11 Plant Wall Decor Ideas For Plant Lovers

plant wall decor

Get inspired by these modern indoor plant wall ideas if you want to creatively bring plants into your area without compromising floor space!

macrame plant hanger

1. Macrame Plant Hangers

If you have a potted plant that you’d like to display in your house, this charming macrame hanger is ideal. They’ll look great on your nightstand, on a gallery wall, on a huge accent wall, on a couch or fireplace, or beside a window to bring a boho touch to any room. This macrame doubles as wall decor and a display case for your adorable potted plants.

2. Metal Wall Vase

Hanging gold or silver metal vases and growing plants provide a touch of farmhouse charm without taking up too much room. The hardness of the metal exhibits a subtle softness, and the iron art is pure and inconspicuous, lacking excessive brilliance and cliches and radiating a strange ancient appeal. They’re the perfect size for showcasing your favorite air plants or faux trunks.

metal wall planter
plant baskets

3. Plant Baskets

Plants and hanging baskets may add a pleasant, earthy atmosphere to a rustic home. Low-maintenance air plants and foliage, as well as artificial plants that don’t require watering, grow well in these pots. You can leave it plain or add a ribbon to make it more festive.

Without a single line in sight, a wicker basket with lovely vines would be the ideal approach to contrast a harsh wall.

4. Plant Grid

Do you have a bare wall in your home? You’ve got the perfect canvas for a colorful, green wall if you hang a large metal mesh panel.

Simply hang a choice of plants of various sizes and colors to create an instant display cabinet. This display grid allows anyone to display their plants in a colorful, one-of-a-kind fashion.

plant grid
plant wall shelf

5. Plant Wall Shelves

Nothing beats using wall shelves to display plants alongside family photos, travel photos, and other mementos, in our opinion. The potted plants and the green patches in the leaves contrast well with the warm wooden shelves.

6. Plant Hanging Rods

Planters can be made out of rods and clothes racks, which is a simple and cost-effective DIY project. To make them appear taller, hang them with a curtain rod or two. You may even put them in front of a window in your kitchen so that they get plenty of light and are easily accessible if they contain any cooking herbs.

This appearance is ideal for these decorations, especially in dorms and apartments where holes in the wall or ceiling are prohibited. To display your houseplants with style, try S-hooks, macrame stands, or hanging planters.

plant rods
sticker wall decor

7. Brass Planters

This simple yet elegant metal planter is ideal for hanging flowers, herbs, and plants on your exterior or interior walls to liven them up.

Each planter is strong and sturdy, with a curved back and fixing holes to ensure a secure fit against any wall or fence. You can plant anything within the pots as long as the drainage at the bottom is adequate. To enrich your outside environment, get imaginative by grouping plants.

The best part is that brass wall planters will rust with time, adding to their charm and beauty.

8. Geometric Wall Planters

The geometric indoor wall pots have a sleek and stylish style that can be placed discreetly anyplace while complimenting the vibrancy of your plants. These lovely stained-glass potted plants, for example, go wonderfully with the minimalist and industrial interior design styles.

Geometric Wall Planters
Wall tray with succulents

9. Geometric Wall Planters

Succulent wall trays are a simple and enjoyable DIY project that takes very little continuing upkeep once completed. They look excellent in any room of the house, or they can be mounted on an outside wall.

First, you need to choose a shallow box with a seat belt mesh on top. After that, secure the succulents with dirt and moss and hang them on a bright, direct-lighting wall.

10. Mirror With Plants

This is a powder-coated stainless steel mirror with a pre-made hole-in-the-hole plant stand that hangs on the wall. They include a shelf where you can keep small items like keys and phones, as well as plants. Its design strikes a balance between modernity and a sense of space.

Plus, because the mirror reflects the tree’s picture, it appears as if you’ve quadrupled the amount of foliage in the room. It’s a fantastic method to showcase your own design and art deco.

mirror with wall plant
Hanging Planter Test Tubes

11. Hanging Planter Test Tubes

This is a fun and unique way to use plants to decorate your walls. It is mostly used for breeding reasons, thus it is ideal for plant enthusiasts. It also provides a great display of artificial or freshly cut flowers, mixed bouquets, and watered roots for room decor in every space from the living room to the bedroom, kitchen, or workplace.

Of course, this artwork necessitates a great deal of time and effort to clean all of the glass pipes mounted on the wall and to change the water on a regular basis to avoid stagnant water and yellowing.


plant home

In fact, plant selection is a question of personal preference. We suggest you try vines and air plants. They’re simple to cultivate and require minimal attention.

You should avoid placing plants near appliances such as air conditioners or stove vents. Too cold or too high temperatures will harm the plant.

indoor plant

Buying Guide

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Have you found an acceptable approach to decorating the wall with plants after reading the preceding suggestions? If so, don't waste any time and apply right now. We hope you will be able to make vibrant green walls for your home.

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