who loves her houseplants “almost” as much as her kids, a pot plant is a total fit. There are millions of types of flowers in the world but our recommendation here is Bloomscape Bromeliad Aechmea Pink Plant. It’s medium-sized, perfect on a breakfast table so she can sip her morning coffee while watering her plant babies.

This lovely potted plant is one of the greatest Mother’s Day presents for practical types who want to honor Mom with the timeless beauty of fresh pink blossoms while also giving her something that will last.

It’s a low-maintenance plant that arrives at her door and is simple enough for even newbie plant parents to care for. This plant is also known for cleaning the air naturally, thanks to its leafy greens sopping up air impurities and distributing healthy, fresh oxygen back into her favorite room.

good gift ideas for mom
Plant pot for mom

1.3 Scented Candle

Give her the delightfully scented candle that smells just like you is a reminder of you, which she’ll love displaying on her favorite surface. That makes her feel cozy and loved even when you’re far away from home.

There are two fragrance options to choose from. If she likes lively, tropical aromas, go for the mango guava, or go for the warming bergamot, green grass, and tonka bean combo. This is sure to brighten her day if you’re seeking for the appropriate words to communicate how much you care.

Scented Candle for mom

1.4 Basket

If your mom is obsessed with home decor yet also cares about the versatility of those home decor items, a basket is the best choice for her demand. It will add a touch of boho to your home.

This hanging basket is natural, simple, and beautiful, and it will add a touch of simplicity and refinement to your mom’s interior decor. This woven rattan basket will brighten up her walls and go with a variety of styles that Mom might like, such as boho, farmhouse, or vintage.

A set of baskets are great additions to the patio, garden, balcony, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, galleries, and other areas, and they will give color to dull walls, making them more charming, decorative, and fashionable. Moreover, this wall basket is lightweight and easy to hang. Even when your mom is a newbie home decorator, she can master every piece of it.

This would also work well as a rattan plate or serving tray due to its flat form. It will keep her plate from scratching your table surface while also adding a bohemian decorative touch on your dining table. It may also be utilized on the kitchen island as a trendy fruit bowl, or a mini food storage. Mom will adore you more because of how thoughtful you are to her daily job as a housewife, a mother, and a cook, too.

These baskets are thrifted at many second-hand stores, but to make it more special for Mothers’ day, you might think about a brand new one because it’s still budget-friendly either way. You can shop at Amazon, or Etsy, etc.

perfect gift for mom
Wall Basket for mom

1.5 Summer Tote

With this gorgeous handwoven beach handbag from Mark & Graham, Mom will look effortlessly elegant. It offers large handles for convenient toting and plenty of room for towels, sunscreen, and other beach supplies.

Besides carrying beach essentials, this tote can also be a shopping bag instead of a plastic one. The environment will thank your mom for that. Shop here!

valentine gift for mom
Tote Bag for mom

1.6 Flexible Office Chair

Due to this year’s pandemic, many officers have to work from home, which is a great opportunity to surprise your working mom with some office stuff.

A posture-supporting, comfort-ensuring office chair is a fast approach to her heart—and an essential addition to the workstation of your household. This Flexispot Soutien chair has 3D lumbar support, adjustability, movable and editable armrests, and a personalized back that allows her to sit in her chosen position.

This chair is a present she’ll use every day, and it’s one of the most critical work-from-home requirements she’ll wonder how she ever managed without. Shop here!

gift for mom birthday
Flexible chair for mom

1.7 Earrings

These on-trend, small-to-medium-sized hoop earrings will bring an elegant touch and excitement to her favorite business casual looks for professional meetings.

They’re perfect for irritant-free everyday wear. You can easily find these kinds of earrings at any accessories shop, malls or online sites like Amazon, PNJ, Pandora, etc.

1.8 Wish Beads Bracelet

This beaded bracelet is cute enough to pair with any outfit, but the real gem isn’t necessarily the jade, rose quartz, or lapis beads. The golden-hued clasp is really a little compartment designed to hold small intention and positive-thought notes, so you can give Mom this one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day present pre-filled with sentiments like “I love you” or phrases that inspire her to keep going when things get rough. When she realizes that this beautiful gem is actually a heart-focused sentimental item, she’ll love you to the moon and back.

gift for mom on christmas
Bead Bracelet for mom

1.9 Knitted Blanket

When she’s enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap, snuggling up with a nice book, or watching Mother’s Day movies with you, this organic knit throw will be her favorite.

It’s available in a variety of colors and textures and easy to be found at any shop, so you’ll be able to select one that matches her style. They’re all made of 100 percent organic cotton and are machine washable, so why don’t you surprise your mom with this blanket on the sofa in her cozy living room.

ideas for mom christmas gift
Knitted Blanket for mom

1.10 Air Fryer

If Mom has been getting into the air-frying game, an air fryer with a larger-capacity countertop gadget is what she’s been looking for. It has digital touch controls, a basket divider, simple settings and wattage control, as well as complex capabilities like sear, preheat, delay, and warm.

When you present it to her, don’t forget to include these instructions on how to clean an air fryer correctly. Since this air-frying trend is skyrocketing, you can easily find it anywhere you shop, whether it’s online or offline.

gift for mom on christmas
Air Fryer for mom

1. 11 Perfume

If your mom is a fragrant lover, or she always wants to keep herself smelling great, you should give her perfume on Mothers’ Day, and Banana Republic Icon Dark Cherry & Amber Eau de Parfum is a must-have for scent mom.

The top notes of this scent include black cherry and pink freesia, with cherry blossom, sweet praline, blonde cedar, and red amber rounding off the beautifully rich, sweet character.

It’s perfect for all seasons, and she’ll feel like she’s strolling through a beautiful orchard every time she puts it on.

xmas gift for mom
Perfume for mom

2. Summary

Finding a special mother’s day gift idea for mom may be difficult, especially when she rarely expresses her needs or pretends to have everything—which is why we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful gifts for mom that are likely to catch her smile and become a part of her daily routine.

We hope you find this article useful at some point, and we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day with your Mom and family.

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