6 Clever Round Wall Decor Ideas For A New Look

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Are you looking for a way to make your house seem more like a home? Fill those empty walls to add excitement to your home. 

There are tons of ways for you to do so, but in this blog, we’ll only mention how to manage to decorate with items that are in round shape. Because the round is the most easy-to-find thing in the decor revolution.

We've picked together 17 of the most on-trend ways to liven up your walls if you're looking for some amazing round wall décor ideas. What's the best part? Some of these looks won't set you back a dime.

Wall baskets are ideal round wall art for every room in your house, including living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or even bathroom. Because of their diversity in materials and variety of designs, they can match with any home styles, whether yours is boho, farmhouse, vintage, or minimal. 

Round baskets have no limit as it may sound, in fact, you can creatively mix and match them up with other shapes, like square, rectangle, or oval, with different colors or patterns for a statement wall that pops, or keep the tones natural for something ornamental but low-key. You can easily find any kinds of baskets in our ChicnChill store, Etsy, and Amazon.

2. Suncatcher panels wall decor

Because the round peacock suncatcher is made of transparent glass, when the sun shines through, the color becomes brighter and the peacock texture becomes more visible, adding color and vibrancy to your home. 

The design represents family harmony, good fortune, and romantic love, making it an excellent gift idea for family or friends. 

The peacock glass panel comes with a metal chain, and a metal frame around it, which makes hanging stained glass more sturdy.

You can shop here!

3. Wall clock

This round decorative clock from FirsTime & Co. has an antiqued beige finish and is made of wood, which matches the best with farmhouse decor style.

It features a swinging inner pendulum and bronze dividers framing each Roman numeral, making a statement in your living room, workspace or any room.

You can shop for it here!

4. Wall mirror

If you want to upgrade the ordinary mirror in your house to something more superior and decorative, take a look at the mirror from Dahey store on Amazon.

This wall mirror is a very nice hanging looking and elegant wall decor item. It has a minimalist and boho design, with a round shape decor mirror with macrame fringe, which brings your home a high-fashion feel. The unique design here provides a fascinating mystery that blends fashion and home decor.

You can find it here!

5. Wall shelf

In case you're decorating your house following farmhouse decor inspiration, you must not miss this round distressed metal wall hanging with a wood shelf. 

Bring you not only super sturdy construction but also a rustic look, this durable décor piece that is built to last for a lifetime together with your house.

This wall shelf is great for garden or kitchen decor, easy to hang and practical to use. You can shop for it at the Kathy store!

6. Tobacco basket wreath

The magic of rustic charm unifies that vintage vibe of the old with the right now. These basket wreaths are used as a welcome sign, wall decoration, storage, and they will add a natural farm-chic feel to every home. You can also DIY them at home, and change it up to the seasons, or holidays.

Tobacco basket farmhouse decor is on-trend but timeless. Making a tobacco basket wreath, tobacco decor tabletop or accent piece is now becoming more and more popular. 

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 From gallery exhibits and artworks to using plants, plates, or papers, there are many innovative and gorgeous ways to spice up your plain walls. 

Fortunately, obtaining the perfect wall décor style doesn't have to be expensive. Use materials you already have around the house, like baskets or old record covers, or go online to find more affordable round wall decor.

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