The Ultimate Nursery Wall Decor Checklist 2022

nursery wall decor

Parents are always interested in decorating the nursery room for their children. It is thought of as a baby's small universe, where they learn, play, and relax.

As a result, to secure the child's holistic development, parents must use creativity to arrange the baby's room. For this reason, many parents struggle with how to decorate their baby's room beautifully and appropriately for the youngster.

If you're in a similar circumstance, start by painting the walls of the child's room. You'll make your baby fall in love with the nursery room wall decor ideas and tutorials we've compiled here.

1. Best Items For Nursery Room Wall Decoration Worth Consider

1.1. Wall Decal

Wall decals are a cost-effective and simple method to transform your baby's room into something genuinely special. They're simple to use and may be moved about at any time. Removing them is also simple and won't peel the paint off or leave any residue. 

You can apply wall decals of woodland creatures or flora to make the area more interesting.

baby wall decor

Animal decal

A cartoon watercolor painting of a deer, bear, rabbit, and fox would look great in any animal lover's bedroom or playroom. Your youngster will discover the wonder of the forest or animals through the pictures on the decal.

1.2. Wall Art

Wall art, such as the ones seen below, can help your infant develop in various ways. These murals of elephants and giraffes promote your youngster's visual learning, artistic skills, and creativity. They also help your child create a culture and identity that you want them to have as they grow up.

wall decor for nursery

Cartoon wall art

High-quality frameless preschool prints inspire both children and adults.

Add some wall art to break up the monotony of the surrounding space if you want to create a monochrome space to aid your baby's brain and visual development. The baby will find the space more appealing as a result of this.

1.3. Posters

A poster with a global map, for example, is also a good option for children to explore. They contain stunning illustrations and valuable information to pique children's interests.

baby nursery wall decor

Visual stimulants will keep babies comfortable and entertained, especially while alone in the room, and aesthetically pleasing. It enables you to educate your child about animals and the world around them. In the long run, this atmosphere benefits your baby's mental health and broadens her horizons.

1.4. Growth Chart

Height rulers can also be used as a decorative element on the wall. With the gorgeous ruler growth chart, you can keep track of your child's progress.

baby room wall decor

A “tree” height ruler

Commercially available growth charts come fully assembled and ready to hang, with pre-installed wall hooks at the rear for quick and easy installation. They're also simple to transport and store. You just need to roll it up, making it simple to move or store as needed.

hanging woven wall basket
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Set of 5 Boho Basket Wall Decor

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Set of 9 Cozy Livingroom Wall Decor

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1.5. Wall Letter

These adorable wall letters allow your kids to label their room in their style. If you go with the carved wooden design, this letter makes a sophisticated addition to any wall display.

wall decor nursery

You can hang them on your child's nightstand to have their initials on display. You may even use them to write inspirational words on a plain exhibition wall for them to appreciate for years to come.

1.6. Memory Board

wall decor for baby rooms

The memo board is useful for your office and can also be a decorative item for your baby's bedroom. Just thread your baby's mementos behind the ribbon, and you'll have an attractive piece of original wall art. These cute boards can teach your children the importance of planning. You can hang them on your child's wall alone or in a grouping with other pieces.

1.7. Mirror

This cloud mirror is perfect for a kid's bathroom, dining room, and near the staircase or window . The clouds are composed of silver mirror gloss acrylic, which gives them a unique, contemporary appearance. The reflectivity of this lightweight acrylic is also striking. Acrylic art is a lovely and economical alternative for every area in the house because each piece comes ready to hang and requires a single wall nail.

baby wall decor

Cloudy mirror

The designs are painstakingly carved directly on thin layers of acrylic, resulting in an easy-to-clean wall sculpture. They're also fully safe so that you may use them in your baby's nursery with confidence.

2. Notes to Keep in Mind When Choosing Nursery Wall Decor

2.1. Using Safety Materials

When it comes to decorating a baby's room, one thing to keep in mind is space safety. Here are three issues you must consider:

  • Items that are overly heavy or sharp should be avoided.
  • Hanging heavy items on the wall that could collapse is not a good idea, and electrical outlets should be placed out of reach of children.

The materials used in the bedroom must be safe and not contain harmful chemicals.

2.2. Pay Attention To Colors

Color has a direct impact on children's psychological development as well as plays a vital role in designing beautiful children's room interior designs. As a result, it must be handled optimally and reasonably.

Light pink, purple, red, and other lyrical colors are preferred in girls' bedrooms to portray femininity. Meanwhile, orange, gray, blue, and others are popular options for the strong boys.

wall decor for nursery


Yes, there are. You can try making beads or garlands of pom-poms in many colors. This can also help your baby distinguish different color and letter concepts, particularly if you include your baby’s name.

Wallpaper is already a familiar way to decorate a nursery room.

If you have a girl, bright pastel hues like pink, yellow, and light blue can be used to create accents around the area. For boys, you can use blue wallpaper.

Buying Guide

As you can see, there are countless nursery decoration options available in the market. You just need to go to Amazon, Etsy, or Kirklands to have a lot of products with a variety of designs and models. Our website- Chicnchill- also has many items with high quality and affordable prices. You can place your order, and it will be delivered right to your door.


Beyond are our tips as well as little remarks to keep in mind when decorating the nursery wall to make it stand out and be noticed. Hopefully, this post will provide you with useful and practical information for creating a child-friendly living environment.

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