How to Hang Baskets On The Wall | How-to & Tips

how to hang basket

Dull plain walls are receiving more and more attention when it comes to home decorating. There are a lot of creative ideas out there for how to fill the negative spaces. And hanging basket wall decor, which is all the rage on instagram these days, is absolutely a great way to jazz them up.

Let’s find out how to create a wall basket display by following some easy steps:

1. Gather needed supplies for a Basket Wall

Woven wall baskets are indispensable for a basket gallery wall. It’s great to have them on hand. But if you don’t, just go to Amazon or Etsy,  search for the keywords: “hanging woven wall basket”, “wall basket decor boho” or “ african wall baskets”, and have them delivered to you in a couple of weeks . Or, you can click here and suit yourself among various items on ChicnChill Amazon store.

basket, scissors and thread

Most seagrass wall baskets are attached with a loop on the back for effortless hanging. However, some bamboo trays with smaller size have no hook. Spot for a loose spot, thread a transparent fishing line through the natural spaces among the weave and create it on your own!

thread on the back of the wall basket

Grab some adhesive mounting foam, screws or wall anchors to adjust their placement and here you go!

2. Plan the basket wall layout

Jumping to the nailing may leave your wall with unwanted holes and flaky patches. The best strategy I’ve found is to do a mockup on the floor. You want to be sure you love the orientation before nailing them to the wall.

It may take most of your time to move the baskets around and around, until it suddenly clicks. The largest piece should be a focal point and then surround it with smaller baskets. It is the width of your wall which greatly decides the arrangement of baskets.

a layout of a basket wall display

I find it really helpful to take quick photos of each arrangement with a phone. You can take a visual step back and see the overall impact of the colors and layouts. Furthermore, you might later forget the set-ups you choose when it’s time to hang them on the wall.

3. Arrange seagrass baskets on the wall

It’s time to get this artwork on the wall. Start with the statement pieces first. You may find the previous snapshot of your layout plan useful now. Leave an even amount of space between each for consistency. Another tip is to keep each loop fairly short so that the loop will hide behind the basket.

hang basket on wall with a nail

4. Add some mixture to your baskets for wall

It’s worth combining some other ornaments such as: greenery, canvas, or garlands. This combination can make a strong graphic statement and give your arrangement a unified look given a cohesive color palette.

Now that your style is well put together, you can stand back and look at the whole design. These baskets wall art will add instant texture and warmth to the space.

Basket set decor by the mirror
A finished look of a basket wall display

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