Simple Wire Basket Decor Ideas For Every Room

wall hanging basket

Wire baskets are one of our favorite ways to bring farmhouse charm to our home. We adore how basic, clean, and how flexible they are. So, if you have a lot of wire baskets, we’d want to show you how to incorporate them into your everyday design.

This article will provide you ideas for using a wire basket as a decorative object in any room of your house. They’re simple to fill with a little imagination and fun. Use it to give your home a rustic bohemian feel or a farmhouse-industrial look. 

There’ll be a lot more baskets in diverse styles from Amazon, and Etsy for you to refer!

1. Wire basket – Simple ideas for every room

A wire basket may be used to combine natural and artificial components to produce a beautiful artwork. Use your creativity to come up with new ways to use it. To get the appearance you want, play around with different aspects.  It could take a few tweaks here and there, but the end product is always spectacular. Below are some ideas that might help you in your whole decor process.

metal basket
Basket From Metal

1.1 Living room table vignette

A wire basket is a terrific way to add old metal to your coffee table, which is a must-have for a true farmhouse or industrial look. A wire basket used as a table vignette adds visual appeal. 

To balance out the look, insert stacks of books, a flower vase, or magazines in the wire basket. 

The design of your arrangement will be solidified if you use a wooden rack to modify the height of the tabletop decor.

wire basket on coffee table
Wire Basket In The Livingroom

1.2 Entryway Ornaments

Wire baskets create lovely personalized seasonal decor that can be used for any occasion throughout the year, such as: Fall/Thanksgiving, or Christmas

You can place it in the entryway or hallway to surprise your guest with a warm welcome. 

How about putting your favorite blooms in a rustic metal basket? The best part is that this method is effective all year. The only item that has to be replaced are the flowers, which may be replaced with fake ones that will last longer.

wire basket for entryway
Wire Basket In The Hallway

1.3 Kitchen Storage

A wire basket might be your best choice if you want to bring something quirky or unique that contrasts with the practicality of a functional kitchen. To make the organization appear like it’s part of the decor, display a collection of cookbooks, an indoor plant vase, a few pieces of flatware, or a chopping board.

metal basket in the kitchen
Metal Basket In The Kitchen

1.4 Bathroom Accents

Wire baskets may also be used as a decorative element in the bathroom. This will give your bathroom a more handcrafted appearance. Vintage wire baskets on floating shelves give this bathroom décor some personality and creativity. It’s a great storage solution that also gives the shelves some aesthetic flair.

metal basket for the kitchen
Metal Basket In The Kitchen

1.5 Bedroom Shelves

Here’s a very creative way to bring the rustic vibe to your own bedroom that we’ve just come up with. 

Prepare some of your memory photos, your lovely gifted keychain, or some written cards from your beloved ones, you’re gonna have a place to hang all of those on – a flat wire basket.  You’d better get a wooden frame together with the basket to complete this artistic look.

a flat wire basket
Flat Wire Basket

Using wire baskets as plant shelves is another option to incorporate them into your old farmhouse-style home décor. 

Incorporating wire basket shelves into your modern landscape or home may make a big impression. Your plants are suspended in mid-air, producing a stunning display of your cherished cactus.

wire basket shelves
Wire Basket Shelves

2. Wire basket – Where to buy and get inspired

When looking for wire baskets, you probably go straight to the nearest thrift store. That sounds like a great idea, but in case you can’t find the one you need, don’t give up, we’re giving you some websites suggestions.

Willow & Stone or Kirkland are giving a variety of options for wire baskets in many different shapes and sizes to choose among. You’ll never get bored browsing into their websites. They are big websites that have a reputation for providing great quality products, and protecting customers’ rights in any case.

metal basket for storing
Metal Basket For Storing

Following a style, farmhouse decor style in particular, you need many things other than a wire basket, such as: tobacco basket, wicker basket, etc. You should creatively mix and match them to create a basket wall art

There are a wide range of options on Etsy, and Amazon, or you can visit our website ChicnChill – a brand from Vietnam who always strives to bring the best quality baskets to every customer. We provide you with unique wall decor items made from natural materials, and at a reasonable price with sale-off during the holiday season such as mother’s day, father’s day, graduation,…

Besides,  you can get inspired from our social media like: Pinterest, TikTok, and many other social media platforms. Or just by clicking on the hashtag “wall basket decor”, tons of photos will show you the way. 

There are some other websites like The Spruce, Sarah Joy or House Beautiful, which will provide you with hundreds of home design ideas, and useful how-tos to make your best home.

3. Summary

Wire baskets may be used to decorate in an almost limitless number of ways. It’s a smart, simple, attractive, strong, and low budget solution to add storage to your current area. 

This article is hoped to have inspired you to include wire basket décor into your house.

Have fun with and your decorations!

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