9 Awesome Wood Wall Art Ideas for Home Decoration

Rustic wood wall art

Wood wall art decor is the perfect way to spice up any room. Today we are going to share the best wood wall art ideas, to give you some inspiration on how you can use wood, which is one of the most useful and versatile materials, to decorate your room walls. These wooden wall decor ideas save you both time and money compared to traditional artwork and are incredibly easy to customize.You can even refer to these ideas and make your own DIY wood wall decorations.

Defining your color palette is the first step to finding wooden artwork that will add a unique aura to your room. Is your room decorated with cool colors or warm colors? A common perception is that wood is often associated with warm color palettes. However, there are paint colors and wood designs that are perfectly suited to any room with cool colors.

As with every aspect of home decor, it's important to think about practicality. To be hung properly, some heavy wood sculptures may require nails to be securely fixed on the wall. If you live in a rental property, apartment or dorm, you should choose wooden wall art that is lightweight and requires no screws to hang.

Unique wood wall art

If you're into sound-absorbing devices, look for wall art in wood with as much surface area as possible. From a physical perspective, for wood materials, more surface area means more sound absorption. And more sound is absorbed means everyone can enjoy the tranquility in their own space.

It is truly an exciting journey to find the right wood wall art for your house yourself. Take a look at the ideas below, and try to open your imagination to all possibilities.

Geometric wood wall art

Hanging geometric wood wall art on empty and bland walls will add a stunning abstract and modern appeal to the walls. It's also a great way to give a sense of balance. You can position it on the focal wall behind the couch in the living room to impress any guest who enters your home.

Adding a three-dimensional look to the walls, this wood art displays a combination of grays, navy blues and browns, presenting a rustic and inviting look that perfectly matches the farmhouse decor style. Wood blocks cut and reclaimed into X and V patterns make great accents in the hallway, entryway, living room and kitchen, bringing in organic vibes in those rooms.

You can certainly create this wall decor yourself with wooden pallets. Learn more at Wood Wall Art for Beginners at Around the House's Youtube.

Reclaimed barn wood wall art

Wood reclaimed from barn houses gives the piece a unique feel and old-fashioned look. Because it's weathered barn wood, there may be nails, nail holes, and other marks in your artwork. Any imprint on this piece of wood wall art is authentic from what it has experienced in its long previous life.

Unlike a mass-produced piece of wall art, the irregular fixed slats in this artwork will help provide a vintage-style look to your room. Reclaimed and unfinished wood and rustic decor also go hand in hand.

4. Wooden tree wall art

Tree of life wall art

Natural wood looks good with most home decor palettes. This is a visual example when wood is decorated on a black wall, creating a unique and pleasant feeling. Because it's made from plywood, it's lighter than most wooden wall art and can be hung on the wall faster without complicated hanging methods. This makes it a great idea for rental apartments or dorms.

You can decorate this beautiful wooden wall art on the main wall of the bedroom or the children's playroom. It's a great way to bring into your home space with a chic and natural vibe.

3D world landmark wood wall art

This is a unique wooden wall sculpture for a travel junkie. This work of art brings a sense of relaxation to the viewer as it displays a series of city landmarks and beautiful historical panoramas.

This work of art is made from wood, an eco-friendly material that gets you one step closer to sustainability. You also benefit from the high durability and strength of this ornament. This also makes a great statement about mobility in offices.

6. Wood wall planter

Wooden wall-mounted planter

Planters with strip style and grid style are a great way to add lush greenery to the walls. It's also a smart choice for apartments that don't have enough floor space to place potted plants.

You can put a few of these on staircase or outdoor walls. This is the easiest way to add a sense of openness by bringing nature into your home.

Modern wooden wall sculpture

This hanging wall sculpture may become the perfect piece for your focal wall. The deep tones and artistic flair even make this piece ideal for Scandinavian or minimal decor themes. It is interesting to know that with its large and rough surface, this sculpture also acts as a sound absorber. There is a wide selection of color schemes and sizes to help it match your space.

Whether you decide to hang this sculpture in the music room, nursery or living room, it will provide a calming visual feast. Due to the dimensionality of this piece of art, experimenting with light can be a fun way to change its appearance.

Wooden wall clock

You might consider adding a bit of modern flair to your home decor with these natural wood wall clocks. They can be placed over the fireplace or as a focal point for your kitchen, bedroom, office or living room. This one-of-a-kind decor element is a must-have in Eclectic, Scandinavian, Modern, and Bohemian interior design styles.

Not only does it add style to the walls, but it also helps you know the exact time of day, of course. It would be the perfect gift for a birthday, housewarming, or any special occasion.

Heart-shaped sliced wood wall art

Sliced ​​wood wall art can look organic with a variety of color schemes. Natural wood color matches the walls with any color. If you prefer to paint the discs in a certain color, make sure it goes well with the rest of the room. Multi-colored ones are a great choice for rooms with neutral colors.

Usually, sliced wood wall decorations are made in the form of a square or rectangle when wood slices are added to the plywood panel. In addition, the shapes of the sliced wood wall decor can be more intricate, ranging from circles, ovals, and triangles, to hearts, animals, and swirls.

Artworks that use wooden discs of different thicknesses create amazing sculptural effects and interesting shadows. You can accentuate this effect by angled lights up or down on these artworks.

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To prevent your wood wall art from being damaged by humidity, hang it on interior walls and away from heaters, humidifiers, heating and cooling ducts and vents, water pipes, ventilation systems, and working fireplace.

For wood wall art that weighs 5 to 20 pounds, a good choice is plastic drywall anchors. For wood decorations that weigh 20 to 50 pounds, you can use metal wall anchors or wall studs. When hanging anything heavier or hanging a number of decorations, you can use a rail cable hanging kit.

Buying Guide

You can search for the wood wall art of destiny at Amazon, Wayfair, Home depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Etsy. Our ChicnChill store is a great website if you’re looking for something that is in harmony with the style of the wood wall art decorations. There are lots of other great ideas from Instagram, Pinterest, and other websites like The Spruce or House Beautiful.

Final thoughts

Wooden artwork gives your space a unique edge, rustic beauty or sophistication. The soundproofing ability of wood also makes the room more convenient. And how wonderful when not only are these pieces pleasing to the eye, these pieces also relax you with sacred geometric designs or relaxing paint colors, adding a healing atmosphere to your space.

If you are looking for wooden wall decoration ideas, hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration! Wood wall decor is perfect for anyone who wants a rustic or farmhouse look in their home.

Heart wooden art

Wood offers an incredibly versatile medium, resonating better with your space. If you tend to do it yourself, you can even modify some of the wood wall art to best suit your home. If the wooden artwork on sale hasn't satisfied you yet, it's time to start working on these gorgeous DIY wood wall decor ideas inspired by this article. They are extremely charming and not difficult to make. Don't forget to check out our posts about DIY wood wall art ideas and wall painting ideas!

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