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When it comes to decorating your walls, there are so many excellent options to be creative and show your style and artistic preferences. You can choose from a variety of wall decoration solutions to give your property a completely distinct look or feel. Every wall in your house is a blank canvas waiting for you to fill it with your creativity. Your wall decorations can enhance a certain design or architectural style, delighting the senses aesthetically while also expressing your religious views and artistic preferences. Your wall decor begins with even a little thought of wall decor for the living room, large wall art, or just some ideas that make your family wall decor more inviting and cozy for all members. And wall decor, to be fair, will never be outdated since we have several things to design and innovate with it. 

Read on for some tips to see how you can use budget-friendly items to modify your walls!

big wall decor

1. Add your wall some texture with wicker, rattan, or woven wall basket

What we have to do with these wonderful wicker, rattan, or woven wall baskets is build up a big collection of them and then organize them into an impressive wall installation. The variety in the pieces used is what makes this look so appealing and unique. The wall you can create yourself by using such natural decoration items will then show your creativity and personality.  

Let’s see how many different styles we can design

The wall of an aesthetic girl:

giant wall decor

An elegant living room wall decor:

blank wall decor

Or a creative wall decor idea:

home wall decor ideas

2. Play with plants on your wall - Hanging wall decor ideas

Another very budget-friendly wall decor we suggest is to use plant baskets to make your space more refreshing and relaxing. Plants give a room instant style and personality. There is something for everyone, from succulents to cut flowers, potted plants to herb gardens, rustic to modern.

A large, gorgeous installation of plants and flowers on your wall not only creates a lovely interior garden, but also serves as wall art. Art can be costly and will always have the same appearance. A wall-mounted planter, on the other hand, may be replaced whenever you choose and will add vitality to your home.

big wall decor
living room wall decor

Metal and wall art may seem like an unlikely combination, yet it is currently a popular trend in interior design. Metallic beauties are just as elegant as traditional canvas pieces, and they make a big visual effect while also adding texture to the room. These one-of-a-kind artworks also serve as '3D artworks,' which go beyond boring old paintings to provide life to drab white walls. The options are almost endless, ranging from handmade copper and silver pieces to old artwork that complements your home's industrial aesthetic.

Metal art wall decor can easily fit any theme of decor, depending on the way you choose the shape, size, and color of the items.

3. Modern wall art - the new element your space might crave for

What defines ‘art,’ for example, is a topic that elicits a wide range of responses, and nearly no two individuals on the planet ever agree completely on the same thing. Yet, when we see a great canvas painting or a fantastic sculpture, we all immediately recognize it. It captivates us, grabs our attention with its originality and beauty, and brings delight to our hearts. Wall art, like an iconic piece of furniture or a stunning new hue of paint, can quickly transform a room’s mood and elevate it to a whole new level. 

4. Go for large-scale art

There are a variety of reasons to hang giant wall art; whether you painted it yourself or picked it up on a trip.   Large wall art is an unexpectedly effective way to make use of all the small spaces. By concentrating on a few significant components, the space appears more open and uncluttered. In a tiny room, a big artwork or image will draw attention and create a tone. In a minimalist environment, try a black-and-white photo or a vivid abstract artwork to inject color. The more blank space on a wall, the better. Because the art needs to fight with those other aspects, placing enormous art next to a massive window or over an ornate mantel may deflect attention from the art. 

When it comes to wall design with oversize art, you should make the enormous wall art a focal point by arranging furniture around it. You may also arrange sofas to face the wall art or point a sofa toward it. Another alternative is to arrange the chairs and sofas across the room, with the wall art in the middle. Place the wall art over the bed in a bedroom so that the bed views it.

elegant living room wall decor ideas
wall decor living room ideas
mirrors wall decor

There are some tips for you when considering mirrors as a wall decor element:

  • Place mirrors opposite windows to maximize light: When it comes to decorating with mirrors, placement is crucial. It's especially great for small living room or dining room ideas that want to bring more natural light into the space.

mirrors for wall decor

5. Hang up mirrors

Mirrors provide more than simply a spot to evaluate your outfit when it comes to decorating. They’re a fantastically flexible design feature that brings instant glamor and flair to your home while also enhancing natural light and increasing the sensation of space. ‘The opportunities are endless with mirrors because of the number of styles they come in. Because of their ability to reflect light, a mirror is an amazing focal point at the end of a narrow space. Pair it with a table and a plant and you have a beautiful vignette,’ says Esther Dormer, founder and interior designer at Esther Dormer.

wall decor outdoor
  • Install a mirrored wall for impact: Decorating with larger mirrors can only serve to make a space feel bigger and brighter, so go for a design with larger proportions rather than one with smaller proportions.
  • Treat mirrors like artworks: Consider using mirrors to decorate your walls in the same manner that you would with art. Choose attractive frames and plan a layout based on gallery wall ideas. Mirrors can be viewed as art, particularly if you discover ones with architectural characteristics and striking design.
mirror for wall decor

6. Hang plates

Yes. It’s largely for decoration, but for a different reason: it’s a terrific method to recycle old waste plates rather than toss them away. Also,  It creates a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room. Moreover,  plates are pretty elegant and serve as a unique way to decorate. Rather than using standard wall art murals, try using hanging plates to create a single focal point on your wall.

It’s a little more difficult to hang dishes on a wall than it is to hang photographs. For starters, there’s their brittleness, as well as their various forms and sizes and, of course, weights. A plate wall, on the other hand, can be really beautiful and unique and can serve as a superb accent feature in a room.

stair wall decor
outdoor hanging wall decor

7. Show off your hat collection

In a bedroom, hat walls can be used to frame out a garment rack, a chair, or a full-length mirror. Hats look great hung on any color wall, but they look especially wonderful on a neutral-colored wall. You can choose how far apart the hats are spaced; experiment with different spacing methods until you discover a layout that you like.  The tip is to set the hats on the floor in front of the wall where you wish to hang them and experiment with different shapes, textures, and sizes.


plant wall

It depends. The number of baskets, as well as the size of the basket really depends on your wall size. However, in terms of the feng shui, it is recommended to have an odd number of baskets on your wall.

A simple nail will work, or you can use a screw-in hook or command hook.

wicker basket wall decor

Buying Guide

You can refer to buying these baskets on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, or Chicnchill. These websites offer a wide range of options and guarantee the basket's quality and design.


Using just some budget-friendly items such as natural material baskets, metal wall art, or hanging plant baskets, you are on the way to modifying your house and making it become your unique interior. Your wall is now not only a structure, it is your space of creativity and personality.

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