Wall Decoration Styles With Beautiful And Unique Baskets

Wall decor with baskets

Decorating the house has been an essential task for everyone. There are many ways to decorate. Many people select to decorate their homes by purchasing items, furniture, and equipment to contribute to the elegance of their homes. On the other hand, others prefer drawing or hanging objects such as paintings, clocks, wall baskets, or hats. Regardless of the design, it helps make their home more cozy and beautiful.

More specifically, hanging wall baskets of different sizes, colors, designs, and styles will give your wall a unique look.

1. Definition of wall baskets

If you are curious about what wall baskets are, we have the lowdown. And it is relatively straightforward. They are a collection of various baskets displayed on a wall in a grouping. In addition, the wall baskets are exceptionally affordable and straightforward to make at home. The aesthetic is appropriate for various styles, including bohemian, coastal, farmhouse, rustic, and vintage. We are now swooning over these very feasible and impressive basket walls.

Wall decor with baskets and mirror

Most baskets are a neutral color. If you like simple baskets, the white wall basket will be an excellent choice. You can combine them with dried flower bouquets to create a traditional look for your home. However, there are more colorful baskets out there. If you want to pay attention to colors, try to find African baskets or colorful basket wall decor. The colorful wall baskets may take a little longer to collect, but they have a tremendous impression.

In this case, the baskets and other accessories replace the necessity for artwork. That is a clever approach to save your space because they can make your wall a great accent. 

2. Five popular styles to hang baskets

There are many styles of wall hangings with baskets available today. Otherwise, you can design your baskets to create your style. We will suggest to you the five most favorite types today.

2.1. Boho wall decor

The romantic and bohemian characteristics are outstanding highlights of the boho style. It is a look that honors the natural world's beauty while accepting life's flaws.

The boho movement has been around for a long time. The Boho wall basket set exemplifies the boho aesthetic. A richly patterned wall hanging with a mix of bold and vivid hues, the Boho wall basket set is a richly patterned wall hanging. Each item is crafted by hand from natural materials and matches the rest of the Boho line

Boho wall baskets

The bohemian wall decor style may be found in various places, from clothing to wall baskets. You can use vivid colors and patterns to add a splash of color to your home or brighten up a room. Each piece is functional and adaptable, allowing you to mix and match to create a unique appearance for your home.

It is appropriate to use boho-style wall decor for the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Boho wall styles can transform any place into a bohemian retreat rapidly. 

2.2. Coastal wall decor

You want to add some coastal wall baskets to a room or opt for a full-on beach theme in your house. Fortunately, you can be happy to hear that bringing your vision to life should not be too difficult.

Coastal wall baskets

There are so many beach themed wall decor ideas out there that you should be able to discover something to fit your needs. Why not try beach wall decor ideas to make a big statement? Even on a budget, murals are a terrific way to create a big impression in your house. Decorate the baskets painted in the coastal wall decor style in particular. They help your home look both rustic and marine.

That is just a tiny sample of the many excellent coastal wall décor ideas available. The beauty of beach wall decor ideas is that they come in such a wide range of styles.

2.3. Farmhouse wall decor

There are many different kinds of materials used in farmhouse design to make it look rustic. The farmhouse wall décor comes from bamboo, wood, metal, rattan, or wicker, so it might be challenging to choose between them. You can decorate your wall with farmhouse chic wall decor style to cover a blank and dull fence right now.

Farmhouse basket wall decor
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Baskets make adding a touch of farmhouse wall decor ideas to any space in the house quite simple. These farmhouse wall baskets can be used as stunning wall art, beautiful planters, picture-perfect storage, etc.

These baskets help your home become closer to nature. Besides, this country farmhouse wall decor also creates a rustic and country accent.

Combining these baskets with bohemian home décor or rustic wall decor can give the space a peaceful feel while making it appear warmer and inviting.

2.4. Rustic wall decor

The rustic wall basket's unique designs blend natural stone, wood, and greenery. They are a unique combination of natural elements that instantly transforms them into the home's warmest and coziest space.

Rustic wall baskets

The rustic decoration's beauty, charm, and warmth are in the handmade fabrication, whether constructed out of scrapped pieces or by repurposing existing things.

If you want to make this place even more unique, add appropriate wall decor. The rustic wall decor is usually built of wood and wrought iron and comes in earthy colors. Keep your family organized with an agrarian calendar that is both adorable and attractive. To give the property a basic and antique look, we can mix the wall baskets with the mirror. The window-shaped framed mirror lends rural charm to rustic wall decor ideas for the living room while also reflecting the space. 

2.5. Vintage wall decor

Vintage hanging baskets are trendy in today's home décor. That is a fun and unique way to dress up a large blank wall. The vintage wall decor ideas always provide luxury and romance to modern living with their historical charm.

Vintage wall decor

You can look for similar colors but different styles and sizes: slightly flat or shallow woven, rattan, or wicker baskets. You can select a color scheme that works for your decor. 

Consider a variety of baskets with varying forms, sizes, and designs but similar colors or finishes. Begin with the most oversized basket and work your way around it. The goal is to hang a collection of baskets that range in appearance but look lovely when grouped. 

Whatever style of baskets you use, they will provide a rustic touch to your home that will complement your farmhouse décor. Antique wall design ideas straddle the traditional and modern divide, giving character without appearing old-fashioned. 

3. How to choose the right wall decor baskets style for your space

If you prefer the brilliance of colors to create contrast on the wall, the vibrant and colorful wall decor is for you. You, on the other hand, like to be gentle. Baskets in light colors made of natural materials are ideal for a small space. To add color and beauty, pair them with decor pieces like a mirror, photos, a clock, and other wall ornamental objects.

You need to examine whether your home's paint hue is appropriate for the sort of wall decor. Basket wall décor, on the other hand, can go with any color combination in your home. There are various wall basket options available, including the five designs indicated above and different others.

4. FAQs

Decorative baskets have a very long shelf life. They are made from natural materials, so they are super durable. We can use them to store things and decorate our homes.

Do not get hung up on matching every finish on your wall décor to a tee. We like a little variety in each frame in terms of wall design ideas. Several traditional landscape paintings, each in a distinct structure, were used. Choosing memorial images made with a Polaroid camera is a good idea. Moreover, you may also mix and match different types of baskets, photo frames, and several decorative items to create a unique and fresh wall design. These elements will contribute to the room’s overall warmth and tranquility.

Rattan wall baskets

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The basket wall decor is super durable, elegant, and stylishly fashionable. The wall baskets could also be adapted to every room in your house, containing the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or dining room. 

You can choose many wall decor ideas. There is no limit to the baskets' color, shape, size, and material. You can combine many styles as long as those baskets make your space more beautiful and warmer.

You can purchase these beautiful wall baskets at Amazon, Etsy, or ChicnChill websites. And follow us on Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest, where you can find the best ideas and advice for room decoration.


A set of wall baskets are the ideal items to contribute to creating a unique feature for your home. You can use the wall hanging styles we mentioned above. On the other hand, you can also mix and match different wall decor ideas. All of these things create a unique and attractive feature for your home.

Furthermore, wall basket sets can also be placed right over a fireplace mantel. This densely clustered basket wall serves as a beautiful backdrop for the other items while also drawing attention to the wall. Besides, you could use the wall baskets to decorate any space, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. For your home, they all create harmony and classics.

Wall decorating is thought to be tough and time-consuming until you get to work on it. We believe that you can do more than just this with your love for your home.

If you are confused about any information, you can contact us at ChicnChill. We will warmly welcome and assist you in finding the best decoration style for your home. 

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