Interior Basket Walls Turn Your Home Into A Bohemian’s

wall basket

1. What is the wall basket trend?

baskets above couch
A Set of Woven Wall Basket

The wall basket decor trend is being seen everywhere and enjoyed so much by many home-decor-lovers! This artisan trend was predicted to be more and more popular and will be seen all across the interior design industry in 2022, according to Real Estate U.S News.

Something on the woven basket decor wall has sparked everyone’s curiosity. We are personally obsessed with it, because it gives the room texture and a sculptural character. Moreover, it’s something a little different than a gallery wall, and a little more tactile.

It might sound super duper here; however, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for anyone considering hanging baskets on the wall. We’ll be showing how simple it is to buy and arrange sustainably and ethically crafted woven baskets to make your own personalized wall basket set.

2. How to create an impressive basket wall

baskets above bed
Baskets Wall Above The Bed

Do you want to spruce up and decorate your bare walls? Is there an area in your room that seems like it might use some TLC (Tender Loving Care)? Want to make that beautiful woven basket wall decor you saw on Pinterest but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered – here are some ways to get that designer wall art décor look in your house! 

2.1. How to choose


baskets for wall
Decide The Basket’s Layout

First and foremost, you must consider the style. There are plenty of wall basket options for you to pick from, whether you like minimal, vintage, farmhouse, or boho interior decor. You can only choose one style, but there’s no limit to the color, shape, size, and material of the baskets, which leads us to the next point.

  If you are a person who loves the brilliance of colors, and likes to play with different color palettes, in order to create contrast in the same wall, you should choose the colorful African wall basket. On the other hand, for the one who tends to be mild, black and white baskets are the match for your minimal room. Remember to mix-and-match baskets with decor items like hat, mirror, and other wall pediments to spice the place up.

Moreover, you might wonder what to buy among dozens of basket materials, such as: rattan, wicker, metal, tobacco, bamboo, etc. Don’t be stressed about it, because all of those are super durable, and can go along very well with each other. They could also be adapted to every room in your house, no matter if it’s the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or dining room.

2.2. Where to buy

Hot Deal Is Out Now. Shop Here

Shopping for trendy wall baskets could leave you with an empty pocket. So remember that charity shops and thrift stores are excellent places to look for woven baskets at a low cost. 

For the authentic boho style, some second-hand furniture is a must! Although thrift shopping might be hazardous if you can’t find anything that suits your space, you can always DIY it to your liking and personalize it till you’re satisfied; after all, that’s the goal of thrifting.

Also, there are a wide range of options on Etsy, and Amazon. The list includes a few items from Etsy, but there are pages and pages to look through. 

ChicnChill, a brand from Vietnam, always strives to bring the best quality baskets to every customer. We provide you with unique wall decor items made from natural materials, and at reasonable prices with sale-off during the holiday season.

You’ll never get bored browsing into our website.

2.3. How to get inspired

Once your baskets arrive at your home, you may face a new challenge in figuring out how to arrange them properly. 

wall basket display
Unique Wall Basket Display

You can get inspired from our social media like: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. Or just by clicking on the hashtag “wall basket decor”, tons of photos will show you the way.      There are some other websites like The Spruce, or House Beautiful, which will provide you with hundreds of home design ideas, and useful how-tos to make your best home.

3. Summary

That’s how you acquire ideas for giving your house a makeover. It sounds like you’re having tons of work you have to get done, but when your love for your home is big enough, all of these steps become just as itsy-bitsy as a piece of cake. 

I wish you good luck on making our own house the next level of happiness and coziness with wall basket!

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