8 Creative Picture Collage Ideas for Every Wall or Style

Photo wall collage

A blank wall is like a blank canvas for you to come and decorate it in a wonderful way. Let a wall with photos tell a story about your dreams, family, life, or simply your favorite color. There are countless wall decor ideas with pictures and ways to organize your wall collage. We've created a collection of 8 coolest wall picture collage ideas to keep you from getting lost when dealing with your pictures.

Photos are the place to store great memories, from wedding photos, family portraits or some vacation photos. And instead of a photo album to celebrate life's big events, why not display your favorite photos? There are tons of attractive and cohesive ways to hang them on walls. Every home has a blank wall that would be the perfect place for a gallery. From the entryway to the staircase, there are plenty of opportunities to add bold accents to your home and showcase beautiful photos, artwork and unique DIY decorations.

Set of 12 Wall Hanging Photo Frames

The most common way is to create an eye-catching collage wall using different sized frames, or combine your favorite artworks into one wall collage frame. Simply sticking pictures on the wall is the easiest, fast and modern way, no frames, no nails, just glue or washi tape. You can create Instagram-like collages that can be made as a unified work of art, in a frame, or printed out as individual images to attach to the wall without a frame. Polaroids are not forgotten, so you can also make an amazing collage wall of them, anytime and anywhere you want. You might enjoy the idea of ​​choosing different frames of different sizes and colors, creating a boho-style wall collage. And such an eclectic display wall will always attract attention immediately. A collage with matching frames and similar photos in only black and white represents timelessness. With a wall collage frame hanger, you can simply attach the rod, then hang your pictures, without fear of one day filling in nail holes.

Bedroom Decor Picture Frames

Hanging lots of pictures can be a fun experience that flows in a creative way. Whether you're looking for some hanging ideas for your wedding photos, a small collage wall in your living room or a wall in your favorite art gallery, this article will help you tell a story with your photos and turn your blank wall into a work of art.

Floral triptych

A triptych is an artwork made up of three pieces or panels. This eye-catching look is great for panoramas, showing different elements of the same subject matter, or telling the story of your pictures in a unique way. The spacing between triptych artwork is usually 2-4 inches in small rooms and 4-6 inches in larger rooms but this can often depend on the design on the triptych.This hanging way is best suited as the focal point in the living room.

2. The Mismatched Collage

Mismatch picture frame collage

This is a collage with pictures of different sizes and frame types to create a mismatched collage wall. Combining a wooden frame with a yellow metal frame can really bring an entire room together, making seemingly different things complement each other. You can completely mismatch the types of photos in the set by choosing photos with many people and places, and then interspersed with pictures or small text frames. This set of photo frames is now available on AliExpress.

3. The Grid

Trendy grid photo collage

One of the trendiest wall collage ideas is to create a grid of smaller frames. With this layout, clean lines make photos that are out of sync in color and content appear purposeful. You may need to have your gauge on hand to keep your grid accurate and consistent. The prints or frames should be the same size to really make them a grid. You can use tape to simply stick photos on the wall in your dorm or rented apartment.

4. The Closed Set

Closed picture collage

To achieve this collage, you need to tighten things up, align your frames to touch each other, and create a unique, self-contained composition. By including frames with a large amount of mat, the white space from the mat becomes the space between your photos. This look is for a modern style in the dining room or entryway.

Tip: One small tip is to use a variety of large and small frames and experiment with different layouts on your floor before putting it on the wall.

5. The Asymmetrical

Green florals picture collage

The asymmetrical layout allows for maximum freedom and creativity on wall decor, which requires the least amount of planning ahead of time. With no fixed patterns or grids, you're free to mix and match different frame styles and sizes. You can purchase this Asymmetrical Set of 6 Piece Green Florals & Botanical Morocco on Amazon here.

Tip: One principle for this creativity is to fix the collection with one or two pieces in the center and place other frames around it or to the side.

6. The Ladder

Creative ladder photo collage

This unique picture display is perfect for farmhouse or vintage wall decor, giving your house a classic rustic style. The pictures hang from the steps on the ladder, creating vertically displayed photos that gradually get bigger the further down the ladder.

Note: If you have small children or pets in your home, make sure you secure the ladder to the wall or floor to prevent it from tipping over.

7. The Corner

Picture collage in corner

If your home does not allow large wall decoration, then displaying wall collages in the corners of the house is a great choice. You can cover your corner with your favorite photos combined with other wall decor materials. This brilliant project is a great idea for your dorm room or as a way to bring style to the walls of your apartment.

8. The Macrame Photo Display

Macrame photo display

This is a great boho-style photo collage, with tassels and pictures hanging on ropes and macrame on them. You can combine it with warm yellow led light to highlight your pictures. This is the easiest and most personal way to warm your bedroom wall.

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Besides the popular notion that collages should be placed on the main wall in the living room or bedroom, you can use them to fill any empty wall. It can be in the corners, in the dining room, around the door frame, on the wall behind the headboard or the walls in your office. If you’re not sure if a collage will look good on the wall, get help. Have someone hold the frame for you and watch from a distance.

While choosing pictures for a wall collage, always consider the pictures and photos that you will use in it. Would you prefer more portrait or landscape images? While some family photos look good, you’re better off mixing them with artwork to avoid monotony. You can use artwork to create a sense of coherence with the rest of your room decor.

Fixed or connected frames are easy to install. They will have a picture rail or a wire that only requires a screw. But if the frames are not connected, don’t worry. It gives you more space to experiment if you get bored with the fixed arrangement. You can easily attach the frame yourself with a simple wire.

Buying Guide

There are a lot of ways to customize wall collages and we have to admit that it is not easy to get the right design. Arranging a series of frames takes a lot of work, from measuring the wall, measuring the frame, sketching out the design, to choosing the center of the wall and fixing the frames.

The solution here is to choose pre-made collage frames or buy frames in sets with many eye-catching designs. The frames are linked together before or come with detailed instructions on where to place each frame, allowing you to easily set up your photo wall collage.

Colorful picture collage

You can shop collage picture frames for every room in your home at the best prices from AtHome, Michaels, Kohls', and Bed Bath & Beyond. Besides, our ChicnChill store is a great website if you’re looking for something that is in harmony with any style of wall picture collage ideas. There are lots of other great ideas from our social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and other websites like The Spruce or House Beautiful.


Hope this article on 8 creative wall picture collage ideas has inspired you on how to handle your pictures and photos. Let your imagination run wild. And if you need any help, please share with us in the comment section below!

Creative wall picture collage ideas

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