Unique Ideas For Tobacco Basket Wall Decor That You Need To Know

Tobacco basket wall decor is a trending home decor art everywhere in the world. These vintage baskets can be used in many creative ways to bring that farmhouse decor feeling to any part of your house. This post will help you understand the origin of tobacco baskets, and how they were first used, and give you some ideas on how to decorate your home with vintage tobacco baskets.

Where tobacco baskets came from?

People believe that the first baskets were produced in Kentucky. However, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is who initially came up with the idea of using these flat baskets to keep the tobacco clean in the 1800s, and then North Carolina became the primary basket manufacturer. There were at least six manufacturers of tobacco baskets in Yadkin County at one time, earning it the name of “Tobacco Basket Capital of the World.”

How they were first used

These baskets used to transport tobacco leaves back in the late 1800s
These baskets were used to transport tobacco leaves back in the late 1800s

First used in the 1800s, large tobacco baskets like these were a must-have item for farmers harvesting tobacco leaves to keep tobacco off the floor when storing the tobacco leaves in the warehouse. They also used to take tobacco to the local markets. However, it wasn’t made for decoration, but rather to transport tobacco leaves. As time passed, people started using it as home decor.

These days, people use wall baskets as a popular home decorative tool because they make the perfect neutral background for gallery walls, fireplace mantels, or open shelving. They also provide just enough dimension and warmth with their beautiful texture and natural wood and look great on their own or layered.

How to decorate with tobacco baskets

This white basket makes a beautiful housewarming gift or any everyday decoration
This white basket makes a beautiful housewarming gift or any everyday decoration

This simple basket with this artificial greenery lemon wreath maintains its vibrant green color all year long, the perfect addition to your home assortment – or a gift for those who matter the most! It can be used on a wall as part of your indoor tobacco basket decor or on a porch or patio. This would be a beautiful gift for a new house or any everyday decoration.

Aged tobacco wall pocket baskets
Aged tobacco wall pocket baskets

These baskets are made from interwoven strips of rustic wood. The baskets tout a cool-toned, light brown finish and look great filled with flowers or used for storing mail, magazines, and more! They would look fantastic hanging anywhere in your home where a rustic country look is desired.

A beautiful farmhouse Valentine's Day door hanger using a decorative tobacco basket, boxwood picks and glitter foam hearts
A beautiful farmhouse Valentine’s Day door hanger using a decorative tobacco basket, boxwood picks, and glitter foam hearts

Great idea! It’s perfect to greet the valentine’s season and adorn your door with this amazing Tobacco Basket Valentine Wreath. You can fill it with glitter foam hearts and flowers that are just perfect for Valentine’s. It’s also a perfect gift for someone special. And you can find it on Amazon and Etsy at a reasonable price.

Welcoming coffee bar decor with lemonade
Welcoming coffee bar decor with lemonade

As shown in this welcoming coffee bar decor, the decoration with lemonades makes the coffee bar bright and sunny. There’s a whitewash picture frame with Mason jar n lemons, a whitewashed tobacco basket with yellow and white flowers. It displays a lemon welcome sign and a beautiful yellow/white plaid bow. The tiered stand has a lemon quote sign, sugar/ cream bowls, a rubber succulent plant, and a yellow candy dish. It is decorated with white serving dishes, lemonade mason jars, and a lemon picture plaque. The whole table looks very inviting and has a sunny feeling.

Tobacco basket wall decor is indeed a great idea for your home. They are inexpensive and very easy to implement in your existing decor. They add a beautiful rustic feel to any room in the house. Let us know in the comments below what type of tobacco basket you would like to use to decorate your home! Or passionately take a look at other basket types: African wall baskets, rattan woven wall decor,… to get inspired!!!


It depends. The basket has many different sizes for you to choose from. If you choose square baskets, they can be stacked. Additionally, some baskets can be folded up when not in use.

The baskets we’ve mentioned are all expertly crafted and guaranteed to be durable and sturdy.

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