How to Get Start with Farmhouse Decoration

It’s not always easy to design your home, especially if you’re uncertain of which interior design style to choose. It’s time to take a look at farmhouse decoration style now that we’ve covered traditional, modern contemporary, and transitional interior design styles.

Farmhouse design is a decorating style that is defined by its warmth and hospitality. It’s laid-back, comfy, and relaxing. Here comes how to get the look in your own home with our ultimate guide to farmhouse decor.

What is farmhouse style?



The farmhouse style originated out of need rather than a conscious reaction to other dominant styles. Early farmhouses were constructed using resources that were readily available, such as wood, stone, and other natural elements. Farm living got easier after the industrial revolution, elevating farmhouse style from a need to a sought-after aesthetic. Farmhouse style grew popular in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and it spread to residences that were not part of a working farm. The hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines, helped popularize the farmhouse design by showcasing exquisite, yet homey, rural and urban homes. Today, farmhouse furniture is now available all over the world.

Key features

With simple flourishes and a weathered, worn appearance, farmhouse style furniture is functional in both design and function. Expect to find a lot of natural materials and textures, sleek lines, warm neutrals, and vintage accents in farmhouse style furniture.  Do you want to know if the farmhouse style is perfect for you? Here are the main characteristics of its furniture that you can implement in your home.

farmhouse-decoration-Key features

Practical form and function

Practicality is one of the most prominent characteristics of farmhouse industrial decor. When the farmhouse style first emerged, individuals adorned with whatever they had on hand. Because furniture was difficult to come by, everything that was created had a specific, functional purpose. This practicality doesn’t just apply to function; it also applies to appearance. Unlike conventional furniture, which has intricate details, farmhouse furniture is often plain, with a focus on practicality rather than appearance.

Natural Materials

farmhouse-decoration-Natural Materials

Unlike popular belief, you do not have to use only materials that are readily available outside your home. Farmhouse design, on the other hand, continues to prefer natural elements such as reclaimed wood, stone, wicker, and cotton upholstery. The more natural-looking the material, the better if you’re designing your home in the country style. To recreate the farmhouse’s country-chic vibe, utilize matte finishes and low-shine materials to provide warmth and charm.

Mix and match Furnitures

farmhouse-decoration-Mix and match Furnitures

People used to decorate their homes in fits and bursts as they created or acquired additional stuff when the farmhouse style was first introduced. As a result, the farmhouse design encourages an unplanned and uncoordinated appearance. Rather than buying matching furniture sets, mix and match your favorite items to create an interesting and unique look. Not only should you mix and match new and vintage-style furniture, but you can also mix and match natural materials like wood with more modern features like stainless steel.

Layering varied textures throughout the room, from stone walls and distressed wood furniture to canvas upholstery and metal accents, is a terrific way to keep the room from feeling flat, especially when working with the standard neutral color scheme of farmhouse decor. Make sure you take your time when decorating in the modern farmhouse style. It may take some time, but if you stick with it, you’ll be able to find the perfect furniture to match your style and reflect your personality.

Color Palette

There are a few natural color palettes to pick from when decorating in the farmhouse style. Farmhouse color palettes are typically basic and natural, with warm neutrals, cold neutrals, earth tones, or natural blues and greens as the primary colors. Then, to create a rustic, yet utilitarian aesthetic that merges the natural and the industrial, add wood and metal accessories.

Minimalism with a Warmer Feel

Minimalism with a Warmer Feel

Farmhouse style, like other modern and contemporary interior design styles, is built on minimalism. The modern farmhouse design celebrates form simplicity and a lack of clutter, but it also creates a warmth that isn’t necessarily evident in other contemporary styles. While there shouldn’t be too much furniture or ornamentation, farmhouse style furniture is usually warm, comfortable, and functional.

Accept and Embrace Imperfection

The appeal of imperfection is emphasized in modern farmhouse style. In fact, scratches, knots, and nicks, as well as faded finishes, can add to the authenticity of a piece of wood furniture. Consider a more aged metal look for metal accents, which suggest a lengthy and rich history.

Big but Comfy Furniture

Farmhouse furniture has a bigger scale, with an emphasis on comfort and function, although minimalism is still at the heart of farmhouse decor. When it comes to furnishing a modern living room farmhouse wall decor, for example, huge, comfortable furniture will certainly win out over sleeker, more aesthetically focused items.

Inexpensive Farmhouse Decoration Ideas – Room by Room

Living Room

Living Room

For the living room, country decor with a modern twist is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere. Here are some modern farmhouse design ideas to give your space a welcoming feel.

Wall Decor

Walls often contribute more to the overall theme of your room than you might think. Wall baskets, for example, on a feature wall or in specific sections, may add a lot of character to a room. Furthermore, exposed bricks or stones add to a room’s country feel. And, wooden floating shelves can be spruced up with attractive decorations.

Use pieces with modern elements for a well-balanced look. When overused, living room farmhouse wall decor may make the place appear overly unattractive. Instead, try something different — industrial-style lighting can be just what the area needs to look more intriguing.

Cosy furnishings

Modern farmhouse furniture should be warm and inviting, too.

A decent blend of contemporary and traditional objects should indeed be featured in a farmhouse living room wall decor. A large, comfortable couch creates a welcoming atmosphere, while modern country touches and furnishings can offer refinement. You may also go for a rustic vibe by using reclaimed wood cocktail tables and seats.

Don’t forget to mix and match a variety of different finishes when selecting accent pieces, large furniture items, and detailing. You can mix different matte metals for a modern, industrial design, as well as distressed wood with faded white paint.



Modern farmhouse kitchen decor is especially charming when matched with vintage appliances and traditional-style ovens. You may create a pleasant decor in your home with a few modern country design ideas and kitchen inspiration.

Architectural elements

In a farmhouse industrial decor kitchen, architectural aspects are quite significant. The use of more tough building materials, such as wood beams and stone walls, is common in old country homes. You can emphasize your decor by focusing more on the shell of your kitchen. To display pretty chinaware, for example, choose open wooden shelves or shaker cabinets, which contribute to the space’s beauty.

Kitchen island, whether or not

Are you looking for a way to bring a little bit of country charm into your kitchen? Consider putting in a kitchen island. Kitchen islands serve a utilitarian purpose by offering extra storage, prep space, and seating, but you may also choose an island that complements your kitchen’s rustic design.

A kitchen island is still a popular choice in the design world, but installing one can be a hassle. Modern countryside houses can be a little more inventive with islands and decor because of this. For example, a farmhouse-style table can be the perfect island for a country kitchen.

Optimistic and vibrant

Who said farmhouse industrial decor had to be all-white or all-wood? In a rustic kitchen, color has earned its place. Choose a pastel subway tile backsplash or a bright kitchen island to add extra color to the space. You can also add a pop of color to your design by painting the walls a bright yellow color.

Farmhouse style combines vintage and contemporary elements to create a lovely and distinctive look. When it comes to arranging your kitchen in a farmhouse style, you’ll want to think of new and intriguing ways to mix old and new. Consider using new stainless steel appliances in conjunction with reclaimed wood cabinetry and vintage decor.



Farmhouse bedroom wall decor in the modern era comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Add items with wooden bases or finishes to match your country design. A pair of rustic bedside tables and a dresser can also help you achieve the welcoming atmosphere that is characteristic of modern farmhouse bedrooms. For a more rustic look, consider making your own headboards or poster beds. Extra furniture, such as rocking chairs, can also instantly add drama to a room.

Bed headboards

In farmhouse industrial decor, it’s crucial to layer different textures, and upholstered headboards are a terrific way to do so in your bedroom. Upholstered headboards not only offer texture and visual appeal to your farmhouse bedroom wall decor, but they also enhance the comfort and charm that farmhouse decor is known for.

If a headboard is too much trouble to achieve your goal of emphasizing the room’s rustic character, consider replacing it with a set of vintage baskets. This will give your bedroom a new dimension of uniqueness.

Artistic architecture

Modern farmhouse design, like any other interior design style, requires stunning architectural aspects. In a farmhouse, exposed wooden beams give character and charm. If the wood framework appears to be excessively heavy, simply paint it to match in with the ceiling. The shape of the beams is still visible, but it is much more subdued.

Unique lighting fixtures are included in the most spectacular modern farmhouse bedroom decor ideas. When it comes to lighting your modern farmhouse bedroom interior, whether it’s table lamps or pendant lights, there’s a lot of potential for creativity and inspiration.



Modern country decor is flawless when perfectly incorporated into all rooms. To get the trendy down-to-earth style, check out these modern farmhouse bathroom decor and design ideas.

Have fun with your wall decorations

Bathroom layouts leave limited room for innovation, but leaving the walls bare is the worst oversight. Instead, incorporate the walls into your design. On the walls, choose rustic water-resistant wallpaper, fascinating wall murals, or soft patterned tile. Alternatively, a white tile or off-white wall color can be used to display your favorite classic rural wall decor.

Accessorize it professionally

Modern farmhouse bathroom decor is typically minimalistic, so make a statement with a vanity that stands out. To add some character and a natural element to the space, use a renovated old cabinet.

Modern farmhouse bathroom decor comes in a wide range of styles. Turkish-style carpets, dried plants, vintage posters, rustic signage, and wooden furniture, for example, can all be used to brighten up a bathroom. Just be bold and imaginative with your selections; you’ll never know what works until you try it.

How to hang

STEP ONE: Arrange the baskets on the floor so that the designs can be seen together until you decide the final layout.

STEP TWO: Begin with your largest basket, or the basket closest to the design’s center. Use a small nail or picture hanger to hang the first basket below the basket’s center.

Instead of spreading out too widely, keep the baskets “hugging” each other. This will make your design feel more like a whole rather than a collection of pieces.

STEP THREE: Continue to hang the remaining baskets. That’s it!

Hanging baskets on the wall is a clever way to create texture and interest on an otherwise plain wall. I jotted down a detailed guide on how to hang baskets on the wall so you can effortlessly follow.

Where to buy or get inspired

Shopping for trendy countryside-inspired wall baskets doesn’t have to mean emptying your pocketbook, but it’s easy to fall into that trap. While rattan and wicker baskets can be pricey, there are plenty of sites where you can buy them with a lower budget. You should save this list if you’re looking for farmhouse basket decor items.

In case you can’t go to the actual shopping areas (like IKEA, Urban Outfitters, H&M Home, etc.) to get the basket, purchasing it online is a perfect alternative. Websites like Amazon, Etsy, Target, etc, are some popular examples for those who are a big fan of online shopping. Moreover, they are big websites that have a reputation for providing great quality products, and protecting customers’ rights in any case.

And if you’re looking for the cheaper options, thrift-store is where you should go. For the authentic farmhouse style, some second-hand furniture is a must! Adding something ancient to your space, whether it’s an end table, an accent chair, or even a vintage tray, will give it character. Although thrift shopping might be hazardous if you can’t find anything that suits your space, you can always DIY it to your liking and personalize it till you’re satisfied; after all, that’s the goal of thrifting.

Once your baskets arrive at your home, you may face a new challenge in figuring out how to arrange them properly.

Here are some websites or social networks that may be of interest to you: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and many other social media platforms.

That’s how you acquire ideas for giving your house a makeover. I wish you good luck on making our own house the next level of happiness and coziness!

After reading our ultimate guide, choosing the perfect modern farmhouse decor for your room need not be as difficult as it may appear to you. Coziness and humble aesthetics on the one hand, and sleek and modern lines on the other, will be provided by a carefully crafted blend of rustic and contemporary materials. We hope you’ll feel confident to get started in no time with our practical and intelligent modern farmhouse decor ideas for every room of your home.


Can we use mirrors in Farmhouse settings?

Definitely yes! Antique mirrors can look SO GOOD on any open wall in your house. Adding an antique or vintage mirror also makes a space look a lot larger than it actually is. So opt for an antique mirror when looking for farmhouse wall art.

The only thing with antique mirrors is that it can be tricky to find a way to hang them if the backing has been damaged over the years. If you run into this problem, you can always add a rustic looking shelf and have the mirror leaning against the wall on the shelf! This mirror from Anthropologie is so beautiful (and super popular right now).

What can we add in the Farmhouses?

Adding beautiful canvas or wooden signs with your favourite saying in some calligraphy is a great way to add a farmhouse piece of art to your walls. You can find so many adorable wood/canvas signs in different styles with gorgeous writing on Etsy!

If you dont want to add in wordy wall hangings, you can always opt for a blank chalkboard and clear it when needing a more simple look. Also a way to great your guests with a personal message!

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