11 Best Budget Ideas for Dorm Wall Decor

dorm wall decor

Nothing is duller than a plain dorm room with blank walls. The main issue is that the dorm is pretty small, so there isn't much room for extra decor.

When it comes to decorating such areas, the best option is to concentrate on the walls. Wall decor in your college dorm may make a big difference in the overall design of your room without taking up a lot of space.

The task became how to design a dorm room on a budget while avoiding irreversible alterations. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of dorm wall decor ideas that are both creative and affordable. Scroll down for more!

1. Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent method to transform your entire dorm room. Adding a temporary background image is the best way to modify a small space fully. They are thought to be a cost-effective option that eliminates boredom on the wall.

You can acquire it almost anyplace, in various styles and colors. However, we recommend that you only use one accent wall; otherwise, the room will feel crowded.

dorm wall decor

2. Decal

These dorm-friendly stickers are simple to apply and remove from smooth walls, and they can easily be reused.

Large format self-adhesive stickers are a terrific way to dress up a plain white wall while also displaying your style. You may show off your favorite animals, flowers, or sports teams with these options.

dorm wall decor

3. Consider String Lights

Dorm room lighting is frequently bright and fluorescent. Adding charming fairy lights can help fill an empty wall and create a nice ambiance.

Fairy lights look beautiful on walls, in the bedroom, in windows, staircase, and on your desk. Almost anything in your dorm room will suffice. You may prevent harming your walls by using command hooks.

dorm wall decor

4. Bring Items From Home

Isn't this method of saving intriguing? You are welcome to bring some of your favorite items from your playroom to decorate with. You might get the feeling of being at home in this way. Your old pieces may only need to be combined with a few new ones to feel renewed.

Antique jewelry or postcards from your favorite destinations can also be used to decorate the wall. This is a cost-effective, one-of-a-kind method to display your foreign travels in your space.

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5. Create A Personal Exhibition

Creating a mural using favorite images of friends and family members is a great approach to filling a large wall. To make the exhibition more coherent, print each photo in black and white or put the same filter on all of them.

Simply print your favorite images, construct an evenly spaced grid on the wall, then adhere various washi tape patterns. If you want to use photographs with the same topic or color scheme, you can buy college kits. They're also quite inexpensive and simple to obtain.

dorm wall decor

6. More hooks for the walls

Finding a space for everything is one of the first things to do when settling into a dormitory. Making the most of such a limited place necessitates staying organized.

In some circumstances, wall hooks are the most practical and compact solution. Furthermore, there are numerous inexpensive personality hooks available, or you may manufacture your own out of polymer clay.

dorm wall decor

7. Create your own storage

Add a couple of floating shelves to the wall if you're short on storage space. It can store makeup, games, crafts, and other items. You can occasionally add a few little decorations to the space to make it more interesting.

dorm wall decor

8. Hang Baskets on Wall

If you want to have a warm atmosphere, such as a boho or farmhouse, adding some wall baskets is great. They can help you organize your school and beauty supplies. You can get several lovely small baskets. You can also create your own elegant DIY wicker basket if you want to save money.

dorm wall decor

9. Apply Tapestries

Tapestries are a terrific way to add a splash of color and style to your dorm room without causing any damage. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and simple to take down. Tapestries are also simple to hang and don't require any holes in the wall, which is a significant benefit when it comes to dorm room design.

Furthermore, they conceal your unpainted walls. When it comes to dorm room wall decorations, they are exactly what you need. Choose a rug that compliments your motif, and it will help connect the space.

dorm wall decor

10. Add Plant to Space

The dorm room most likely lacks natural light. On the other hand, houseplants provide numerous advantages in addition to their aesthetic value. Create a wall-mounted potted plant and choose succulents that are easy to cultivate in a dorm atmosphere to liven up the room.

dorm wall decor

11. Wall of Flower

Choose flowers that fit your color palette and bind them together with a fishing line or hot glue. If your dorm allows it, hang the flowers on the wall with a command hook or pin once you've made a long enough string.

dorm wall decor


If you have a lot of different-sized portraits, one suggestion is to ‘connect’ them by using the same frame color. A white photo frame is a good option because it will brighten up your wall and is extremely appropriate for today’s decorating styles.

Using too many patterned wallpapers in rooms with confined areas, such as dormitories, will generate a sense of confusion. Furthermore, huge patterns and dark colors should be avoided because they will make the room feel more claustrophobic.

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As you can see, you may completely start decorating the area that exactly meets your limited spending budget with only a few helpful recommendations. Hopefully, this post will help you better understand the alternatives and apply them to your dorm room.

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