6 Brilliant Extra Large Tobacco Basket Wall Decor Ideas

In the farmhouse decor, the extra-large tobacco basket is a must-have. These flat woven baskets are a terrific way to give your home a rustic feel. In this article, I’ll show you how to design a tobacco basket in a unique way to give any room in your house a farmhouse atmosphere.

6 Brilliant Extra Large Tobacco Basket Wall Decor Ideas
6 Brilliant Extra Large Tobacco Basket Wall Decor Ideas

Hang them as wall art

Hanging tobacco baskets on the wall as art pieces is the easiest and most common way to decorate them. You can hang them in various sizes or decorate them with artificial flowers or branches.

They’re not too heavy, are easy to hang, and take up a lot of room space if you’re attempting to fill a large blank wall.

You can see Pinterest, TikTok, and other similar sites if you can’t visualize the lovely arrangement. There are hundreds of images and videos you can use based on that.

Put things on them

Another easy way to decorate with a large tobacco basket is to add something to it. Wreaths, paintings, family photos, cards, and so on are all decorative elements that help connect your area.

6 Brilliant Extra Large Tobacco Basket Wall Decor Ideas

You can combine them with flowers, hanging plants, or wall sconces to make this creative farmhouse wall decor more relaxed and have a fun atmosphere.

Decor with a seasonal style

You can easily change out the interior of a tobacco basket as the seasons change. Bring out your existing holiday decor and think of fresh ways to showcase your favorites in your basket when looking for a seasonal arrangement.

6 Brilliant Extra Large Tobacco Basket Wall Decor Ideas

For example, in December, you can put a Christmas wreath in a basket, and in the spring, replace it with a bouquet.

Put on the fireplace

Tobacco baskets with deep earth tones can be used as eye-catching shelf or fireplace decorations.

These large baskets can be used as fireplace screens if you don’t enjoy gazing directly into the flames.

On the front door

A rustic and frayed tobacco basket will overshadow the home design. It has a warm, charming aspect that adds to the classic beauty of a simple cottage entryway.

Besides, you can use dried flowers and hanging wreaths to accent your tobacco basket decor for a pleasant country-type accent.

Mix and match with a variety of other baskets

You can use any type of basket to decorate your tobacco basket, such as round-weaved baskets, wicker baskets, bamboo baskets, and so on. Additionally, you can also use white ceramics, plants, wooden boards, and other minor decorative objects to enhance the style of a country house or an ordinary farmhouse.

You can use the tobacco basket as a tray to store a few decorative items in the living room, such as books, candles, and flowers, and place them on the tables. But don’t use it as a tool; it’s meant to be beautiful.

The tobacco basket can be hung on the wall in one of two ways: with thread or a hook.

Final Thoughts

We have listed some best decoration ideas for extra-large tobacco baskets. We hope they inspire you to think of new ways to use tobacco baskets in your home.

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