The Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

After a strange year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, many high school seniors are able to celebrate their graduation with classmates before stepping out into the next chapter of life. Whether the student is college-bound, taking a gap year or jumping into a career, mark this important time in every grad’s life with a high school graduation gift that shows family and friends care – something that’s especially important during these unprecedented times. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, particularly for those looking to go beyond buying gift cards. Start by thinking about what the graduate’s new life will hold, as well as the memories he or she will cherish from high school.

Graduation gift

You may not attend school graduation ceremonies but you can still celebrate your favorite graduate through meaningful and practical gifts to honor their school graduation.

Here are some graduation gift ideas as you search for the perfect gift for your college grad or high school grad heading off to college or moving into a new apartment. As a recent graduate, I promise you these are gifts on my Pinterest boards and wishlists.

1. For the home decorator 

Help a recent graduate invest in home decor for their new apartment. Nothing says sophisticated adulthood like handwoven, gorgeous wall art. These easy-to-hang wall art pieces are especially perfect for apartments with limited wall space. Recent grads like me don’t have the budget for dramatic home improvement but we still appreciate home decor. This stunning wall art would be on my wishlist because these baskets are meaningful gifts; each basket creates jobs for talented female artisans. You can fetch these decorative baskets on Amazon or Etsy

Graduation gift

2. For the organizer

Graduates will have plenty of belongings to organize. We have our college momentos, our eclectic and, admittedly, a lengthy Amazon wishlist. Make the transition from student housing to apartment seamless with these timeless storage pieces and home decor. These beautiful home decor pieces can easily hide unwanted mess without taking up too much space. These storage pieces can also be used as unique bathroom accessories or home office trash bins.

Graduation gift

3. For the kitchen accessories

Culinary skills become a necessity once a graduate is on his or her own. Help graduates learn some culinary basics with inspiration from wall baskets if they are just getting their start in the kitchen.

Just because recent graduates will be cooking on a budget doesn’t mean they don’t deserve beautiful kitchen accessories. Help them feel at home with meaningful, handmade pieces that show off their sense of style. Add to their well-curated kitchen collection with coasters, trivets, wine coasters, chargers, placemats or fruit bowls. These functional and decorative pieces will transform any apartment kitchen. They’re the perfect gifts for home improvement.

4. For the tech-savvy grad

Technology, especially now, helps your grad stay connected to their friends and family. These tech essentials range in prices depending on your budget. Affordable graduation gifts include a wireless charging case, charging station, and bluetooth speaker. For those who want to splurge, surprise your college grad or high school grad with an Apple watch , Apple airpods or a fit bit and fit bit charger.

Graduation gift

5. Laptop desk and other work-from-home essentials

The pandemic forced many aspects of work and college life online, some of which is likely to stick around. For high school graduates who are able to complete virtual internships, enroll in online classes or work from home, get them the essentials needed to navigate the new normal. A foldable laptop desk can be a lifesaver for graduates spending time on their laptops in bed or on the couch. Keyboards, a great desk chair and fun desk lighting are other good options.

Graduation gift

6. Exercise gear

Having workout gear at home can help students save money on costly gym membership fees or allow them to get their flex on when campus facilities are closed. Gift a workout kit that includes weighted arm bands, a weighted jump-rope and a few resistance bands. Take it even further with a few kettlebells of different weights and a balance ball.

7. For the sentimental grad

The best gifts are often those that connect with the high school graduate on an individual level. Check out personalized gift options on sites like Etsy. An engraved necklace or sentimental wall photo that involves more thought and time on the giver’s part can inject more meaning into a gift. Think of a favorite memory or a funny saying shared with the graduate that could be captured in a personalized and unique gift.

Write them a letter to their future self. Create the ultimate care package with their favorite snacks and gift certificates or gift cards to their favorite stores. Add in some facial sheet masks to help them unwind after a long day.

For the high school graduates attending college in the fall, create a college survival kit with school supplies, a journal, a toiletry bag, snacks, and basic essentials like a first aid kit and laundry detergent. You can’t go wrong with these personalized graduation gifts. Want more unique graduation gift ideas? Visit our website at

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