How To Decor Basket For Coffee Table 2022

basket for coffee table

It can be said that decorating the coffee table is a relatively effective way to refresh the living room. You probably have a lot of ideas, but have you ever thought about decorating the basket for the coffee table

If not, follow the article below because we will introduce how you can have a coffee table in the most unique and impressive way.

1. Use as a tray

The most common way people often use baskets is to store things on the table. They keep things neat and organized. If you want to clear your coffee table to use it as a food display, you can get everything out with a simple lift. 

Large coffee table tray

Baskets are also a great way to add some texture or contrasting colors to keep things interesting. With the presence of wicker baskets, the traditional element becomes more modern and contributes to a warm accent to the space.

We suggest you add felt pads to the bottom of the woven basket to make sure they don't scratch your coffee table.

2. Floral arrangement

Flower basket

Flowers are the natural components that bring vitality to the world in a manner that no other element can. So, it's no surprise that a basket full of flowers is placed on the coffee table. 

Fresh florals will create a natural and soothing ambiance in the area where it is placed. The best thing about natural elements is that there are so many things you can find and use for free right outside your door.

3. Baskets with books

Basket with books

A basket filled with books is another way to liven up your coffee table. Books are an excellent method to create a layered effect. It's great to have some fascinating books for your family and friends to read on the table.

You can also consider using lined baskets and books with fabric covers to add some color and pattern to your coffee table.

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4. Storage basket under the table

Coffee table storage basket

Wicker baskets can be stored in the space beneath the coffee table. They're the perfect size for keeping magazines and throws in the living area. The delicate floor baskets organize the room while also adding a farmhouse feel to your home.

5. DIY basket coffee table

DIY wicker coffee table

The final and most creative option is to utilize the basket as a coffee table. Are you wondering how to turn them into coffee tables? All you need is to arrange them upside down on the floor, and you’ll have a cheap and cute coffee table.

This DIY coffee table is not only light and easy to move but also saves space. Furthermore, they go with any sofa and home design. Simply place a tray on the table; you can hold essential items such as coffee mugs, books, and remotes.


You can check out the above ideas or check out Pinterest or The Spruce. There are many beautiful options that you can choose from.

The baskets we’ve mentioned are all expertly crafted and guaranteed to be durable and sturdy.

Buying Guide

If you're searching to buy baskets, our website - Chicnchill, has a wide selection of high-quality handcrafted baskets. There are also many options available on Amazon and Etsy for you to choose from.

If these addresses do not have products to your satisfaction, you can refer to Kirklands and Potterybarn.


These exquisite wicker baskets are certainly one of the most attractive additions to your coffee table. It completes your home's natural rustic appeal while also being healthy for your family and environmentally friendly.

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to use baskets for your coffee table in the most special ways.

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