The Best Type of Staircase Wall Decor for Every Style

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A multi-story house would not be complete without stairs. However, except for a few typical possibilities, the decor around the staircase is rarely appreciated or explored. Whatever your location, the number of steps, or the shape of your stairs, there is always an empty wall just waiting to be decorated. 

Stair walls, when correctly designed, can have a tremendous impact on the inside of a home. If you want to beautify the staircase wall, read this article. We'll put together a list of staircase wall decoration ideas so that they're more than just a route to get from one place to another.

1. Add Wood For Extra Warmth

staircase wall decor

Wooden decorations are the first stair wall decoration option you should try. Wood surfaces and earthy tones are considered to feel warm and welcoming, making them an excellent choice if you wish to greet your visitors gently.

If your guests view the stairs as one of the first things they see when they enter your home, this will give them a warm and friendly feeling.

Wood also adds refinement to any space, particularly the living room. Wood is also preferred over other materials in places like the stairs near the window or office.

2. Add Sophistication With Wall Mirrors

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If you have a small house with narrow stairs, an appropriate wall mirror will help to make the space feel more spacious.

Adding mirrors on the wall is also pleasing and provides a clean and unfussy look. They're also likened to a work of art with their distinctive designs. As a result, it will become more vibrant, conspicuous, and appealing when you adorn your living area with such artworks. Installing mirrors of the same form but different sizes will make the space more fascinating. Circle mirrors of varied sizes, for example, can be accommodated. This impression that the stairs are overall giving while also establishing a focal point.

3. Try Farmhouse Style

staircase wall decor ideas

Farm decor has its own distinct and fascinating charm. Why not adorn the stair wall with farmhouse decorations if you enjoy it? That will undoubtedly make the room feel cozier and more inviting.

Choose the black and white decor for a farmhouse look. Most stairwells will look good with black and white decorations, but they will look even better if the stairwells themselves are black and white.

4. Impressed With Wall Art

staircase wall decor

The next method is to add a simple yet effective: artwork. It can take a lot of time and effort to source and locate all of the appropriate frames and pieces to hang, but it is well worth the effort.

The stairs are generally painted in neutral tones, so the colorful photo frames on the stairwell stand out. Frames are the most viable alternative for you if you prefer simple stair wall decor. 

Additionally, install lights on the stairwell's wall to make them shine out even more. This will draw attention to the decor, especially if the wall is a bright color like white.

5. Go With Classic Style

If you want a nostalgic and pleasant setting, a classic touch is a good choice. The best thing about antique decor is that it can be mixed and matched with various styles, including modern and minimalist. The classic staircase wall decoration is the best pick if you want your wall decoration to appear great all year.

stair wall decor

When it comes to classic atmosphere, paneling is the one you should consider. It offers aesthetic and practical benefits while also easy to clean and maintain.

Vintage patterned wallpaper can give the doorway a historic look and add interest to the stairwell. It may, however, be worthwhile to combine staircase wallpaper ideas with a modern design.

6. Rustic decor

simple staircase wall decor

Try decorating with pallets if you want something a little more rustic. Rustic design almost always generates a warm and friendly environment in the room. This style, of course, includes stair wall decoration. Rustic wall decor gives guests a sense of comfort and warmth.

To give the place a rustic feel, we recommend adding more lights. Pallet decor benefits greatly from dim lighting. Comfort, accents, and decorative finishes are all included.

7. Display Family Photos

staircase wall decor ideas

A family portrait gallery would look great on the stairwell wall. You can frame and place your favorite family photos on the stairwell's wall. Using varying sizes of family portraits to hang on the wall makes a gorgeous collection that will draw everyone's attention. It gives your home a personal touch and appears warm, inviting, and full of love.

The bright frame's hue makes the images glow out more, making them the focus of attention. Darker frames, on the other hand, will be unable to do this.

8. Consider Shelves

staircase wall decor

On the staircase wall, a variety of wall shelves will be beneficial. These shelves can be used to display various works of art, such as sculptures and souvenirs. They have a refined and trendy appearance.

The nicest part of buying wall shelves for your stair wall is that you can easily replace the ornamental things if you get tired of them. 

Even with the slightest steps, you can find a corner or corner for a basic shelf to keep household objects.

9. Hang Plants

stair wall decor

Plants are certainly a must-have for your home. Plants not only give beauty to your home, but they also help to decrease dust and add life. To give your property a more earthy atmosphere, hang your favorite collection of cacti or plant a hedge of plants along the stairs or even archway.

Plants can also be used to add texture to the space by hanging them in lovely small rattan baskets on the wall. Create a calm romantic beauty for your living area by making a basket of fresh flowers.

10. Mix-and-match

When it comes to decorating stairs, there are no hard and fast rules. As a result, you are free to utilize your imagination to make the stairwell more appealing.

Choose any items and place them where you want them. You could, for example, use textured stickers and a fresh paint hue. Alternatively, hang a lot of art and utilize lights in various kinds and sizes.

simple staircase wall decor


It is critical that you adorn them such that they do not make going up and down the steps difficult. So, instead of putting photos or other objects on the walls that can get bumped during the daily trip, use paint or wallpaper.

When decorating stair wall art, the first thing to consider is the tone you want to achieve: casual, formal, or eclectic.

If you want to keep the wall casual, utilize framed artwork, but make sure that all frames are the same color. Hang matching frames in an orderly grid pattern will make your room official. Using mismatched frames is suitable for an eclectic effect.

Buying Guide

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Final Thoughts

You're making a huge mistake if you don't spruce up your stair wall. Please refer to the stair wall decoration information that we have accumulated in this post if you want to seek advice. We hope the information we provide will assist you in selecting an appropriate decorating style.

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