How To Decorate With Medallion – A Complete Guide

medallion wall decor

Decorative medallions are a popular choice among designers trying to add style to a space, whether they're used to paint the flooring, make the ceilings, or customize the furnishings. These wall decorations will meet your needs if you're looking for a new method to decorate. Read on as we guide you through the way to utilize medallions to decorate your walls.

1. How To Use The Medallion On The Wall

1.1. Use As A Work Of Art

Decorative medallions in a variety of textures and sizes that can be bulk-formed to create a striking accent. You can place them on the wall above the fireplace, behind the sofa, or in the entryway to add unexpected structural and architectural character.

metal medallion wall decor

You can create a spectacular and sophisticated display by painting the medallions the same color as the wall and letting each piece's enhanced design take center stage. 

1.2. Use Them As Wall Lights Decoration

metal medallion wall decor

Medallions with lights will adorn any room in the house with magnificence, richness, and grace. Place them around your sconce and paint them the same color as the sconce or in gold, and you will have opulence wall space. 

1.3. Turn Ceiling Medallion Into Exquisite Timepieces

metal medallion wall decor

Take advantage of the ceiling medallion if you want to make a romantic DIY clock. All you need is to prepare a blank medallion, a clock mechanism with AA batteries, larger gauge hands, spray paint, a dynamic drill with drill bits, and a paintbrush. Then paint the medallion and attach the batteries to the movement of the watch, along with the hour, minute, and second hands. Your magnificent classic is complete, and you can hang it on the wall to admire your work.

1.4. Mix-and-Match Different Types Of Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

Using different sizes and designs to distinguish your memorabilia collection is a terrific way to customize it. Flat, raised, wood, plaster, composite, tile, wood - there are so many materials that you can definitely find a medallion that fits your style.

2. 6 Best Medallions You Should Try

2.1. Floral Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

The traditional-themed piece adds remarkable class, timeless beauty, and elegant versatility to any living area. Having these medallions on the wall, your home exudes a warm welcome, a sense of belonging, and a secure environment. 

Their casual decor with pleasant hues and symmetrical lines has the ability to brighten a room and make them the main point. The flower design carving lets your wall color show through and adds dimension to the item. It's the perfect choice for hanging in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. 

2.2. Hand-Carved Arabesque Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

With this gorgeous handcrafted wall decor, you can add a touch of elegance and outstanding style to your area. It transforms your room into a luxury bohemian retreat in an instant. This Arabic wall medallion was carved by professional craftsmen in India and is inspired by traditional Indian design themes. It allows your imagination to run wild as you explore the bright development of vines and leaves, and take pleasure in the effect this lovely decor has on your home. This big mural, painted in exquisite black, becomes the perfect addition to your room.

2.3. Gold Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

This accent item, made of metal with an antique gold finish, has a circular medallion design and delicate carvings that will provide an eye-catching focal point in any area. It lends a magnificent aristocratic feel to many different types of venues, including workplaces, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and galleries.

2.4. Regular Ceiling Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

If you want to give a layer of sophistication and glamor to any wall in your home, try this elegant ceiling medallion. With an antique-inspired frame and stunning centerpiece carving, these ceiling medallions are gorgeous, low-maintenance, and free of the issues associated with traditional plaster fixtures. 

The clean white color of this ceiling medallion will bring classic style and personality to your space. At the same time, it also blends into the wall to add depth and artistic flair. Additionally, the medallion is made of lightweight, precisely formulated fiberglass and is simple to install.

2.5. Metal Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

Whether you're seeking to incorporate a bit of texture into your gallery wall or add a bit of color, this wall decor will help. Handcrafted in metal with a beautiful design and a weathered bronze-like finish, a metal wall medallion will immediately catch the eye and make a wonderful wall decoration. 

2.6. Mirrored Medallion

metal medallion wall decor

Mirrors are a familiar decorative element for any space. The combination of mirrors into the medallion design will create a beautiful modern look. What's more, it will be a great solution to make the room look bigger and more airy.


Of course, each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In comparison to other options, wooden medallions are the most expensive. Plaster,  on the other hand, is easy to apply, dependable, and, most significantly, cost-effective. They are, nevertheless, relatively delicate when compared to metals.

You must consider numerous variables when making your decision. Large medallions will dominate a tiny room, and vice versa, a small medallion will look out of place and like a patch in a large room. The issue of proportion is paramount, and medallions are frequently picked in accordance with the proportions of the wall and other wall art for a balanced appearance.

Buying Guide

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You may also shop on Etsy, Wayfair, and Amazon. The merchants on these websites offer high-quality products and excellent customer support.


The medallions are a lovely addition to the room. It's time to get crafty and give your place a luxurious feel. For the ideal weekend project, try one of these suggestions. Your home will undoubtedly improve in quality.

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