Nursery Basket Wall Decor – A Highlight For Your Newborn Space

nursery basket wall decor

Items made of natural materials, such as wicker, bamboo or woven baskets, have a rustic appearance and familiarity that many parents adore. 

You may have used it to decorate your home, but you've probably never considered using it in a nursery room. This blog will introduce how you can use these useful wall baskets for your child.

1. Uses of wall baskets

1.1. Clothes and diapers storage

The storage baskets are simple but appealing. They are a temporary storage space where you can store baby clothes, diapers, and wipes, increasing your flexibility and convenience in daily use.

You can quickly install this hanger using the included hooks for precise alignment. This wall hanging basket is sure to please your children while also keeping your home tidy.

1.2. Keep your baby's toys

Wicker Wall basket

The natural wall hanging basket is ideal for storing your baby's toys, serving as a cute decoration to personalize their surroundings. They're ideal for storing building blocks, puzzles, and other small toys. You can select ones with a variety of colors to create visual appeal, encouraging your child to begin reaching for objects. 

This diy basket is made of eco-friendly materials. It's also sturdy and long-lasting, and you can also easily hang and remove the basket.

1.3. Use as a hanging bookshelf

Rattan wall storage basket

These boho wall baskets make great storage for your child's favorite fairy tale books or color sets. Instead of taking up floor space with a bookshelf, consider hanging one on the wall and using books as school decorations. Besides, it is also a great place for you to store your comb and hair clips.

1.4. Display it as a decoration

Basket wall for baby's room

The combination of pure pink and white colors and the interior layout with the wall covered in various types of baskets all contribute to a very modern and fully equipped baby room. With this space, the baby will have a more general vision, which will aid in developing the baby's intelligence.

2. How to choose a wall basket

2.1. Use baskets that are all the same size and style.

Matching baskets in bright colors is another eye-catching feature in the baby's room. You can select modified baskets with attachments such as beautiful bows or lovely motifs to help the child be more excited and creative.

2.2. Use baskets of different sizes

Depending on the purpose of use as well as the area you hang the basket, the size of the basket is designed to be large or small. A useful tip is to name these baskets with funny titles to make your children have memorable childhood memories.

2.3. Utilize amusing variation baskets.

Kids baskets

Colorful rattan baskets also excite active and naughty children. The small baskets transform into horses or crabs, etc., aesthetically pleasing and useful for decorating the room.


Overall, the basket will undoubtedly be a decorative and practical item for the nursery room, making it more lovely and gentle. If you want to purchase these items, check out Etsy, Amazon, or Chicnchill to find what best suits your preference.

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful decor space in which to spend time with your baby.

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