The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for Her

valentine day gifts for her

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and as we try to find a meaningful and heartfelt gift for that special someone, we may feel like everything we can avoid is cliché or mundane. Candy and flowers are pretty classic romantic gifts, but one way to really impress someone you love is to give them Valentine's Day gift combos that aren't just a wrapped gift, but a whole lot of things she loves in one package.

Gift baskets are an efficient, yet cute as ever way to show your giftee that you care. From pre-made baskets that highlight a hobby to custom-made gift boxes that really get them, we're all about recognizing every kind of love this March. 

Since your valentine can be a partner, a family member, or a best friend, we've made sure to include options that truly cater to all kinds of valentines. Plus, if you'd rather customize your unique present, we've compiled a list of the prettiest Valentine's Day gifts to put together the ultimate gift box.

1. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for Her, ranging from cheap to luxe

1.1. DIY gift

Handmade gifts are often cherished for a lifetime and carry significant meaning – just think about all those handwritten cards you’ve held onto over the years. If we’ve convinced you to do it yourself this Valentine’s Day, here are some DIY gift ideas that will wow your significant other on March 14.

Love Story Photo Book

Photo by The Beauty Dojo

This is a classic couples gift – but for good reason! Tell your love story and include all of the adorable photos you've taken during the year to create a gift that your significant other will cherish for a lifetime.

valentine day gifts for her

Mini Bouquets

Photo by Ruth Eileen via Style Me Pretty

While your loved one might prefer the real deal, this is a cute idea for leading up to Valentine’s Day and a gesture they won’t soon forget. Place tiny bouquets all across the house so your partner can feel the love no matter where she goes. 

Whatever way you choose to honor your special women in your life this year, one of these heartfelt DIY Valentine’s Day presents will warm their hearts forever.

 You can find the instruction on making mini bouquets at stylemepretty

valentine day gifts for her

1.2. A classic gift basket: CHOCOLATE

Love giving something sweet to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate is a must-have on Valentine's Day. With a sweet aroma and a mixture of bitter and sweet flavors, it has become one of the most characteristic love flavors. On the other hand, if you don't know what to give her, then boldly choose to buy or make your own chocolate box as a gift. You can buy it here!

valentine day gifts for her

1.3. Teddy bear

On March 14, you might express your love for your partner by giving her a large teddy bear. Girls adore teddy bears, particularly huge, cuddly, and gorgeous plush creatures that can be held before bedtime. It'll also give her the impression that you're constantly there, even if she doesn't see you. You can shop here!

valentine day gifts for her

1.4. Basket

If your woman loves decor items and also cares about their versatility, a basket is the best choice for her demand. This hanging basket is natural, simple, and beautiful, and it will add a touch of simplicity and refinement to her interior decor. This woven rattan basket will brighten up her walls and go with a variety of styles such as boho, farmhouse, or vintage.

valentine day gifts for her

A set of baskets are great additions to the patio, garden, balcony, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, galleries, and other areas, and they will give color to dull walls, making them more charming, decorative, and fashionable. Moreover, this wall basket is lightweight and easy to hang.

These baskets are thrifted at many second-hand stores, but to make it more special for Valentine’ day, you might think about a brand new one because it’s still budget-friendly either way. Our ChicnChill store is also a great alternative if you’re looking for these home decoration ideas. You can shop at Amazon, Etsy, etc.

baskets to hang on wall
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Set of 6 Bohemian Wall Decor

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Set 6 of Patterned Boho Wall Basket


1.5. Handbag

The handbag – a prized possession for womankind. It is essential for many women out there, which usually contains a substantial ‘survival kit’ for the day. A handbag is a girl’s right-hand partner and without it, they feel well and truly naked. With a full range of colors and increasingly modern designs, they are the perfect treat or precious gift – an accessory that definitely keeps on giving. It is important for a woman to find the right one that fits their style. You can shop here!

valentine day gifts for her

1.6. Skincare essentials

Most girls want to have flawless skin, but not everyone can easily get it. The girls sometimes carry low self-esteem and worry every time they go out because of a small issue. So, with a gift package of skincare cosmetics, you may become a boyfriend of the year. When she receives this kit, she will undoubtedly be overjoyed and will sense your thoughtfulness. However, because most of you aren't experts in this field, don't be afraid to seek help from the vendor! You can shop here!

valentine day gifts for her

1.7. Perfume

Perfume is a girl's passion because she constantly wants to wear a seductive smell that will wow others around her for the rest of her life. You might discover a "hot trend" perfume that many ladies want to buy for her. Choose ones that have been rated as having a delicate aroma; do not choose a perfume that is too powerful. You can find the products here!

valentine day gifts for her

1.8. Watch

Few gifts are as meaningful, practical, and long-lasting as a fine timepiece. They’re gorgeous to look at but also function as a timekeeping tool. They’re precious objects that’ll be cherished for a lifetime but are built to wear every day. And finally, they symbolize the precious moments shared together and serve to remind the recipient of the giver’s enduring affection. So on the day dedicated to love, give that special someone in your life the gift of a watch. You can shop for it here!

valentine day gifts for her

1.9. Jewelry

No doubt, jewelry always makes a great gift. Whether it's a luxury necklace that can be saved for once-in-a-lifetime events or a simple pair of hoops that can be added to their everyday rotation, great jewelry has a place in nearly every wardrobe no matter the occasion. You can find it here!

valentine day gifts for her


Plants of all sizes require proper drainage and water on a regular basis. This means that the pot you place in the basket must have adequate drainage.

You can refer to a variety of plants such as snake plants, kentia palm tree, dragon tree, monstera, and so on. All of these options will look wonderful in beautiful baskets and will definitely improve the look of your area.


Valentine's Day is all about celebration and love, and even though we show our partners how much we love throughout the year, it's never a bad time to spoil them with the most exciting and romantic gift ideas to our loved ones. Above, we've rounded up some of the best Valentine’s gift suggestions. Now all you have to do is pair it with a thoughtful card, as well as a wonderful day with your partner. We hope you all have a great time together!

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