The Ultimate Room Decor Room Guide You Absolutely Must Try in 2022

room decor

Having a gorgeous and spectacular home is something that everyone wishes for. There are tons of options for making your home more attractive.

You can decorate your home in different ways, such as employing appealing new home decoration designs or creating a beautiful home layout by organizing, decorating furniture, adorning wooden walls, wallpapering, and so on.

In this post, we will show you how to make every room in your home more impressive and cost-effective, regardless of style.

1. Impressive Archway And Entryway

The first "touchpoint" of guests entering your living space is not the living room but the house's archway and entryway. As a result, the priority should be to organize these two areas to be neat and attractive.

Before decorating the entryway, you must first pay attention to the outdoor space. 

Entryway decor

To decorate the front door, you can place a vintage summer door wreath in a tobacco basket or choose an alternative, such as a watering can filled with flowers.

First, you can surprise your guests with unexpected hallway decor or something truly eye-catching and stunning. This may be a colossal chandelier, a massive work of art, or a glitzy giant floor mirror. Aside from that, the beautiful woven baskets, paired with a few potted plants, will make the entrance and archway look amazing.

Doorway decor

Small and comfortable pillows on the bench, along with flowers in the vase, will make the entire area feel more welcoming.

Additionally, you can add a window frame to make your entryway more elegant. Decorating with a window wall creates the illusion that there is something outside. A pretty garland with white cotton balls provides an element of texture to complete the rustic look.

Window frame

2. Stunning Staircase

It would be a fantastic idea to use a lot of images to adorn the staircase. When visitors arrive at your home, they will feel as though they are walking up the stairs at an art gallery. A gorgeous and charming stair railing will attract your eye in no time.

Staircase decor

One of the essential aspects of stair decorating is how a few modest additions can make a big difference. You may drastically transform your stairway by simply adding a few paintings or other decorations. Don't be concerned that neutral decorations will make your stairwell look boring and uninspiring. White, black, and brown are all neutral hues that will make your home look cleaner and neater.

3. Neat Living Room

To keep the living room tidy without the need for bulky storage cabinets, you can place a wicker basket with beautiful handles next to the sofa. It can be used to hold magazines, remotes, chargers, and other items, depending on your needs. If you like a sense of being in nature, you can also add extra plants or figurines to the living room. This style of decorating not only adds to the green area in the living room but also makes it more comfortable.


Sofas frequently come with a coffee table to complete the functionality of an apartment's living space. Therefore, you can decorate your coffee table with vintage books or vases with flowers and plants for a fun and eclectic yet timeless pop of color.

Try the African baskets if you like to play with tons of patterns and boho styles. On the other hand, large wall decor would be an excellent choice for making a strong statement in a minimalist living space. It doesn't take up any noticeable space, but it has the ability to change the aesthetic completely.

4. Lovely Bedroom

A bedroom is also a place where a lot of things need to be arranged. Items such as pillows, clothes, etc., are often bulky, occupying more space. Therefore, you need square baskets to optimize the area under the bed.

If your room feels too rigid, simply repeat a few circular patterns around the space to make it more lively. You may create a fun retro appearance by using round patterned wallpaper, dome lighting, and pillows on the bed.

To assist a pleasant and soothing ambiance, you can hang a large mirror above your vanity and add some candles.

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Bedroom decor

The twinkling LED bulbs at night instead of night lights are also a decor option for having a good night's sleep. The yellow light LEDs make your bedroom warmer. 

Last but not least, adding green plants to the room will create freshness in the space. Every morning when you wake up, you get out of bed, look at the lush potted plants filled with sunlight in front of the window, which is also a way to start a new day full of energy.

5. Flexible Bathroom

The bathroom is the next practical area in the house to decorate. Because of the low frequency of use, this section is normally constructed with the smallest area. With that said, you'll need to find an appropriate storage solution. 

To arrange toilet paper, towels, cleaning supplies, and other items, utilize shelves with several woven baskets. They're both lovely and really useful.

Bathroom decor

You can add some green plants to the bathroom to make it more peaceful by giving it a sense of being closer to nature.

Alternatively, some photographs or wall art might help bring the bathroom's personality to life.

6. Tidy Kitchen

Housewives constantly complain about a shortage of storage space in the kitchen. The goods in the kitchen are often not large, but they are untidy and easy to misplace. 

In this situation, you need to sort food, eat utensils, etc., into cute small baskets, name them, and place them neatly in the cabinet, so you don't waste time looking for them. You can mix and match rattan and bamboo baskets for a more eclectic aesthetic.

Kitchen decor

You can also place baskets on the counter to put the tools you use often. They're also attractive farmhouse decor and are easy to get by.

Adding scent to the kitchen can also help to eliminate odors and provide a sense of cleanliness. All you need to do is switch out your candles and soaps for bright, floral, or citrus aromas.

7. Warm Dining Room

The perfect space for a wonderful family meal is a modern and appealing dining room area, where relaxing members sit together to share their joys and daily work. 

To make this space more attractive, you can add distinctive pendant lights. They cast a beautiful, warm glow across the room, making everything sparkle and feel more romantic. Food; therefore, becomes much more delicious and appealing as a result of it.

Dining room decor

The presence of ornamental flowers in any room adds to lighting it up and making it more stunning and appealing. Therefore, draw more dotted lines to your kitchen interior picture by placing colorful flower baskets on the family eating table.

8. Stylish Nursery Room

A nursery room can be decorated in a variety of ways. However, the room's color scheme should be bright, light, and airy for the infant to feel at ease. Scandinavian and bohemian might be good options for parents. 

They are available in neutral color schemes appropriate for both boys and girls. More importantly, this look is complemented by warm rugs and secure woven baskets.

Nursery decor

Another thing to think about is the amount of storage space available. Bibs, blankets, garments, and plush animals and toys will be difficult to keep track of. As a result, for ease and space savings, you can utilize large baskets or hanging baskets next to the changing table.

9. Comfortable Home Office

The key to decorating your home workspace is to create a space that fosters creativity and focus. If you have a home office with windows, turn your workstation to face the view. It's a good thing to view nature, but it's also a fantastic thing to be able to see.

Home office decor

Another decoration suggestion is to hang photos of family members. To appreciate the feeling of joy, you might design a gallery wall with photographs that make you smile.

Using plants for the office is also a great home office decoration idea. Incorporating green plants cleans not only the air but also reduces stress and anxiety.

10. Cozy-comfy Dorm Room

Everyone seems to be homesick when they live in a dorm. As a result, mementos of special times spent with family and friends might help brighten up your dorm room

It's also a good idea to include a mirror. They are used to improve your appearance and make your area appear larger, which is very significant in small spaces.

Dorm room decor

Besides, bring a few low-maintenance plants into your dorm room to make it feel fresher and less basic. You can pick and purchase a few lovely pots to display on a nightstand or hang from a hanger.

If you want to warm the room up and change the ambiance, add your DIY lights to the area instead of utilizing overhead fluorescent lights.

11. Attractive Playroom

Don't be afraid to use bright colors, amusing patterns, and cool artwork to create a setting that appeals to children. Besides, if the playroom features additional walls with puzzle pieces that spark children's imaginations, it will be an exciting highlight.

Playroom decor

Making this room a setting where they may proudly display their art, from little easels to painted chalkboards and gallery walls just for them, is also key to promoting their inventiveness.

Of course, sports games cannot be ignored in the playroom. Swings, balance boards, and swings can be used to create your indoor gymnastics zone. 

It's worth noting that you should have a couple of additional carpets on hand. They not only come in a variety of beautiful designs and attractive colors, but they also provide a safe landing area for children.

Including some tables and crayons so your children can practice coloring with you - it's a lot of fun.


Light colors, such as white or light neutrals, are frequently used to make a room appear larger. However, you should paint the wall a different color than the ceiling. Because painting the entire room the same color will make it appear smaller.

You can rearrange some of your existing things to create beautiful or functional accents. You can also try moving your furniture or repositioning it in a new way. Plus, consider using branches and wildflowers from the outdoors to add natural decor to your home.

Bedroom decor ideas

Buying Guide

You should have no trouble finding a store that sells room decor. However, it would be best if you opted for trusted stores that offer a wide range of models and quality assurance. At Chicnchill, we have a large selection of high-quality decor to fit every style and environment. To purchase, please go to our website. 

Furthermore, Amazon, Etsy, and Ikea are possibilities for your consideration; with thousands of decor products to choose from, there is bound to be something that appeals to you.


Above are all the sharing on how to decorate a beautiful home suitable for many types of space. Changing the room's mood by tidying up and decorating it a little would undoubtedly transform the spirit, introducing more fresh emotions. 

We hope the information provided above has given you more ideas for renovating your room to your liking.

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