How Wicker Baskets Are Used Now And Then

wicker wall basket

1. Wicker Baskets – Background

Not every basket has to be wicker, but it must be weaved to be wicker. Wicker baskets are manufactured by weaving raw reed, cane, grass, branches, roots, or man-made products into storing, carrying, or decorative baskets.    

Their applications are truly limitless. They might be large or small, with handles, open tops or lids, and be hung on the wall or placed on a table or the ground. They may be formed of a variety of materials and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

wicker basket
Wicker Baskets

Traditional woven wicker baskets are handcrafted. Basket weaving is a technique or artistic work for creating a basket. Wicker baskets have been popular and utilized by a huge majority of the people in practically every country on the planet, dating back to ancient Egypt. Today, almost every home has wicker baskets.

2. Wicker Baskets – What makes them so popular?

People have used wicker to construct just about everything they need since the dawn of time. Wicker is a lightweight and durable material.    

When compared to solid wood or metal containers, baskets were the preferred option. Making baskets out of wicker became a useful and sought-after skill and desired item, thus using it was a simple method to produce what they required.

basket wall art
Basket Wall Art

When the materials are woven together to build a basket, they form a strong link and a helpful container for carrying or storing heavy goods. Making objects out of wicker had numerous advantages, one of which was that it was lighter than other materials, while clay and wood were difficult to use and transport since they were both big and heavy.

Wicker baskets are undoubtedly a popular commodity, as seen by the large amount of them created and sold each year.

3. Wicker Baskets – In modern time

Baskets can be used to carry and store items for routine tasks. They can also be used as a decoration or to showcase items such as flowers. Some wicker baskets are specifically meant for cooking, while others serve as a sieve. Others serve as a catch-all for animals or fish.

Wicker Basket Display

The applications vary depending on who you are, where you live, and what you want to do.

3.1. Kitchen Baskets

Egg baskets are weaved in a precise form to hold the eggs in place so that they don’t move around too much during harvesting and may be anchored.

kitchen basket
Kitchen Basket

Vegetable and fruit baskets include a broad hooped handle and open area above a slightly curved woven oval bottom, allowing you to choose items like green vegetables and spices, branched flowers, onions, and other long garden options that won’t fit in a smaller closed-in basket.

storey basket
2-Storey Kitchen Basket

Many third-world countries utilize extra-large wicker baskets to store grains, vegetables, and fruits in their homes and marketplaces. The same huge baskets are used for decoration or to carry things on display in stores in industrialized nations like the United States.

wicker basket
Extra-large Wicker Basket

3.2. Bathroom Baskets

Laundry baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Clothes hampers are used to store dirty laundry until it is time to be cleaned, whereas a laundry basket with two handles and an open top is used to transfer clean and dirty laundry from where it is washed to where it is stored to be worn.

laundry wicker basket
Laundry Wicker Basket

Wicker waste baskets in bathrooms and bedrooms are really popular. Wicker magazine baskets can store newspapers and magazines next to your favorite reading chair in advanced nations, depending on the design. Magazine holder baskets with handles may be used to transport wine bottles or jars, while those with flat bottoms can be used to transport wine bottles or jars.

3.3 Wall Decor Baskets

Around the world, round wicker baskets are quite popular. Round baskets can be used in a variety of ways. These are used to keep snakes or insects in other nations.

Large round wicker baskets are used solely for aesthetic purposes on display in a house. This is part of interior design that is very trendy right now.

People often create a basket wall from wicker, and mix and match them with many other types of baskets, such as: rattan, metal, and African, all in one space.

vintage basket art
Vintage Basket Wall

No matter what home style you’re aiming for, such as: vintage, farmhouse, or boho, these wicker wall baskets can slay them all.  It’s suitable to brighten and liven up your living room, bedroom, and even the small area like the entryway. 

4. Summary

The examples above are only a few of the various uses for wicker wall baskets. They also demonstrate that any given basket may be used for several purposes, as well as various purposes in different nations or cultures.

Wicker baskets are alluring to many people. Life without wicker baskets might have changed the way man stored, carried things or how cultures evolved because basket weaving was a necessity, a job and an art. 

Fortunately, we live in a time when we can buy and enjoy wicker baskets without having to make them ourselves. Craftsmen from around the world specialize in this dying art, so that we can create many artistic works with that.

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