How To Deal With A Large Wall Basket In Your House?

large wall basket

You all might have a very large basket at home that makes you wonder “What can I do with this?” or “Where can I put it in the house?” 

We are here to stress it out for you!

A large basket isn’t something crude, or unattractive to your home decor. If you know how to use it right, it would become a bright focal point in the room that catches everyone’s eyes when visiting your house.

Let’s get right down to this how-to with us, and consider which one is the most suitable for your current interior style.

1. One-large-fit-all basket

It means that you only use one extra large basket to cover the whole wall. The pro tip for this to be interesting without being tedious is choosing a decorative basket with an exquisite pattern on it, or a colorful one. Like in this picture, the huge sun on the basket makes the whole bedroom different, hugs you with warmth, and coziness whenever you enter the room.

2. The centered basket

When you have only one big basket, but you want to create a complete basket wall, let’s look for other sizes, too.

And then gathering it on the wall. You should make sure that the biggest one is in the center, and the others have to hug around it, so that it looks like they’re connected as one piece of wall art. Your room will be brightened up with these baskets.

3. A huge basket wall art

This super big arrangement is suitable for rooms that have a huge wall, and large space. It’s often a living room, family room, or dining room, where the family gathers. There are more than one large baskets, maybe two or three (it’s up to you), and surrounded by other moderate ones.  It could be a very symbolic decor item that presents each member in the family.

4. Mix-and-match large basket

This creative idea popped up in our head when thinking of the great functionality of the baskets.  All you need to do is prepare a mirror, a large basket that you have nothing to do with, and hot glue. 

And tada, a trendy mirror appears in your bathroom without spending a cent. That’s how magical an extra large basket can do to your house.

5. Summary

I hope that after reading our article, you’ll change your mind on throwing away that huge basket. Instead, you’ll make it great, and shiny again to decorate it in your house.

This kind of basket is adaptable in every interior style, including: farmhouse, minimal, vintage, boho, etc. So don’t worry that it’ll break the whole home decor system. Let’s just go for it, you’ll see magic!

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