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outdoor wall decor

Outdoor wall panels are a clever and easy method to beautify the exterior of your home and complement your bare external walls in a way that expresses your taste. They are available in various styles, each of which is built of the highest quality materials for external usage. They'll last a long time and can survive the elements. 

The time spent in your outdoor living space will be more enjoyable if you decorate your outdoor walls. So don't leave your walls blank because they'll become a problem later, especially if you don't have the time, money, or ideas to decorate them. Today, we've compiled a list of outdoor wall decor ideas to inspire you.

1. Create A Green Patch On The Wall

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Do you want a massive outdoor ornamental wall? A vertical tree wall is something that you can build yourself. This will wow your visitors who enter your home. Plants, ranging from big trees to vines, give your outdoor living area a nice aspect by breaking up the monotony of bare wall space. 

Succulent plants are commonly used in these projects, but you can also use a variety of flowers and plants. It can be done on any outside wall, fence, or archway. Muds and cacti are excellent alternatives for a vertical garden because of their drought resilience and low maintenance.

2. Hanging Baskets

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If you can't afford to build a greenery wall, simply buy a set of planter baskets to showcase plants at different heights. Hanging baskets can be hung from your balcony's roof, or you can buy baskets attached to your balcony railing.

If you need more seclusion, use bamboo visors or screens, which can serve as attractive outside "walls".

3. Personal Outlooks

outdoor patio wall decor

There is no better way to add a personal touch than with photographs. You can use canvas to print some of your favorite photos of you and your family. Alternatively, you can combine various photos to create a unique shape for a unique aesthetic. Then hang them on the wall of your yard or patio.

4. Install Brick Wall Tiles

An outdoor brick wall along your back porch or patio provides a visually appealing texture for wall design ideas. Red bricks, for example, will give your interior a terrific rustic look. You may use it as a feature wall in your living room or as a backdrop in your home office.

5. Employ Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a common material used in gates, fences, windows, staircases, and even furniture. Thanks to its delicate form and lovely curves and patterns, it can also be utilized to give an outdoor large wall a more artistic appearance.

exterior wall decor

The enormous metal art pattern wall is constructed of iron, which makes it difficult to break and makes it appear more delicate and appealing than paper or plastic decorative designs. Furthermore, these wrought iron wall decorations will offer warmth and uniqueness to your courtyard.

6. Artwork For The Walls

outside wall decor

If you enjoy traditional art, you can incorporate it into your outdoor design. Posters, art prints, and photos are some nice options. However, you must ensure that they are not sensitive to direct sunshine or heavy humidity.

Another way to employ wall art is to place vintage objects on the wall above your outdoor seating area for a distinctive design accent. Vintage paddles make a terrific accent wall if your house is near a lake. Antique fishing floats, fishing nets, vintage lobster traps, and surfboards are among the other water-themed wall art alternatives.

7. Metal Signs

metal outdoor wall decor

The adorable sign will be the perfect finishing touch on a bright front door. The flowing cursive and plain black frame are elegant complements to your outdoor decor. Metal signs can be placed in almost any place and are ready to brighten up your environment.

You can decorate them with vintage watches or hang them with other works of art.

8. String Lights

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String lights are a great option when you're at a loss for what to do. String lights are the only decor that works properly on both the inside and outside a house. Arranging the lights on the wall will create a magical, glistening, warm home space. At night, this arrangement is even more stunning.

9. Garlands

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The neutral paint on the walls and the cream-colored flower containers create an incredible balance. You may also combine them with rustic tobacco baskets to add to the farmhouse's timeless appeal.

Because of the gorgeous flowers, this form of outdoor wall decor has a nice look and will create a warm setting around it, providing a bit of color and aesthetic appeal.

10. House Number Wall Art

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Give your house number some individuality with this crucial piece of outdoor wall art. The home sticker has a dual purpose. It may be entirely customized and is available in a range of sizes. This metal sign has a long-lasting silver or black powder-coated finish.

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You must select materials and designs that will resist the weather in your location. The vast majority of metal-based items should function without issue. However, as art becomes more sophisticated, plaques made of other materials, such as wood, are becoming more frequent. You can treat the wood to make it more durable, or you can buy panels that have been treated to withstand harsh weather.

Outdoor wall panels must be compatible with the outside wall panels for which they were created. However, big arrays should be avoided. The impact of smaller artistic creations is usually the greatest. It may also be preferable if the wall arts are set against a smooth background. A plain white wall or front door, for example, might be enhanced with simple, vivid accents.

Buying Guide

Buying high-quality outdoor decor products may enhance your wall decor, and the options available on the market should be sufficient to meet your style preferences. Currently, you may order from Amazon, Etsy, or Kirklands. However, before making your final decision, it would be nice if you could look over a few possibilities on our website - Chicnchill.


Overall, improving the appearance of your home's exterior doesn't have to be tough, and you now have a variety of projects to choose from to revitalize your home's exterior walls. You can select the appropriate outdoor wall designs based on your location. Hopefully, you'll have more pleasure decorating an empty wall outside your house with these suggestions.

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