10 Amazing TV Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

tv wall decor

It cannot be denied that TV is the center of attention in the living room. Why not make it the creative hub of a designer by creating a space that emphasizes it? However, you are now unsure of where to place the television. The best option is to hang it on the wall, which we will demonstrate in this article. Let's look at ten innovative solutions for decorating a TV wall while also complementing your entertainment wall.

1. Make The TV Wall Brighter

tv wall decor ideas

Lanterns, chandeliers, and even string lights can be used to brighten the wall with gentler tones. This makes sense, especially when compared to the intense blue light found in most LCD televisions. It also contributes to the warm environment you wish to create. 

2. Additional Works Of Art

tv room wall decor

This idea works well in spaces where the TV is situated in front of a large wall and there is plenty of room to create a spectacular wall display. Don't be scared to include art prints or family photos if you want to incorporate a TV into a gallery wall. A discreet gallery wall can be created using everything you'd use in a typical piece of wall art. You can arrange them as you want; they will create a visual interest even when the TV is turned off. The framed artwork on the TV cabinet to make it look more at home. To reduce the contrast between the wall and the TV, we recommend choosing a darker wall paint color.

3. Extra Storage

tv wall decor ideas

You may showcase your style and decor surrounding your TV by installing built-in cabinets with opening screens. It will also generate the archive. You can use the area to store books, sculptures, video collections, paintings, and any other form of self-expression. However, to avoid creating too much visual stimulation, keep the background behind the TV plain and uncluttered. This will also make it easier for you to concentrate on what you're watching.

4. Create Your Arts

tv room wall decor

Consider converting the TV wall of your house into a work of art. You can paint foliage, artwork or whatever you like to create an artistic feel without hanging anything extra.

This is a great way to break the monotony of 'squares' and add new life and style to your entertainment wall.

5. Hide TV In The Cabinet

tv wall decor ideas

If you don't want your TV screen to be visible when it's not in use, try putting it in a wall cabinet. If you put the TV inside the cabinet, you won't be able to view it unless you open the cabinet door. When closed, the cabinet resembles a mirror, so it complements the space's style.

This design is appropriate for a nice living area, and the TV cannot be placed anywhere. This technique can also be used in the bedroom if you want to watch TV but don't want the black screen to be the first thing you see when you wake up.

6. Use Wallpaper As A TV Background

tv wall decor ideas

If you don't want to think about how to creatively adorn the wall behind your TV, or you don't have the artistic talent to decor it, use wall stickers. This breaks up the monotony of the wall and adds a beautiful touch. As a result, you won't need to employ additional artwork or come up with other ways to make the TV mix in with the design style.

7. Cover Your TV With Curtains

tv wall decor ideas

Curtains aren't just for windows; they may also be used to conceal your television if you don't want to decorate the TV wall. Hang a neutral-colored curtain in front of an alcove in your living room that is just big enough to fit the TV and some cabinets. You may hide the TV behind the curtains while it's not in use, giving the impression of a wide window or neutral wall.

This is a brilliant and practical idea because the curtain is simple to draw back and forth, so you don't have to move anything to watch TV. It's a simple and inexpensive option, but the drawback is that it can't be used in every living room or bedroom design.

8. Use Tiles On The Walls

tv room wall decor

Modern white brick TV wall decorating pattern that is a simple but lovely option to decorate this space. Because the light tone color makes the room feel more open, this raw wall tile pattern is ideal for apartments or tiny living rooms. The image of unpolished bricks enhances the aesthetic appeal while keeping the room's natural attractiveness.

9. Use Wood Panel

tv wall decor ideas

The TV wall decoration pattern with images of natural wood grain creates a unique beauty for each brick. This is a wall decoration pattern with bold natural colors, close to the environment.

In the TV wall decoration model, the deep color of natural wood will always attract homeowners with rustic and fresh styles above all.

10. Decorations For The Area Beneath The TV

tv room wall decor

If your built-in shelf has a shelf space, don't hesitate to put some plants, flowers or other modest items. Add a tiny potted plant and a wicker basket to carry your remote or some of your favorite CDs, for example. Your space will feel more cozy with a touch of farmhouse atmosphere.


The truth is that the picture will be increasingly distorted the higher you hang the TV. Because the screen gets closer to your eyes from a greater distance, the pixels are larger and there is more space between them, resulting in a hazy appearance. The expert recommendation for hanging a TV is to place it at eye level when sitting on the couch, around 9-10 feet away.

No, it’s not necessary. There are other factors to consider, such as the distance from the TV to the outlet, to where you will be seated, the placement of the couch and coffee table, and so on.

tv room wall decor

Buying Guide

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The design of the TV wall decor is a key component that sets the place apart. We hope that this article about TV wall ideas has stirred some creative juices in you. It's common to simply mount the television, but with a little thought, you can create a genuinely spectacular ambiance that will truly surprise your guests.

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