Rattan Wall Basket – The Best Choice For Your Home

rattan wall basket
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The rattan wall basket is always the best choice for your house because of its aesthetics and durability and environmental friendliness. For a decorative wall basket, you can hang it on the wall or place it on the table or combine it with your own creation.

1. Rattan wall basket 

It is a product made by our craftsmen; it is rattan woven. There are 600 species in rattan, many of them are planted to make handicrafts. So, the material of each basket in rattan may not be homogeneous.

The rattan basket is not a new product recently, perhaps the use of it in the decoration is a bit newer. Although there is a history of more than hundreds of years making the basket as well as furniture, only recently has the rattan basket been mentioned and attracted the attention of young people. Those who see the novelty and originality of old designs.

2. Place it on the floating shelf

Cabinets, shelves, or any flat surface that you see fit. A wall basket is not too picky a place, you can put it in the living room, bedroom, kitchen room, and in some cases the bathroom.

wall basket
Their shelf-putting

3. Living room decoration

Is your living room monotonous? We have a recommendation for you that is a rattan wall basket. Your living room will make many people compliment you when you use this style of decoration. The wall of the photo is rather cold and undecorated, and it becomes more unique after the decoration.

rattan wall basket
The living room décor

4. Bedroom decoration

A rattan wall basket is probably particularly suitable when combined with the bedroom. The material of the rattan gives us a sense of closeness to nature and a little warmth. Although they are not new materials, with the creativity of designers, your space still becomes very luxurious.

rattan wall basket
The bedroom décor

5. Decorating the kitchen

A rattan wall basket is a great way to add some color and pattern to your kitchen. 

The basket comes in different sizes and colors. The basket can be hung on the wall or placed on the countertop, depending on how you want to use it in your kitchen.

Here’s another way to use it, which is to hang it on the wall. If you’re too bored of using plastic or metal to store your things, why not a rattan basket?

The kitchen décor
The kitchen décor

6. Decision Making

There are many different ways to coordinate a rattan wall basket. It is also quite easy to apply and create their own style for the owner of the house. If you have a longer time to learn about our style and products, you will find the products are very well invested in terms of design and aesthetics.

After all, the final decision-making is with you. Before you get it, you can consult more about decoration products on our Pinterest and website

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