Wall Basket Set Décor For Your Home

Wall basket set

A lot of baskets and you don’t know how to combine them to make art. Don’t worry! Wall basket set is our convenient choice for you.

Some of the Wall Basket Set

A set usually has between 3 and 13 items. There are many ways of coordinating them. With sets with a low number of baskets arranged quite simply, more baskets need to be arranged more demandingly.

1. Set of 3 Round Baskets

As this set 3 of round baskets, we arrange them from big to small and from top to bottom. The layout is quite simple. However, our customers still love these 3 or 4 items.

wall hanging baskets
Set 3


2. Set of 5 Basket Wall Art

Set 5 of basket wall art has a layout that is not so simple as the set with 3 to 4 items. This wall basket set is aligned with the circumference of each basket. Vertical distribution is not the usual rule for originality and novelty.

Set 5
Set 5


3. Set of 8 Woven Basket for Wall Decor

When the wall basket is set up to 8 items, the distance between items does not really match anymore. We can stack them in a logical layout. The result that can be achieved can be seen in the picture below.

Set 8
Set 8


4. Set of 13 Wall Hanging Baskets

The set has many details such as set 13 of Wall hanging baskets not much. However, that does not hinder its appeal. Our recommendation for sets with so many details is that they should be arranged in a pattern.

Set 13
Set 13


Some reasons to buy a wall basket set


1. Cheaper cost

The purchase of individual baskets for self-mix is also a good idea for those who like to create and want to give themselves a unique style. But in summary, buying one item at a time is not as good for cost savings as buying in bulk in a set.


2. More beautiful than yourself-doing

Our pre-mixed models take a lot of time and effort for our stylists to work together to get the most beautiful product combinations. Of course, you can also have a more optimal option. However, in the majority to be more than a mix of professionals, you may need to put in a lot of effort.


3. More convenient

The set is already available for your purchase. Without much thought, you just need to follow the instructions to be able to have a house with beautiful decorative items.


Where to buy a Wall Basket Set?

The simple way is you can buy it on Amazon. There are many e-commerce booths selling items that have wall baskets set on them. If you want to know more about the product lines you can read more articles on our blog. 

Or maybe you’ve decided on this decor for your home. You’re wondering where to buy them, so you can refer to the products offered by ChicnChill on the website or on the electronic booth of Chicnchill in Amazon.

Hope you have a good shopping experience!



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