See Why Woven Wall Baskets Are The New Decor Trend And How To Perfect It

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If you’re looking for ways to decorate bare walls in your home, say hello to a budget-friendly take on the decor idea that’s popping up all over Instagram: woven hanging wall baskets.

With more than 17,000 posts under the hashtag #wallbasket on Instagram and Pinterest, the trend brings a natural texture and coziness to a space. Even better, it’s both inexpensive and easy to recreate in your home. Check out these woven wall baskets and totally inspiring decor styles we’re currently totally crushing on.

1. Mix and match style

Blonde Plant Guru/ Instagram
Blonde Plant Guru/ Instagram

While woven wall baskets have a naturally eclectic vibe to them, you can easily make them work for a variety of decor styles. Here, The Blonde Plant Guru mixes it up and pairs various baskets with a farmhouse, boho, and vintage feel to create a super interesting gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various styles as long as they share similar colors.

2. Hang woven wall baskets above the bed

Bonnie Esau/ Instagram
Bonnie Esau/ Instagram

We love the look of baskets for wall hanging over a bed, as seen in this image from Bonnie Esau. Plus, if you don’t want to invest in a headboard, wicker woven wall baskets can create a defined space without the need for a true headboard.

3. Create a space for plants

Melissa Harris/Instagram
Melissa Harris/Instagram

Can you think of a more perfect perch for your favorite plant? We can’t get enough of this adorable plant stand from Melissa Harris, which is perfect for adding to a gallery wall or standing alone. It’s just big enough for a small succulent or an air plant.

4. Go for Color

Home decorating ideas/Instagram

Most baskets are a neutral color; however, there are definitely more colorful baskets out there. If you want to focus on color, try to find handmade Vietnamese hanging baskets. It might take you a bit longer to collect the colorful ones, but they really make a big impact.

5. Decorate a Staircase

Our Niese Nest/Pinterest
Our Niese Nest/Pinterest

If you’re hunting for a way to spruce up a staircase, consider this look from Our Niese Nest. Woven wall baskets add a lovely touch of warmth to the entryway and staircase here, but they won’t overpower the rest of your room either.

6. Mix in hats

Vijay Jassar Realtor / Pinterest
Vijay Jassar Realtor / Pinterest

We love creating wall art out of unexpected items, so it’s no surprise that we adore this look from Vijay Jassar Realtor. The hanging hats mixed in with rustic wall baskets and mirrors create a unique and eclectic design perfect for a boho – inspired bedroom.

7. Go eclectic

Aisling Nugent/ Instagram
Aisling Nugent/ Instagram

If you’re into eclectic decor, you should definitely experiment with woven wall baskets. This fun, vintage-inspired room from Aisling Nugent features a variety of decorative baskets for wall that you can easily find at your local flea market or thrift store to add a lot of personality.

Woven wall basket displays are a great way to add some great texture, color, contrast and ‘custom’ art to your space – plus it’s an easy and inexpensive DIY project for your home.  What do you think of this trend?

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