Bathroom Basket Wall Decor – An Ultimate Guide

This blog will guide you through three ways to use decorative baskets to make your bathroom space warmer. See the article bathroom basket wall decor for more details.

Are you looking for a decor way to transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven? Consider implementing a few other decorative items rather than using a decal or purchasing pictures.

What to do with bathroom basket wall decor

Hang them as artwork on the wall

One wall with various baskets is enough to make your simple bathroom unique and full of art.

Decorative Basket Wall Decor Bathroom - An Ultimate Guide

You can arrange them asymmetrically or in any other way you want, and they can transform any white wall into an eye-catching spot. On top of that, if your walls are colored, the effect is even more spectacular.

Use it as a storage shelf

Those who have a lot of things to keep and store in their bathrooms know that storage can be a pain, especially when space is limited. With that said, using wicker baskets is an excellent means of keeping a room clean and tidy.

Decorative Basket Wall Decor Bathroom - An Ultimate Guide

You can mount it on the wall, and you’ll have a place to store your laundry, towels, makeup, jewelry, accessories, skincare, and cleaning products in no time. These natural wall-hanging baskets will also add warmth and a homey feeling to your bathroom.

Turn baskets into a lovely planter

Growing plants in bathrooms are popular because it adds a sense of freshness and coolness. Instead of simple porcelain and plastic pots, use a woven or rattan basket with natural and gentle colors.

Decorative Basket Wall Decor Bathroom - An Ultimate Guide

They can make you feel like you’re outdoors, creating a feeling of closeness to nature. You can bring different-sized plants and different types of plants into your bathroom.

Aesthetically, the bathroom space with large and small potted plants enhances the attractiveness and feeling of comfort and relaxation right in the bathroom.

A minor point worth noting is that you have chosen the appropriate houseplants and understand how to care for themMake a basket for dried flowers.

Decorative Basket Wall Decor Bathroom - An Ultimate Guide

If you don’t like growing fresh plants in baskets, you can decorate them with dried flowers. A charming rattan basket of dried flowers hung on the wall is ideal for adding texture to almost any space. Make a basket of dried flowers to add a soft romantic touch to your bathroom.

Tips for caring for your baskets

The basket is sturdy, but it is also perishable. As previously stated, it should only be used to store dry items such as toilet paper or towels. Harsh chemicals and strong detergents can weaken basket fibers.

We suggest you should wipe the basket with a damp cloth. If the dirt is too hard to clean, you can use diluted dishwashing liquid and wipe the area clean gently. Avoid getting the basket wet because it can warp.

Decorative Basket Wall Decor Bathroom
Decorative Basket Wall Decor Bathroom – An Ultimate Guide

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