Ideas To Decorate The House With Rattan Wall Decor

rattan wall decor

Home decoration with handmade items or handicraft products from various materials is trendy. These products are both close, environmentally friendly, and have aesthetic value, easily combined with decorative umbrellas, shelves, etc. In which rattan and bamboo home decoration is a pleasing elegance of many families.

Rattan has 600 species, many of which are used to manufacture handicrafts. As a result, the rattan wall decor may not be uniform. However, the rattan basket is not a new product used in décor walls and homes. Rattan décor baskets are woven baskets manufactured by our Vietnamese artisans. 

Perhaps, over time, people tend to look for the closest and most rustic things. The hustle and bustle of life makes them long for every moment to be peaceful and light. However, the basket and furniture have been made for hundreds of years. The rattan basket has only lately been discussed and caught the attention of young people—those who appreciate the novelty and uniqueness of vintage and rustic designs.

1. The outstanding advantages of rattan decorations

Rattan objects, when looked at, create a very comfortable feeling because of the smooth surface. The joints are also very well finished, not rough or rough. Before reaching the user, rattan decor baskets have been through the meticulous hands of the maker. Combined with natural properties, this material knows how to please demanding guests.

Rattan wall decorations are often long-lasting. Rattan and bamboo have their limitations as natural materials. Yet, under optimum conditions (dry and clean), these things have an excellent "lifetime". Rattan is thought to be more durable than other materials, and it can even improve in appearance over time.

Under skillful hands and talented creativity, rattan products are no longer encapsulated in familiar and straightforward designs but increasingly develop in a more sophisticated, sharp, and unique direction.

This material is easy to work with, so it is not difficult to have a range of designs. At the same time, it is relatively easy to combine with many other interior accessories. Each combination is already a different highlight. Various types of rattan wall decor are prevalent today, including boho wicker wall decor and large rattan wall decor. That always brings comfort and safety to users.

rattan wall decor

2. Unique decoration ideas from rattan hanging baskets

2.1. Simple with wall hanging ideas

Today, hanging ornamental things on the wall is a standard method that is neat and attractive while also saving space. Some families prefer to hang photographs, but how about turning woven and wicker rattan crafts instead? Undoubtedly, your house will become more tranquil, familiar, and distinctive.

rattan wall decor

2.2. Decoration of the living room

Do you have a dull living room? A rattan wall basket is a suggestion we offer for you. The wall is chilly and unadorned, but it becomes even more unique after being embellished. When you employ this design style in your living room, you will receive many compliments.

boho wicker wall decor

2.3. Decorative hanging baskets for bedroom

A rattan wall basket is likely to be very suitable when matched with the bedroom. Even though the materials are not new, designers' creativity allows your space to feel luxurious. The rattan material provides a sensation of closeness to nature and a little warmth. Boho wicker wall decors create a feeling of wildness and bohenium.

large rattan wall decor

2.4. Decorative hanging baskets for dining

Large rattan wall decor creates a warm feeling for your room. The basket is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Depending on how you wish to utilize the basket in your dining, it may be hung on the wall of your home or placed on the counter. You can choose large square and round baskets to create a focal point for the room.

large rattan wall decor

2.5. Rattan furniture: available and classic styles

The tables and chairs made from rattan always create a feeling of excitement for everyone. A typical set of tables and chairs to welcome guests and serve tea is far from repetitive. A little variety in the design makes for a fascinating art place for young families.

boho wicker wall decor
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It is not too difficult to clean dirt on items made from rattan. Thanks to its glossy and smooth surface, rattan material is easy to clean without chemicals. Rattan baskets that are cared for and carefully cleaned will have a very long life.

Lightly woven rattan that is simple to move and arrange. Rattan furniture is relatively light compared to many other furniture or decorations. Still, it has a lot of elasticity and can withstand a lot of weight. That is a notable benefit; the lightness facilitates the transition, and finding an appropriate layout area is not difficult. Products from rattan can be used to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

Buying Guides

When using rattan products, you should carefully learn a few tips to help you maintain the beauty of your home decor. One of the best ways to use it is to dry rattan items one time in the sun when you first buy them to enhance sterilization and help the product dry. However, do not expose rattan products to direct sunlight often. High temperatures can cause the exterior paint to peel and discolor. Do not let water or rain get into the product. It is best to place the product in a cool, dry place, in an air-conditioned room. 

Today, rattan wall decoration pieces are manufactured and sold in various locations. We recommend stores like Kirkland's or Walmart, where you can find great things to make your home stand out. If you are impressed with the unique wall decoration baskets, please visit our ChicnChill website. Our shop sells crafts made baskets, which have been made in Vietnam. However, if neither of these addresses has what you're looking for, you can go to Amazon and Etsy.


Other wall decoration materials, such as metal wall art, gold wall decor, iron wall decor, and wood wall decor, can provide a lot of comfort. Rattan baskets are not only stopping at household items but also modified with many creative ideas, suitable for small and popular spaces to luxurious and high-class places. They were in themselves something very distinct, very Vietnamese.

Rattan wall decors help simple spaces become accents, promoting a rustic lifestyle but also very bohemian. In high-class rooms, decorative rattan baskets contribute to the idyllic but very delicate and equally luxurious.

Decor items from rattan are widely loved and beautiful. However, before applying them to home decoration, it is necessary to understand the value and characteristics of the ideas to get the best results. If you are still confused about anything, contact us immediately.

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