About Us


At ChicnChill, We hold a belief that everyone, regardless of where they live, is entitled to a fair salary to support themselves and their families. Success, to us, is not simply measured by the number of products and services consumed, but by the extent to which our artisan’s living standards have improved.

Our Mission

  • We’re not only bringing handcrafted items to your home.
  • We’re offering you gorgeous products that liven up your area and also.
  • Brighten up the lives of skilled artisans across Vietnam.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to

Create jobs for 840 artisans in Vietnam’s rural communities

Impact more than 3,359 family members and 50,370 community members

Enhance their income by 200%



“We intended to make a difference in people’s lives not just through aid, but also by establishing a long-term enterprise that would increase a family’s income.”